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Help us Bring Back the River

The US Army Corp of Engineers is jointly conducting the Arroyo Seco Ecosystem Restoration Study with local sponsors to determine the feasibilty of restoring the Arroyo back to a natural stream. The lead local sponsor is the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, and other local sponsors include the Cities of Los Angeles, South Pasadena, Pasadena and La Cañada Flintridge, as well as the Arroyo Seco Foundation.

This program has the potential to restore more than 150 acres of riparian habitat - but the Arroyo needs your voice! As an ASF Member, you are helping us continue our advocacy and collaboration work to have the Arroyo restored into a stream again.

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There's a new classic Arroyo Seco shirt frequently seen at public meetings, on hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains, or down by the river. It is an easy opener for conversations with other Arroyo supporters. The design contains images of the endangered Least Bell's Vireo, the Engelmann oak and other Arroyo treasures. Silkscreened graphic on durable 100% cotton crewneck T-shirt. Unisex.

Now More Than Ever

We Are Going to Court January 31st!

  • 450,000 diesel-spewing trucks ripping up our region's most precious habitat and wildlife corridor and clogging our neighborhoods and roads;
  • Permanent destruction of more than 50 acres of rare streamzone habitat in one of Southern California's most precious alluvial canyons;
  • Noise, dust, air pollution, traffic congestion and negative health impacts to all local residents.

LA County's Big Dig program would be devastating to our communities and to our region's most important environmental treasure, Hahamongna in the Arroyo Seco.

We Need Your Financial Support Now to Save Hahamongna

ASF's Hahamongna Nursery has already produced more than 11,000 native plants to improve local habitats and beautify yards and gardens.

What a Tremendous Treasure!

As a Member, You Share In the Goals and Accomplishments of the Arroyo Seco

Programmatic Goals

Watershed Health – ASF's Forest Recovery program now includes upper watershed planting of 1200 trees and survey of fish and aquatic habitat conditions

Conservation and Landscape Sustainability – Hahamongna Nursery is a tremendous regional resource for dealing with drought and enhancing habitat for people and wildlife

Ecosystem Restoration – US Army Corps is now finalizing extensive stream and habitat enhancement program for eleven stretches of the urban Arroyo Seco

Protecting Spectacular Places - The No Big Dig lawsuit, sponsored by ASF and Pasadena Audubon will go to court in January 2017 to reduce the environmental and neighborhood impacts of LA County Flood Control District's massive excavation and trucking program in Hahamongna Watershed Park

Environmental Education - Regular educational events on natural resources and sustainability and the importance of the Arroyo Seco Watershed to the community

Volunteer and Community Engagement - All of our activities are fueled by the dedication and commitment of hundreds of volunteers

Let the River Live Again!

As a Member, You Receive:

  • 10% Discount on all purchases at Hahamongna Nursery
  • Free "We Are Arroyo Seco Foundation" t-shirt
  • Discounted entry to workshops and events


  • Rainbow trout restoration program established
  • Post-fire Angeles National Forest Reforestation initiated
  • Hahamongna Nursery grows more than 11,000 native plants for habitat restoration and sustainable landscapes
  • Summer intern program on watershed management for twelve college students
  • 25+ volunteer days, thousands of volunteer hours at Hahamongna Nursery
  • 3/12: Native Bees and Pollinators Workshop
  • 4/30: Medicinal Use of Native Plants Workshop
  • 7/9: Rim of the Valley Corridor Bike Ride with National Parks Conservation Association
  • 7/17: What Does It Mean to Restore Arroyo – Public Forum
  • 9/17: Annual Coastal Clean Up Day in the Arroyo Seco
  • 10/19: Community workshop on landscaping with native plants
  • 10/22: Jackie Robinson Post Office Landscape Transformation
  • 11/8: USDA Water Resources and Policy Initiatives funding to study sediment in Hahamongna Basin
  • 11/12: Hahamongna Nursery hosts first public sale and acorn festival
  • 11/19: Central Arroyo Cleanup with Pasadena City College and CivilTec Engineering
  • 12/17: Holiday Plant Sale at Hahamongna Native Plan Nursery
  • 12/18: Linda Vista Library Native Plant Transformation
  • 12/21: Arroyo Verde Awards Holiday Celebration

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