Arroyo Seco Greenway Projects


Arroyo Backyard Program

AllCreate outreach materials on BMPs , work with governments to develop incentives/rebates

Arroyo Backyard Program

AllCreate outreach materials on BMPs , work with governments to develop incentives/rebates

Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Program

AllDevelop program to monitor wildlife and record observations

Local Government Ordinances and Policies

AllDevelop runoff fee, buffer zones, permeability zones, and standard plans to reduce and treat runoff

Water Quality BMPs

AllIncrease street sweeping, density of trash cans, and signage to reduce wastes in storm drains

Stakeholder Involvement

AllWork with nonprofits and and local agencies to id and secure key parcels for habitat and watershed restoration

Reduce impacts of domesticated animals and livesto

AllImplement BMPs at livestock facilities and employ biorention where possible, enforce pet waste oridinances, make waste bags available in public parks for dog waste pickup, develop education materials

Implement Green Streets throughout watershed

AllProduce and distribute conceptual and detailed design materials to agencies throughout the watershed, produce outreach materials and present concept at meetings, identify pilot projects in each Arroyo city and write grants to develop

Decrease Impermeability in Arroyo Seco Watershed

AllRemove impervious surfaces throughout watershed where feasible

Education for Conservation in Arroyo Seco Watershe

AllEducate about ways to conserve water: landscaping, impervious surfaces, cisterns, etc

Equestrian BMPs in Arroyo Seco Watershed

AllInfluence property owners through education or enforcement of need for BMPs for equestrian facilities and backyard livestock

Stormwater BMPs in Arroyo Seco Watershed

AllInstall BMPs throughout watershed to improve stormwater quality

Trail and Habitat Connectivity in Arroyo Seco Wate

AllConnect trail network and pockets of habitat

Open Space Acquisition

AllAcquire and restore open space adjacent, or near adjacent to, the Angeles National Forest, Hahamonga Watershed Park, or downstream stretches of the Arroyo Seco to LA River Confluence

Arroyo Seco Greenway Development

AllArroyo Seco Greenway development project including Arroyo Seco Golf Course and South Pasadena Woodlands preservation project

Central Arroyo Park Habitat Restoration and BMP Im

CentralInstall infiltration gallery at end of Seco Street drain prior to discharge to Arroyo, protect and improve oak woodland habitat for wildlife corridor, naturalize main stream channel through golf course, plant natives on golf course,

Annandale Golf Course Habitat Restoration and Infi

CentralNative plants and trees, reduce runoff from golf course and surrounding residents

Pasadena Reclaimed Water Supply

CentralExtend reclaimed water line from Glendale to Pasadena

Pasadena Central Storm Drain Outlet BMPs

CentralInstall BMPs at SD outlets in Pasadena's central Arroyo Seco

Pasadena Central Streamcourse Restoration

CentralEstablish natural stream course through Pasadena's central Arroyo Seco

San Rafael Hills

CentralAcquire open space in Cities of Pasadena, Glendale, La Canada Flintridge at east end of San Rafael Hills north of the 134 Freeway

Lower Arroyo Park Habitat Restoration and BMP Impl

LowerRemove concrete lining or expand and modify low flow wetlands; restore aquatic habitat, protect and restore riparian vegetation, restore coastal sage scrub and oak woodland habitat

San Rafael Creek Restoration

LowerDevelop working group to protect and restore creek while preserving property rights; restore riparian habitat, remove invasives, remove concrete lining at bottom of creek, restore natural confluence with Arroyo Seco, develop trails and interpretative materials

San Pasqual Stables BMPs

LowerInstall natural stormwater BMPs along Arroyo Seco channel wall to treat runoff from equestrian center

Arroyo Seco Channel Naturalization

LowerStudy feasibility of channel naturalization between 110 Freeway and York Street, remove channel or bottom in feasible areas and restore, engineer mechanism to bring Arroyo Seco golf course diversion to elevation of Arroyo Seco, reintroduce native fish (chub)

Lincoln Heights Freeway Interchange and Restoratio

LowerRestore riparian and coastal sage throughout site, install infiltration gallery or subsurface flow wetland for Avenue 25 storm drain, create minipark with public acces

Sycamore Grove Park Stream Restoration

LowerNaturalize north branch storm drain and restore stream through Sycamore Grove Park, install subsurface structural BMP under Arroyo Seco Alternative School, daylight storm drain or install BMPs in vacant storm drain easement north of Arroyo Seco Alternative School

Welch Site BMP and Habitat Restoration

LowerAcquire property, investigate clean-up of subsurface soil and groundwater contamination, install infiltration gallery or subsurface flow wetland for Pasadena Ave. storm drain, convert property to public open space with coastal sage and riparian habitat

Garvanza Park/Garvanza Elementary /Luther Burbank

LowerInstall infiltration galleries under Garvanza Park ballfields and open space at NE corner and under parking areas/black top to treat Ave. 63 storm drain, install infiltration galleries under parking at SW edge of campus to treat discharge from Figueroa storm drain, if infeasible install bioretention

Cypress Bridge

LowerRedesign of pedestrian overpass linking confluence area to Cypress Street and creation of defensible open space at entrances on either side of freeway

Figueroa Transormation

LowerConversion of Figueroa from automobile oriented area to place to sit, walk, or wait for public transit

Confluence Living Streets

LowerLiving streets in Confluence Area

Greenway Network

LowerDevelop open space network of designated greenways, squares, green fingers, and River/Arroyo Esplanade with native plants, stormwater BMPs, water conservation etc

Multimodal Transportation

LowerImplement roadway, pedestrian, transit, bicycle mobility standards with BMPs

Confluence Pedestrian

LowerPedestrian Scale Improvements up to 1/2 mile from River

RIO Improvements

LowerRedesign vacant streets, cul-de-sacs, and street ends to provide pocket parks with dual pipes and SW BMPs up to 1/2 mile from River

Traffic Calming

LowerInstall traffic circles, use native plants and SW BMPs up to 1/2 mile from River

Bike Path

LowerLA River Bicycle Paths up to 1/2 mile from River

Transit Amenities

LowerLA River Transit Amenity Improvements up to 1/2 mile from River

LA Arroyo Seco Partial Channel Removal

LowerWiden channel and remove concrete invert and side slopes where feasible

North Branch Stream Daylighting

LowerDaylight Project 5202 storm drain through Sycamore Grove Park

Arroyo Seco Parkway (110) BMPs

LowerInstall BMPs

South Pasadena Partial Channel Removal

LowerWiden channel and remove concrete invert and side slopes where feasible

South Pasadena Alternative Stream Course and BMPs

LowerEnhance existing alternative stream course near Arroyo Park through golf course, install BMPs at storm drain outlets

Pasadena Lower Storm Drain Outlet BMPs

LowerInstall BMPs at SD outlets in Pasadena's lower Arroyo Seco

Pasadena Lower Streamcourse Restoration

LowerEstablish natural stream course through Pasadena's lower Arroyo Seco

Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan Oppor

LowerRegional scale onsite water quality treatment plant, removal of concrete along east bank LA River in areas where hydraulically feasible, potential berming, installation of cisterns, or excavation to increase flood storage, linear multi-purpose trail along both sides of the river with a pedestrian co

Arroyo Seco Park

LowerCreate native riparian edge along park, installation of grass strips or swales to treat runoff from existing parking lot and nearby streets; spike bank near outlet with LA River to allow greening of bank

North Branch Stream Daylighting in Sycamore Park

LowerDaylighting 740 feet of historic creek with trash screens

Sycamore Grove

LowerInstall cistern to collect runoff, install parking lot BMPs, treat tennis court runoff through BMPs, develop swales and retention areas to process runoff, upgrade irrigation system to smart system, install permeable pathways, replace concrete swale with bioswale

Confluence Park 2

LowerConversion of industrial land to public park including watershed restoration elements such as cistern, non-structural BMPs, and a bioswale, additional of visitor serving amenities to increase awareness

Upper Arroyo Seco Stream Protection and Restoratio

UpperProtection of parcels, removal or modification of parcels that impede stream passage, monitor terrestrial and aquatic fauna

Woodbury Road BMP

UpperConvert median to planted bioretention areas to treat wet and dry weather from street LA County storm drain

Hahamonga Watershed Park Habitat Restoration and B

UpperInstall infiltration gallery for Altadena storm drain prior to discharge into stream, install infiltration gallery for the Figueroa Storm Drain prior to discharge to stream, install infiltration gallery for storm drain along Ventura St. prior to discharge to Arroyo Seco, restoration of oak woodlands

Flint Wash Restoration

UpperRemove invasives, restore riparian habitat, remove fish barriers and improve stream geometry, establish wildlife corridor (easements, signage, and fencing replacement), reintroduce native fish

Flint Wash Restoration La Canada

UpperDevelop and acquisition of easement or property to wash and stream banks, removal of invasives, restoration of native habitat, removal of fish barriers, improve stream geometry, reintroduce native fish, work with Corps to examine feasibility of removing concrete, removal concrete where possible, res

Millard Creek Protection/Restoration

UpperImprove Milard Creek Watershed to increase water flow and improve wildlife habitat by removing invasives and fish barriers, purchase land for conservation, educate residents

San Gabriel Foothills Land Conservation

UpperAcquire and conserve habitat in foothills of San Gabriel Mtns.

Woodbury Road Median Swale Pilot Project

UpperRemove existing median, replace with swale

Hahamonga Fish Passage

UpperRemove existing barriers, incorporate passage into future projects

Flint Wash Stream Restoration

UpperEnhance existing unlined portion of Flint Wash though LCF and PAS

Hahamonga Conservation Pool

UpperRegrade basin to allow for permanent water conservation pool and splash pool for sediment

Hamamonga Storm Drain Outlet BMP

UpperInstall BMPs at SD outlets in Hahamonga

Hahamonga West Side GW Recharge Basins

UpperConstruct additional spreading basins on west side of Hahamonga

Hahamonga Streamcourse Widening

UpperRe-align and widen streamcourse through Hahamonga

Hahamonga PWP Surface Water Treatment Plant

UpperRenovate and improve existing surface water treatment plant

Lincoln SPS and Surrounding Streets

UpperImprove drainage on Loma Alta, incorporate trail improvements with Lincoln SPS

Upper Arroyo Seco Barrier Removal

UpperRemove barriers to fish movement, especially upstream of Hahamonga

Brown Mountain Dam Removal

UpperRemove Brown Mountain Dam

Flint Canyon Trail Restoration Project

UpperConstruct slope shoring wall and widening of existing trail along Flint Canyon

Stream Restoration of North Branch

UpperStream restoration of north branch and stormwater management enhancements

Arroyo Seco Park/Golf Course Habitat Corridor

LowerRestore, protect, and expand habitat along hillsides on eastside, restore and naturalize stream diversion north of Stoney Drive, plant native plants in hazards and out of bounds areas, naturalize channel in golf course, establish habitat connectivity with habitat parcels in surrounding cities and the "island" parcel

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