Let's Move Ahead with Confluence Park

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Lynn GarrettLos AngelesCa90048
liz herronlos angelesca90065This is a simple and pragmatic thing that can be done now. Any cantidate for CD1 should make the obvious incrimental changes they can.
Jonathan FrameLos AngelesCA90065Comment
Dianne Patrizzi Pasadenaca91101This is a natural progression of protecting all of the waterways that flow to the ocean. We start upstream and move along making progress as we go with the heart of the ocean in us.
Johnathan PerishoLos AngelesCAThe confluence of the Arroyo Seco and Los Angeles River has tremendous opportunity to shape the identity and changing, more progressive brand of Los Angeles. The arroyo is the most direct link to natural corridors in the Los Angeles urban grid. This is a key part of the open space network, and an important area for badly needed outdoor experiences in an underserved community. Among the best and most visible investments in the City and wider region will be moving forward with Confluence Park and every opportunity to strengthen open space network integration.
George RossmanPasadenaCA91105This is a great opportunity to turn the area into a recreational asset compared to what it now is. I come from the midwest where rivers in urban areas are generally thought of as a desirable areas for parks, recreation, and wildlife. Let it be so in Los Angeles, too.
Leslie MyliusLos AngelesCA90042
Antonio PierolaAlhambraCA91803It is time to set the tone to start an integrated ecological restoration of the Confluence as a hub for a cultural, recreational and economic renaissance of the communities along the Arroyo Seco.
Eric BruinsLos AngelesCA90232
Dorothy WongAltadenaCa91001
Normarie WaybournPasdenaCA91105Please continue with the park.
Petrea SandelPasadenaca91104
LINDA CHERLOS ANGELESCA90065This is so important to the long standing residents of one of Los Angeles' oldest and culturally rich communities. The old tree yard is just ready for a park to be there. It would make the Plaza and surroundings complete.
Arthur GoldingLos AngelesCA90027
will fernandezeagle rockca90041Please prioritize this important piece to the bike commuting puzzle we have been lobbying to connect the Arroyo bike path to the L.A. River bike path and this particular piece is integral to making that happen. Go with the flow, William Fernandez Network for a Healthy California
louisa van leerLACA90042It's time! Lets get the park design moving again.
Lisa DuardoLosAngelesCA90042I hope this org will comment on future non point surface run off - large impervious structure being built along the hillsides of the Arroyo Seco Watershed. i.e. Highland Park Transit Village
Shelly BacklarCanoga ParkCA91304
cardie molinalos angelesca90041 The river is essential for so many in so many ways!
Deborah McAfeePinon HillsCA92372I used to live in Mt Washington my kid lives in Highland Park and my other kid lives in Boyle Heights in a building I own. I love Los Angeles and even though I am not currently living in LA, I visit 2-4 times a month. I consider myself to be an Angeleno. Please make this into a park.
Viviana VallinLos Angelesca90065This would be an important change for our community. Not only by creating more natural habitat but also in saying that we will prioritize the well being of our community over other interests.
Claire BogaardPasadenaCA91105
Margaret LoblLos AngelesCA90042This could be an amazing asset to our communities!
Melanie WinterStudio CityCA91604Good grief. We've been talking about this for a decade and a half. It's one of the simpler things - actually within the City's jurisdiction and power to accomplish - on the long list of things a City that cares about river revitalization can and should do. Do it. Now.
Lillian MachinAltadenaCa91001
Amy McLeanPasadenaCA91104
Alec ChristensenLos AngelesCA90065Lets do this! How to get involved?
Patricia LockePasadenaCA91105
Linda GriffithAltadenaCA91001Creating confluence Park offers aesthetic, social and economic benefits far into the future. We elect leaders to envision the future and guide us there. That is your challenge.
Laurie PerlowinLos AngelesCA90065
Kelley HannaSierra MadreCA91024
Daniel WrightLos AngelesCA90065In order for the Confluence to become an important entry point to a revitalized LA River, the City-owned land must remain cleared and ready for creative reuse. There are many other alternative sites for the City's tree yard. I hope we don't take a step forward with the new bridge and a step backwards with putting the tree yard back in the wrong place.
Dean PricePasadenaCA91105
Ross HeckmannArcadiaCA91006
Robin NewquistPasadenaCa91105I urge your support for the confluence
Pamela FolgertWest HillsCA91304I strongly support the plan to develop the Arroyo Seco Confluence Park.
will fernandezeagle rockca90041Please move forward with this much needed park as well as a bike path and infrastructure that will connect the current bike path up river to the L.A River bike path. Go with the flow and pedal on, Will Fernandez Network for a Healthy California
Katrina AlexyLos AngelesCa90042The Los Angeles River is a great resource being misused at a holding pen/ nursery. This is not the right area for a tree storage lot. Katrina
peter hesslaca90042
Daniel MartinezPasadenaCA91103Help make the Confluence a destination we are all proud of!
Michael GardiolLos AngelesCA90032This is probably the most important area of Los Angeles to me. I would like to share and celebrate it with my friends and family.
Sandra SchulmanSierra MadreCA91024Let's make LA the city it can be.
Susan KromkaLos AngelesCa90065In the mid 1990s, North East Trees planted along San Fernando Road, the old jail building and the Arroyo hoping to kick-start Confluence Park. Here it is 23 years later, and we've moved backwards, not forward. It's time to make this site beautiful.
David  Mcgahanpasadenaca91106
Francisco AragonLos AngelesCA90065
meredith hacklemanlos angelesca90012Please create more park space and this could include the nursery for trees. Include the community in your process by doing outreach with renters, not just the owners of the properties who have no intwerest in the neighborhood beyond real estate values.
Shawn FoleyLa CrescentaCA91214
Grove PashleyLos AngelesCA90031
Christine BlackmanAltadenaCA91001I would love to see our rivers become again a community resource that brings our diverse citizens together. The Confluence Park will serve as a public open space vital to the area surrounding, and to the region.
Steven PearlTarzanaCa91356
Bernice FloresLos AngelesCA90065
Richard RisembergLos AngelesCA90036-6809
Timothy MartinezPasadenaCA91103
David Matsulos angelesCA900652541
Elsa SaldanaSierra MadreCA91024
Jack EidtLos AngelesCA90050The time is now to revitalize the confluence of the LA River-Arroyo Seco!
Dianne PatrizziPasadenaCA91101
Adan ArreolaLos AngelesCA90065
Josue OcampoLos AngelesCA90042
Alfredo DelgadoAlhambraCA91803
Camilo RangelLos AngelesCA90012
Jimmy BrownLos AngelesCA90033
Omar DelgadoLos AngelesCA90032
Carmelo AlvarezLos AngelesCA90033
Lewis MacAdamsLos AngelesCA90065
William Preston BowlingTopangaCA90290
Sara Kelly90042
Melissa Vega90042
Aaron ThomasLos AngelesCA90012
Tommy PedriniLos AngelesCA90031This parcel is a vital piece of the puzzle for our community's goal to bring back the river!
Luis BanalesLos AngelesCA90031
Jovani OlmosLos AngelesCA90031
Elise RobertsonLos AngelesCA90042
Eileen MendozaCA
Julie PrejeanSylmarCA91342
Chad GlassSylmarCA91342
Susan SilveraLos AngelesCA90031
Margot SilveraLos AngelesCA90031
Christina Ran
Miguel RuizLos AngelesCA90042
Leslie OlmosLos AngelesCA90031
Tom McKenzieLos AngelesCA90042
Margaret BurnsLos AngelesCA90042
Jorge A. BucioLos AngelesCA90065
Lorena GuerraLos AngelesCA90065
Karin Davalos
Jack FennLos AngelesCA90031
Julie WilliamsLos AngelesCA
Guillermo ReyesLos AngelesCA90065
Marcus Guting
Renee RodriguezLos AngelesCA90065
Pat Alder-IngramLos AngelesCA
Ann WalnumLos AngelesCA90065
Christian RodriguezLos AngelesCA90042
Art RawLos AngelesCA
Espie GarciaLos AngelesCA
Rafel E. Gritzewsly
Rauine MendaLos AngelesCA90065
Julia MartinezLos AngelesCA90065
Gustavo MartinezLos AngelesCA90065
Rob PectoriLos AngelesCA90065
Nancy RangelLos AngelesCA90012
Robert RamirezLos AngelesCa90031
Lucia RangelLos AngelesCA90012
Kevin PenaLos AngelesCA90042
Jessica RangelLos angelesCa90012Make the city better :)
Luis RangelLos Angeles CA90012
Vincent GonzalezLos AngelesCA90065Move forward with confluence park
Santa AlvarezLos AngelesCA
Carmen MoralesLos AngelesCA
Mona C. MoralesLos AngelesCA
Graciela RuizLos AngelesCA
Gabriela TurrerLos AngelesCA
Alisa SmithLos AngelesCA
Joe IbarraLos AngelesCA
Barbara BlakeLos AngelesCA90065
Armando HerreraCA90035
Stephanie IntalLos AngelesCA90039
Peter Karinen90026
Eric AguilarLos AngelesCA90042
Nick SaponaraPasadenaCA91104
Allison KendallSanta MonicaCA90403
Arcelia ReynosaLos AngelesCA90042
George Dear
Dorothy WongAltadenaCA91001
Ester KimLos AngelesCA90004
Diana MunozLos AngelesCA90039
Abi Gomez
Joel Marenco91320
Bertrand BenazerafPasadenaCA91101
Daniella RoelligPasadenaCA91101
Matt Crotty91505
Patrick GuevaraLos AngelesCA90031
Bridget Hanks90065
Jessica ChenAlhambraCA91803
John MatthewsTarzanaCAlunybin@gm
Anne Marie GreaslLos AngelesCA90031
Antonio PierolaAlhambraCA91803Every step we take should get us into a closer embrace with our natural setting. We deserve a living environment fit for wildlife and humans to share.
Nancy FeldmanPasadena,CA91103
Pilar ReynaldoLos AngelesCA90042
Wesley ReutimannPasadenaCa91103Before you leave office, please take this step to move this important project forward!
Dan LeahyAltadenaCA91001Let's take an important step towards showcasing the heart of Los Angeles by committing to Confluence Park.
Tom LouieLos AngelesCA90042Mr. Reyes is no longer on the City Council. I hope his sucessor, Mr. Cedillo, will help with this worthwhile community project!

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