The Latest Exploits of the Arroyo Brigade

Here's the latest news from Ray Dashner about the wonderful volunteer-based restoration work being done by the Arroyo Brigade. 

Arroyo Brigade Pulls Up Stakes

Actually, they're 100 year old iron fence posts.

Roy Begley made the first cut into the old wire fence the day before he died in mid February.

The fencing has been completely removed by the Brigade. A City truck carted all of it away to a place unknown.

Yesterday, we began pulling up the posts.

This decrepit and ugly rusting 100 year old fence and fence posts are along the Arroyo Blvd. above the original Busch Gardens. We will donate the posts to the local Historical Society if they want them.

See the pix attached taken today. These are iron posts about 3 inches in diameter, originally placed into a cylinder of mortar about two feet down below the surface.

Using a hydraulic 6 ton capacity lift jack, we pulled them up out of the mortar using a fulcrum arrangement and a heavy chain to lash the post to the 4x4 end resting on a large Arroyo stone, the other end on top of the lift jack. We've pulled out six posts in four hours.

More beautification of the Arroyo Seco continues via the Arroyo Brigade (that's us).



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