Save the Lower Arroyo Trees Petition Signers

Ann Scheid91105These trees are protected by the Tree Protection Ordinance and by the Lower Arroyo Master Plan. They shouldn't be removed to satisfy the wishes of a private group.
Dianne Philibosian91105All the signs say that the Lower Arroyo is a natural park! We need to keep it that way and we must save the trees. We have already caused global warming so need every tree on the planet.
William W. Ellinger III91101
Charles Loveman91105I support saving the trees.
Michael Coppess91107
Lyn Miller91105obey the existing law. Save the trees
Donald Nollar91105
Matt Dillhoefer91106
Joan aebi 91108
Marilynne Kennedy wilander91103There is no reason to have a plan if we don't protect the Arroyo. The casting club can survive without tournaments.
R. Marti91001Pls. do the right thing by saving these important trees
James BehmEnough!!! Don't touch these trees. Limit the intrusion into OUR beautiful Arroyo.
D. Secundy91105We have ordinances in place for a a city, we must follow them....
Annette and Steve Serrurier91103Stop the commercial development of the Arroyo. And, DO NOT remove trees, for ANY reason .
J Kent
jillPreserve the arroyo. Protect the trees. Don't cut them down
Virginia Escamilla91105Please do not remove the four mature signature trees in of the Arroyo Seco, they are in a natural preservation area. I am strongly against this. Pasadena is know for its' beautiful trees, not destroying the. Save our trees.
barbara anglin91105save the oaks and the sycamore
John Kvammen91105Please leave this natural space as is for all to enjoy.
Bill Rakow91105We love the historic habitat restoration program, have lived near the arroyo for decades and don't like the idea of any trees being removed.
Christy Rakow911052402
Marsha Rood91101
Beth Gertmenian91106
K&K Grobecker91105The Committee's approval was a mistake and should be formally rescinded. The Casting Club should make other plans and recognize their privilege, which carries with it certain overriding obligations. K & K Grobecker
Mark Frankel91103Enough with special interests wanting more. Keep the trees please.
Peggy Stewart91105-1019Please obey the Arroyo Seco ordinance that all stakeholders participated in designing
THOMAS SEIFERT91105Thanks to Tim Brick and the Arroyo Seco Foundation for taking this step for preservation of trees period, but especially in the Lower Arroyo.
Diana Britt91105The three oak trees and a sycamore which the Casting Club have asked be removed are all healthy and were planted some years ago in connection with the BFI project. While I appreciate that The Casters would like to enlarge/clear the space around the south end of the casting pond so that the club can begin to hold tournaments, the fact is that the approved Lower Arroyo Master Plan does not allow any expansion of the Club. More important - the three oak trees are 'protected' trees under our City's ordinance. The Lower Arroyo belongs to more than just the Casting Club and the Roving Archers. It's time the City started behaving in the best interests of all Pasadenans with respect to the Lower Arroyo. Its stewardship of this area has really been rather bad for a long time, and it should not give approval to this request for tree removal.
Chris Sutton91105-2443The City is constantly violating its own environmental laws to grant favors to special interest groups. There may need to be an initiative petition for a ballot measure to remove these decisions from City Manager favoritism.
Susan Langs91105It is against the law to remove California native oak trees. To expand a casting pond to justify such removal is beyond comprehension.
karen capehart91105have my full support to save the trees and maintain the status quo of the arroyo
Gerald Secundy91105I strongly oppose the destruction of the four trees. If removed it will be years before they can be replaced.
Betty91105SAVE the trees
Elizabeth Pomeroy91104Please spare these trees; they are protected by the Arroyo Seco Ordinance. I have been leading Sierra Club hikes along that stretch of Arroyo for years, and these trees are a vital part of that habitat. Thank you !
michael cornwell91005I believe the above statement is clear and supportable.....NO CHOPPING OF THESE SIGNATURE TREES.....
Robert J (Mike) Cathcart91105The trees do NOT interfere with the ability to properly cast at the South end of the pond. There is plenty of distance from the trees to the places at the edge of the pond where people stand while casting.
claire bogaard91105Oak trees are a precious resource in the City of Pasadena - especially in the Lower Arroyo which is identified as a natural preservation area. Please protect the three healthy oak trees and the sycamore!
Robert Holmes91105Do not let the Casters remove the trees. Remember the story of the man walking down the street with a salami under his arm. Someone sneaks up and cuts off a small piece. The man does nothing. Soon all he has is left is a string.
Susan kranwinkle91105Protect the natural environment
Phoebe Wilson91103
Myra Martin Booker91103Coast live oaks provide an organic-rich litter and can contribute to the Lower Arroyo's diversity of insects, birds, and mammals; its acorns are an important food source for birds, small mammals, and deer that might browse the young foliage. Overall, coast live oaks are an important treasure in our open space, providing shade and an aesthetic quality. I also consider sycamores a breeding ground for wildlife making their homes in the tree's trunk and branches; just as important, it is also superior in carbon sequestration. Please preserve these trees!
Janet Wood91105We need all the trees we can save wherever they are, but especially in our wonderful Ar
Monica Hubbard91001Protect our environment. Follow the guidelines approved in the Lower Arroyo Master Plan. Observe existing ordinances. Do NOT chop down four mature native tree for expanded activity that is specifically prohibited.
Diane Bedford91106Save those trees!
Mic Hansen91105Trees are one of the treasures of Pasadena, their destruction does not serve our community well.
A. Stadtler91105
Loretta Mockler91104
Arnold Siegel91103Preserving these trees is essential to maintaining the character of the Lower Arroyo. The community through the council passed the Tree Protection Ordinance and the Lower Arroyo Master Plan to further these goals. They should be sacrificed to serve the interest of one small group.
Priscilla Flynn 91105
judith b. brandt91105please protect the trees from being hacked down. protect the beauty of the arroyo
suzanne schenck91105
Mary Alexander91103Please don't cut down the trees in the arroyo. We need more--not less!
Susan Burns91103
Lannette Turicchi91103Really? Save the damn trees.
Christle Hintz91106Follow the law which is embodied in the Pasadena master plan for the Arroyo and protect our trees and our limited open space. So many citizens have worked so hard to be sure Pasadena continues to have a beautiful natural environment. Let's not let anyone destroy it. Christle Balvin Hintz
Andrea Rawlings90015Please do not allow the removal of the oaks and sycamore trees adjacent to the casting pond. I have taken lessons at the casting club and mother nature does not always give the caster a clear place to cast. The existing condition is more true to nature.. Thank you, Andrea
Peter Lucey91104I speak for the trees
Ali Barar91105
Robert Clinton91104We support your efforts to save these healthy trees and preserve the beauty of the Arroyo.
john ipekjian91106
Janice M Willett91107Please continue to protect the natural environment of the Arroyo. The protection of all kinds of property That Pasadena supports and preserves is what makes it the unique city it is.
Betty Clinton91104Please save our trees. We have lost to many in the last several years. The trees are what make Pasadena and the Arroyo the special places that they are. Thank you, Betty Clinton
Nancyy van den Hout91105We need to save all the trees we can, especially in light of the drought.
Baker Montgomery91030
Christina Gray90042
John Gallogly90042
Sally Miller91105We need to keep all the healthy coast live oak trees that we can! Too many in our neighborhood are already stressed by being overwatered. And the shot-hole borer insect may take out a lot in the future. Don't cut down these trees!
Tereza Stanislav 90042Please do not cut down trees that are healthy. They are an important feature of the Arroyo park.
Liz Kotz91105I don't approve of taking out these four old-growth trees. The Lower Arroyo has lost many trees in the last couple years, and several large oaks look very fragile. In addition: I wish the city would take better care of the native plantings it put in a few yeas ago (2010), around the archery range. Many are dead, and in places, sprinklers water patches that no longer have anything but weeds. In the future, please do NOT plant CA natives in May, and then water them daily all summer.
MIranda90065Save the Trees!
Anne Mello91103
carol clements91206I cannot believe how backward thinking are those who support more flora and fauna destruction for a really stupid pastime More cement as well. I thought we are resurrecting the Arroyo. SICK.
Swantje Willms91106This is a natural preservation area. Chopping down these trees would violate several Pasadena ordinances and plans, including the Arroyo Seco Public Lands Ordinance, the Tree Protection Ordinance and the Lower Arroyo Master Plan.
Tom Owens91001Never cut trees for human recreation. The Arroyo is a place of beauty for all to enjoy and no one should have the right to diminish that for others. I visit about 70 or 80 times a year. I know how to fly cast so I know the enjoyment of their sport.
Laurel Beck91104
Elizabeth Garrison90042Recreational activities that occur in an area where native habitat has been preserved must yield to the habitat - not the other way around. No on the removal of four trees.
barbara poland91214Destruction is unnecessary and obviously in violation. Why is being considered
Colleen Bates91103I support the casting pond and its users, but there has to be a compromise that preserves trees.
Lin Griffith91001It was good planning 20 years ago to plant these four native trees to promote historic habitat restoration; now that they are finally mature, it seems most wasteful and foolish to take them out. If the Casting Club thought ill of the plan, they should have said so 20 years ago. We now need every tree we can get to sink carbon; that's far more important than fishing.
gary wente91107absolutely ridiculous!!!!
Laura Garrett91106Please protect our trees! These trees provide homes for many animals. They are critical to the health of the Arroyo. They serve a greater purpose than recreation for a few people.
Jeff Chapman90041Please don't destroy habitat in the Arroyo. We need all we can get!
Gregg Oelker91001
Mike O'Connell91016The Lower Arroyo Casting Pond is perfect just the way it is in it's natural habitat. And the oaks and sycamores have been there much longer than the pond. Please save these trees and prohibit any other distruction of this beautiful arroyo.
Petrea Burchard Sandel91104Who would want to go to an event in the Arroyo and sit in the sun? We all need the shade, not just hikers and bikers but casters, too. Our drought is so severe, we need all the help we can get. Shame on the Urban Forestry Advisory Committee. Is this what they're supposed to do?
Dorrit Ragosine90068Although I am supportive of sports and fishing enthusiasts, this seems like a short-sighted action that only serves on constituency of the area.
Sam91030Don't destroy the trees. Please.
Bob & Kay Snodgrass91103The upper, central and lower Arroyo have been progressively chopped up for the benefit of narrow interests. Cutting down these trees would be unwise and probably illegal. We ask the city to intervene and save the trees.
Clare Marter Kenyon90065With dwindling native habitat, every native tree is vital to the resident and migrating birds and other wildlife who depend on such trees. I have sheltered from the sun under these trees on many occasions. Using public funds on planting - and axing such trees is a waste of public funds for a small group.
Iva gueorguieva90026
Kathleen Swaydan91001Really - someone wants to cut down protected trees so they can cast better? We have too few trees as it is. Just a drive around Pasadena and the Arroyo area demonstrates how the draught has affected our trees since many are now dead or dying. Please do not go through with this tree cutting.
Victor Levine91011Please do not remove these four wonderful trees. We cannot afford to lose them under any circumstances, especially for the convenience of a sport that really has no business in the arroyo. We need every tree in the arroyo, to preserve this ecosystem, for us, for the birds and other animals that live there.
Arthur Golding90027As a longtime advocate of revitalization of the Los Angeles River and its tributaries, particularly the Arroyo Seco I strongly support preservation of mature native trees.
Dr. Terence Kubar91101Dear City of Pasadena, Please include my name as a strong advocate for saving these four native trees in the lower Arroyo, which appear to be healthful for the environment, and enhancers of the efforts made in recent decades to preserve and restore the Arroyo Seco as best possible. Despite the presence of the Pasadena Casting Club for many decades, it appears needless to remove such trees that were planted only ~20 years ago, and have generally flourished. An alternative plan should be sought and decided upon that minimizes any impact on the area. Sincerely, Dr. Terence Kubar
Charlene Butler91356
Roger Klemm91040
Dianne Patrizzi91101Why do we have an Urban Forestry Advisory Committee that does not protect the urban forest? Are they ignorant of the value of mature trees? Are they ignorant of the many threats to all of our trees in general to diseases, fires, vandalism, lack of water, wind/storm threats, parasites, etc? Where is the protection and appreciation for the gift of mature trees? I am apalled by their lack of affirmative action to preserve and protect and made even more livid in the context that these trees are in the Arroyo Seco! How could the flout the city staff recommendation and vote to destroy them or even risk their death by relocation, if that's a suggestion. The staff recommendation should be an encouragement to do the right thing by Nature. Please heed the warnings and citations made by the Arroyo Seco Foundation! Do not destroy trees for an expanded casting pond. It's absurd!
Kent E Sokolow91105Please don't remove these trees for the benefit of a small group of people most of which don't live in Pasadena. It will clearly will be to the detriment of those Pasadena residences who live here and cherish every last tree in the Arroyo as my family and children have for the last 20 years.
Lynn Maddox91501We visit this area for birding, then usually spend some $$ in the Pasadena area. Please preserve the trees!
Deena Mae91101Don't destroy the beauty of nature for sport. Our land ethic demands reverence for life.
Jennifer91106Don't let these trees be chopped down to expand activity that is explicitly prohibited by the Arroyo Seco Ordinance.
Bonnie Dombrowski91115Pasadena's Arroyo Seco is Public Land and under Ordinance defined as a natural preservation area. Removal of Live Oaks is destruction of native vegetation that supports species of wildlife in the Arroyo Canyon. Migratory birds, raptors, birds of prey such as Great Horned Owls, as well as mammals are dependent on trees for nesting, forage and protection/cover. Removal of habitat negatively affects the natural balance of a community and opens up the canopy to encroachment of vegetation associated with disturbance and sunlight. The casting pond area is a place for hikers,joggers and people enjoying the serenity of nature in the canyon to rest and enjoy the shade. Removal of trees is not in the best management practices in preserving native species survival. Unfortunately the Urban Forestry Advisory Committee is misguided in approving the removal of native vegetation from a habitat restoration area, as the Arroyo Seco Canyon is a natural and native ecosystem, not an "urban forest" or "park", playground that can be degraded at the whim of special interest groups for their own explicit use. To move forward with this plan is a violation of public trust and would be in violation of the Arroyo Seco Ordinance. Nature needs us now more than ever as it faces extinction due to human encroachment. Extinction is forever.
Tom Duke91105No expansion of casting is allowed, so the trees cannot be cut down to expand casting.
Madeleine Bosco91042My Grandfather hunted, fished , gathered mushrooms, archery, everything there. It has always been a beautiful natural spot. WHY would you even consider taking away those trees? Go bulldoze your own backyard
Pam Cox91103We need all the trees we can get!
Therese Brummel91104
rhya turovsky91105Trees should not be cut down. We need trees to maintain fresh air and lots of oxygen.
Ruben Ramos91107Please do not cut these trees down. It's enough that we're putting all this CO2 in the air and you want to diminish what gives us O2!! Come on fellas, you're losing your heads.
Neal Turner91106
Vincent De Stefano91107-2727Trees are a legacy to our children and cannot be replace easily. Please save these trees
Andrew Jones90041
George Corey91105Sorry, trees are more important than people who take sport in yanking fish out of their home water with a hook through their face and then throwing them back under the guise of kindness.
Sherry E Grueter91104
sharon sprenger91030I am down in the lower Arroyo frequently - to remove healthy trees that have been preserved/planted to keep the wild nature of the area would be very foolish and counterproductive
abe Chorbajian91107Oak trees are 'protected' trees under our City's ordinance
Randi Perkins93422
Rita Marie Mello91001The trees are apart of our past,present and future.
LIN CER90065I understand that there is absolutely no reason these trees should be cut. Is The Casting Club padding someoneís wallet. Citys make laws to be kept. Plus the ethical conflict here is enormous. Special interest pressure should not even come into play here.
Eric O'Rafferty91001
Ron Cyger91101
Eliana92083Lets keep as many trees alive as we can. We've taken enough
Robert WinterShocking
Kathy Harty91006Please save and support this important habitat of the Lower Arroyo.
LOUISA VAN LEER90042We frequent this beautiful lower arroyo area with our young son. With so much open space available around the casting pond, surely there is a way to accommodate both the casting club AND the trees.
Anita Takhmazyan91501
Antonio Pierola91803Trees in the Lower Arroyo make for a haven microclimate inviting for .cool and natural beauty. If anything, plant more trees; they take 15 years or more establish and integrated community of birds, and other wildlife.
Julie Larson91040i grew up in Pasadena, 91105, and the lower arroyo was an integral part of my playground as a youth and an adult! Please save our precious resources. Don't chop down the trees!
Bonnie Brady91214Please save these beautiful trees!4
Sybil gray91105Please do not take out any mature trees in the arroyo.
Nancy Strang91724
Marnie Gaede91011Please preserve these wonderful trees. They are part of our heritage.
Joyce Brownfield91104Our city needs to preserve this precious natural resource. Too many trees are being lost!
sheila greer95536
lilly91001Please do not kill four beautiful mature trees just so taht a few times out of the a year the Casting Club can have "expanded" activities that require them to have more room. That is unbelievably arrogant on there part. We all use this space not just the small group that composes the Casting Club. WHAT WILL THEY WANT NEXT?
Virginia Berglund91101
Joan Takayama-Ogawa91107As a former Design Commissioner who trusts Pasadena staff recommendations, I am shocked to hear about the killing of 4 native trees in the Lower Arroyo. I am very familiar with the casting pond and area, as the rehab of the area was sensitively supported by the Design Commission to preserve the natural habitat. I urge the City Manager and city officials to reverse the Urban Forestry ADVISORY Committee's decision. Joan Takayama-Ogawa
Pam91205Historic, native, mature trees are the reason the Arroyo is so beautiful. Removing trees solely for the purpose of commercial reasons, both irresponsible and sets a damaging precedent.
Maddie Gavel-Briggs91104These four endangered trees were planted as part of the stream restoration program - don't let the needs of a few determine the well-being of the many. Please do not allow them to be destroyed!
Richard Rambo43040
Christian Rodriguez90042
Peter Wilson91107
M. Lynch91030We have plenty of already paved areas for people to recreate in and with global climate change, we really need all the trees we can get. Please do not permit these trees to be razed.
Thomas Holaday91001Please DO NOT DESTROY THESE TREES!! The trees are far more important than one more of man's vain games. Thank you very much. TH
Gerald Schwarzenbach91105-2846
Jerry Baker91016I am writing in opposition to the removal of trees in the Lower Arroyo Seco Nature Park.
lance still90027Dear Mr. Beck, please do not allow this to happen, the land is protected under the Arroyo Seco Ordinance and is far more important to the community as preservation area, than as a playground for this special interest group. Four trees seem small, but it sets a precedent and sends a message that legal protections on land is meaningless. Thank you for listening.
Allan Spring91101Trees are a source of the beauty in the Arroyo. Please save them.
shauna trute90720save the lower arroyo trees
Mike taylor90042Is this how you combat global warming?
Eric Mulfinger91001I understand that the Pasadena Casting Club has proposed chopping down some trees on the south end of the pond in order to make backcasting easier. Cutting down the trees is not worth it. Fly fishing always involves casting in a natural area, often with willows, cottonwoods, oaks, sycamores making the backcast challenging. The existence of these trees does not detract from the PCC program in any significant way. Please do not cut these trees down.
Jean Phillips91001Please do not allow these trees to be destroyed. The natural environment should not be altered just to allow hobby activity.
Theresa Rossoff90065
Sharon91001We need to preserve the Hahamonga and its habitat.
Amy McLean91104Please don't cut down those trees. If there is no compelling reason- such as disease or other things that might cause the trees to fall or break, endangering humans, it seems there should be a solution that maintains the integrity of the vegetation that is part of the environment of the arroyo.
MC Halstead91006These trees represent the signature trees of the Arroyo Seco
Camille rutkowski91803How dare you cut down mature, healthy trees?!!! Everybody loves them--especially the Arroyo wildlife!
angelica garza90065Please save these beautiful trees!
Ximena Gil90031These trees have so much value and need to be protected.
Brenda Rees90041Please keep the trees; I run the arroyo regularly and it would be such a shame to have them removed..
Nancy Flores91105
harold Luizaga91203 I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues. Treat it with care. Give it clean water. And feed it fresh air. Protect it from axes that hack. Then maybe... maybe nature may come back.
J Michael Walker90031
Kara Bolin91030
Roberta Martinez91104
Madeleine Avirov90041I walk in the lower arroyo every morning and cannot bear to see one healthy tree destroyed. I find this proposal to be a display of foolish priorities. Don't let it happen, pleas.
Jon Sherman92078
Alejandro chavez 91030
Trisha Gossett90042
George Rossman91105The Advisory Committee's approval is misguided for a number of reasons already adequately stated. We have tree protection ordinances for good reasons and we have plans and ordinances designed to protect the Lower Arroyo and its natural habitat. Cutting down trees is not the way to go.
Sharon & Bill Weisman91214Please do not cut down native trees specifically planted for future generations. Help the Pasadena Casting Club find another place for its activities.
Eugenie Schlueter91105
Declan Hindman90041
christopher Nyerges91104I fully support the casting clubs activities there, but I am also sure they can leave the trees intact and continue to enjoy their sport.
Susan Castor90041
Mark Kenyon90065Please Stop This Travesty!! Why should the public lose these wonderful trees at the expense of an exclusive private club which is not open to the public? I am an active fly fisherman and a frequent hiker in the Arroyo. Shame on the Pasadena Casting Club they are giving a bad name to a good sport.
Dorian Lopez90031
Paula Shatsky91105
Antonio Berumen92345
Teri Wilde91011There is no rational reason to destroy these trees.
Ross S. Heckmann91006
Nola Wood92672
Martyn Belmont91105These trees are actually a protection for people walking along the path during a casting competition. There is plenty of casting space with these trees there. And, I am a life long fly fisherman.
Jennifer Schaeffer92223Because I was born and raised in Pasadena.
Al Cullen91107No Way- the tree committee must have been thinking? about something else.
Stacey Justo90042
Karri Contreras91016
Nicholas Plati91006Please don't cut them down.
Nicholas Plati91006Don't cut those trees down.
Doug Lewis92284Trees are more important than the meager use the pond gets.
Sara Feldman90039-3182This is a slippery slope - once you start cutting trees in the Arroyo, it opens the door for more to come down. The unique beauty of this area should be preserved. I am in another country now, but the image of the Arryo and its beauty stays with me always!
Kiley Akers91011Leave the trees. Big trees, not big stumps!
Christina Honchell91103The trees are an essential part of the arroyo - cutting them down impacts those of us who use the arroyo as well as wildlife. This is a terrible and irresponsible decision.
Janet Donnelly91030
Kathleen Blanchard91024While I no longer live in Pasadena, I fully support the saving of these trees. While I lived in both Pasadena and So. Pasadena I enjoyed both riding and walking the Arroyo, particularly the area around the casting pond, because of the spectacular rehabilitation that it has under gone. Since they are apparently neither diseased nor a hazard, it would be wrong to allow them to be removed. Thank you.
Lizzie91105As a resident who lives right across from the arroyo it is disheartening to know that our city does not appreciate its beauty as much as we do. These trees are a part of our history and to destroy them would be awful
laura 91214Don't chop down the trees, please!
Joseph Dominguez91803Lower Arroyo is one of the best places to visit to get away from the city! Let it stay as is in its natural beauty!
Cheryl Hansen90042Please don't chop down these beautiful trees. We need them.
Karla Field91101These beautiful trees represent what the Lower Arroyo is supposed to look like in it's natural habitat, not a sports facility. Those can be built anywhere. They are the reason why it was restored in the first place. The natural beauty of the Lower Arroyo is a priceless and irreplaceable heritage of our city that we are stewards of. We have so few places left in Pasadena that are unique to just us.
Clement Tsang91001i love trees,they speak to me. Their textures smile, and they are important to the community.
Beatrix Schwarz91020Please do not cut down trees. We to save habitat and not destroy it.We all need nature!!
Lisa Duardo90042This area is enjoyed by many for its natural beauty and these trees are part of that enjoyment. Keep this area available for all types of recreation not just for the casting clubs uses.
Stefan Bucher91103Let's keep those trees and plant some more for good measure, please.
Catherine Phelps91106What's the point of having ordinances, laws, and Master Plans if we are willing to ignore them? Removing mature, healthy trees is a bad idea and bad precedent. And will probably precipitate a lawsuit. Sid Tyler must be turning over in his grave at the thought that the Tree Ordinance he fought so hard for is being ignored. Please reconsider this proposal.
F E Ashford91001Can't the trees be part of the casting challenge?
Goetz Wolff90065Pasadena's lower Arroyo area is an exceptional example of what a City can do to maintain and expand natural park life not only for its residents, but for those of us fortunate enough to live nearby. Please don't allow this travesty to happen.
Ruth Lopez90042
Kimmy Robertson91105As if it isn't bad enough that the $400,000.00 new pond was created without a thought to the toads that breed there regularly, and are on the endangered species list....they added a lip around the pond so that nothing can crawl out....the baby toads drown. Give us a break from the unconscious casters or more likely than that, the dimpled smart alec "Humane" Society cop who will be able to catch dogs off the leash better without those pesky trees. STOP improving the arroyo. Every single time you do it is a disaster....for the wildlife, in case anyone cares.
Suzanne Houchin91040
Phyllis K Boyajian91001
Homar91030I can't believe those people with a dirty pool want to cut these beautiful trees down.
Sharon Chivers91101Please do not cut down these trees. The casting pond does not need to expand.
James Marrin91105Leave the trees alone. The casters should go elsewhere. No tournemats!
Loyd Kattro90042What! Removing any mature tree for a club to expand is a violation of law. Read the law.
Barbara Field91030I say keep the trees. Pasadena committed to this area as a natural area. I'm a hiker, dog- walker, and painter and I frequent the arroyo pretty often. A clever fly fisherman knows how to work around trees.
Will91101Don't chop down the trees, please.
Lori Paul91001I am appalled that the Urban Forestry Advisory Committee would vote 3 to 1 to remove 4 mature native trees, including 3 protected live oaks and one California sycamore, at the request of a single special interest: the Pasadena Casting Club. These trees benefit all Pasadenans and visitors with their beauty, shade, microhabitat, and carbon sequestration. Perhaps more importantly, those trees are an important component of the Arroyo Seco habitat restoration effort and provide nest sites, shelter, and foraging for birds and small wildlife. Ask those outside the Casting Club if those trees should be cut down and I am confident that the public would oppose this removal, as City Staff has apparently opposed the request in their report. Where is public input into this matter? The trees were carefully planted 30 years ago when the Casting Club existed. Are not trees a part of casting for fly fishing? Why not consider the trees as practice for natural obstacles? Also, the Casting Club can certainly practice casting in a variety of places. Trees are not disposable at the whim of one special interest and its comparatively few members. Please, assure that these trees will NOT be removed.
Rebecca Behar Johnson90815
James Snyder94024Southern California doesn't need more barren space; it needs more trees!
Michael Farah91007Native trees require much time to establish and mature. Let the Arroyo Seco re-naturalize itself, once fish populations and the stream is restored the true pleasure of casting can be resumed.
Laura Barelli91101
Julia Strickland90042
Stephanie91107I donít understand why the Forestry Advisory Committee supports removing the trees, apparently in violation of the Cityís Ordinances. Undoing the work of one group of citizens (those who planted the trees), in favor of another user group, the Casting Club. Why canít the trees stay where they are, or at the very least be relocated to a nearby area? Oaks and Sycamores can be moved. There are competent companies who do this work in Los Angeles County. Why not pause, take a breath and reconsider the options? I urge the City to work with the Casting Club and the proponents of saving the trees to find an alternative. If one canít be found, please leave the trees in place.
robin c newquist91105
Luis Miranda90005At minimum the trees should be moved to a different location. There's no need to destroy the trees. Have the Pasadena Casting Club pay for the associated costs.
Dennis McCoy91042
Leslie Cope91105In the name of good stewardship, please preserve these trees.
John Hindman90041I find it outrageous that the Pasadena Urban Forestry Advisory Committee recommended the removal of 4 of the Lower Arroyo Nature Park's signature trees. I walk the Arroyo nearly every day and these trees are an invaluable part of the park's natural character. To destroy them for the sake of a few people's casting hobby is shortsighted--and selfish--beyond belief. If this action goes through, it will be remembered, and there will be consequences.
Margaret Schermerhorn98368
Norman Arnheim91105
David Wulff91042More trees, not less!
Will Fernandez90041Save the trees.
L Barlow91030We must preserve and protect the natural environment that remains in the Arroyo.The approved Lower Arroyo Master Plan does not allow any expansion of the Club. These oak trees are 'protected' trees under our City's ordinance.
Chris Cooper98368
Carole Scurlock91104Please save the mature trees in all areas of the Lower Arroyo. They are an asset, not a hindrance.
Tim Wendler91104
Christina Heath91001I strenuously object to the removal of trees in the lower Arroyo. Aren't we supposed to be "greening" our area instead of making it barren. This is setting a wrong precedent. Maybe just trim the lower part of the trees to not to entangle the casting lines. Thank you for keeping our city as an oasis of green. Christina Heath
Wanda Ostermann91104Please spare the trees that are designated to be destroyed.
Mark91107Please save all of our precious trees. Humans have enough space. Save our trees!
Javier Lopez91104The trees are for everyone in Pasadena, the Casting Club only serves a few silly people with extra money to throw away to play. A vote from 3 people should not be allowed to give preference to such few people.
David Ullman91105Too bad about the hardships experienced by Pasadena's fly fisherman. Makes me wonder how these hardy Nimrods fish the treed and brush banked streams, creeks and rivers they're likely to encounter in real life. Perhaps they should stick to fishing lakes from a boat. As a lifelong fisherman (and a long time Arroyo walker) you don't need to cast a great distance to catch a fish. In fact, the more line you have out the greater likelihood you'll lose the fish. These "sportsmen" should be thankful for the trees behind them. FYI: this situation is why I'm leaving Pasadena. The thinking behind this catering to private interests, thinking that puts the wants of a few ahead of the public's interest, has driven me to Wyoming. By the way, I doubt these fishermen could handle the trout in the Big Horn mountains... too many trees, shrubs, etc.
Nancy Robbins
David93283I am a 66 year old lifelong fisherman and do not see a fervent and unnecessary need to displace trees as there are a multitude of areas available around the pool that are suitable to practice casting. One dies not need water actually to learn the technique. Possibly there is a ulterior motive here and some of these people live very close so this is just a convenient meeting area or they can maybe hike afterwards. Trees are living things too! My girlfriend lives very near to this area and we both consider it a sanctuary of peace and quiet with nature as a back drop to to be admired and used judiciously,not indiscriminently. Sincerely, Dave Couch
Sharon Nicholls91104
Skip91107NO! Approval of this removal only leads to having to enlarge the parking for the participants of the tournaments and other events. Perhaps the tournaments could be held at the swimming area just south of the Rose Bowl. No trees & lots of parking - just what the City of Pasadena needs.
Susan Hopkins91104-3425
joan cathcart91105In this era of heat & drought, how can you be voting to cut down mature shade trees! Please do not do allow this tree loss to benefit only the casting club and not all of us who love the shade of the Arroyo. Thank you for listening.
Lyneius Barber91011Please preserve the beauty of the Arroyo Seco - do not remove mature trees.
dick polsby91105
Marilyn Garcia91106
Gregg Rains90042Please don't cut these trees. Why does the Pasadena Casting Club trump everyone else's desires and the trees themselves? Let them modify their "activities" or go somewhere else. Thank you. Saving the trees is doing the right thing.
Paula Sirola90065The idea of this so-called green, tree-loving city to cut down mature trees in a nature park so that a small group of people can practice their sport is ridiculous and elitist!
Maria Soprano91105
Sharon Lilly90042
Renee Morgan -Hampton91103Don't c5ut the trees. We need our trees!!!
dylat90042walk my dogs here frequently because its the only bit of nature in pasadena. don't touch it!
Jan Geller90042One of Pasadena's greatest assets is the natural environment. Destroying these trees erodes at this special wonder. We urge you to protect this beauty!
Betsy Mertens91105Please do not allow the Lower Arroyo trees to be cut down. This is not in keeping with the LAMP's intent.
Judy Wilson91101I seem to recall that in real life fisherman who are fly casting actually do so surrounded by trees.
Lonnita Hampton 91103The trees are Pasadena's history. Leave and let be.
Lisa Priester90042
Ray swan90024Please save the native trees. So much has been destroyed, it would be terrible to go backwards in our restoration efforts. We can always find open space, but once a tree is destroyed you can't get it back
Simran Sikand91030Please protect our trees. There are very few good reasons to ever cut down trees. This is certainly not one of them. Thank you.
Holly Harper90065Extremely unhappy to learn that an individual special interest group is working to put their desires above the life of mature trees.
Steve Messer90041We need to preserve what little native Coast Live Oaks are left in the area.
Priscilla Hoecker91105Please do not cut down our history and the beauty of the Arroyo for more traffic to our area.
Erin Gershik91214Please don't cut these trees down, they are important to our trail and the environment in the area.
Aimee McAnulty91105Please do not take these trees down!!!! put your stupid tournaments elsewhere!!
zara scoville90065
Harley barrera 91775
Laura Dillon91011I board my horse at San Pascual Stables in Pasadena and ride on the Arroyo Seco trails often. The Arroyo is a natural oasis for all to enjoy, and removing these trees goes against the fundamental purpose of maintaining such an environment: to preserve natural places within a city. I am strongly against the removal of the trees.
Elisa Franco91105These trees are beautiful and make this trail one of the nicest outdoors areas in Pasadena!
John Babcock91105I support keeping the trees.
kat battjes91105PLEASE SAVE THE TREES!
Doreen91105DO NOT cut down our trees!!
Susan long91105
otter91011Please keep this place as peaceful and natural as possible;its trees are the landmark of the Arroyo area.
Martha Atwell90026
david plehn91030Plant more, don't cut anything!
Whitney Pitkanen91030
Margaret E. Dayton91214
Tim and Bonnie Callahan91001-3801
Catherine de pauw91001
Erica Silverman90031
Ann Blythe91030Please don't tear down those trees! Pasadena needs more nature and less development.
Edmond ip91107Please preserve these trees
Ariel Lupton91107
Marie Michele Montano90065I urge the City of Pasadena to save the Lower Arroyo Trees. Please consider other alternatives to cutting down these amazing natural resources.
Sarah Garcia91775Haven't we done enough to destroy what we have left of our natural California ecosystem? Don't chop down these trees! Please!
ted90065Please leave the lower Arroyo as it is. Thank you.
Joyce Lee91105Please save these 4 trees that were planted as part of the habitat restoration program !
Heather Kent 90042
Timothy Brick91101These are the signature trees of the Arroyo and reflect the city's and our community's commitment to preserving and restoring the Arroyo Seco. Let's save these trees and restore the stream in the Lower Arroyo.
judy richards91732why is this even being considered if the activity is prohibited by the Arroyo Seco Ordinance? These trees are beautiful examples of a lovely area. Don't destroy them!
Tina Hart91105Please let the trees win the battle.
Sara Berrisford90048Please save the trees!!!!
kathleen diener91104Please save the trees.
Laura Mendenhall91030
James Lawrence91331
Tamiko Hirano90042I walk the Arroyos and oppose the destruction of the beautiful trees.
Susanna Dadd91001We have so many diseases in our trees now that we would be stupid to cut down healthy trees. The shot borer pest is destroying many of our trees, native or not. Let's try and save what we can.
Donald S. Wielenga91001Please do not allow the trees to be removed.
Priscilla Battelle91105To destroy any of the coastal live oak unless it is disease ridden and dying is a wrong headed approach. I have a large specimen live oak in my front yard on which I spend hundreds of dollars each year to keep it healthy and growing. It is a native tree, for heavens sake. Let's treat these three and the sycamore as the treasures they are.
Bill Crowfoot91105I am opposed to cutting down these trees as they represent a city investment that ought not be squandered and because the city is not proposing to make an offsetting environmental investment. It is not clear that the casters can't work around these trees.
Louise Yuhas90041Please do not take out these trees! They are a vital part of the Arroyo ecology and experience. Too many trees have already been sacrificed.
Karen & John Suarez91016Native trees should be protected. We lose so many urban trees as it is. Native trees are a home. Would be truly sad to kill them.
raul macias90042we need trees,the casting club has to look for better way.
Carol Fodera91214We all need to protect our native trees!
Richard Heredia91803Leave the oaks alone. Let nature take care of itself.
Anne David91105Cutting down these trees sets a dangerous precedent.
Jackson Lam91732Don't chop down the trees!
Elaine Dobinson91001
Sandy Allikas94928Please do not undue the restoration of natural habitat in Arroyo Seco. Please do not cut those trees! Thank you.
Charles Hilliard91105Sacrificing 4 trees for the benefit of a few club members is an outrage to the community, goes against the guidelines provided by Pasadena's Arroyo Seco Public Lands Ordinance and offends basic ecological principles--please protect the trees by ignoring the vote of only 4 people.
Matty hurtado91030Don't cut the trees
JoAnn Turovsky91105Cutting down these beautiful trees may be the stupidest idea yet. What are you thinking?
Susan Foster91104
Hill Penfold91042-1232
pat cates91030There is no comment that can express the travesty removing these trees to facilitate the activities of a very limited number of casters. I frequently enjoy watching the fly casting, the removal of the trees would go along way to destroy that enjoyment
Ruth Strick91106
Barbara Ellis91105These are well-established native trees. Their removal would increase the already barren area south of the casting pond. The trees enhance the natural beauty and ecological value of the area, and were planted with the assumption that they would reach full maturity. With many other trees dead or dying in the Lower Arroyo due to the drought, every healthy tree surviving the lack of rain must be protected.
Susan Lafferty91001This is absolutely unacceptable. Please reverse the decision of the so-called Urban Forestry Commission, three of whom obviously don't understand what urban forest means. The oaks and the sycamore are historic trees, are majestic landmarks and provide important habitat to a whole variety of native wildlife. This is ridiculous.
Doug Dawson90065
Phillip Curry90035Don't let these trees be chopped down to expand activity that is explicitly prohibited by the Arroyo Seco Ordinance
Patricia O'Sullivan91103
Dbarrera91775The trees are vital - stop the foolishness!
Pat Johanson91016A lovely area enjoyed by residents of the entire San Gabriel Valley.
Paula Shatsky91105Save the trees.
Wendy Gilmore91801I can't help but note the irony of the wildflower planting on the north side of the pond in the face of efforts to remove these four healthy trees on the southwest corner. It's an age old struggle between the wish to preserve or restore natural resources, to benefit all, against the wish to destroy, to benefit the few. Perhaps one might think that these are only four trees, but they were part of a cycle of restoration twenty years ago. They were meant to be there, by intention. I am a daily arroyo walker, and I've observed the role these trees play in the lives of both flora and fauna (the latter including humans)--hawks use them to survey their hunting ground, smaller birds hide in them, humans sit on the adjacent benches in their shade. Removing them while they are in their prime to facilitate activities as infrequent as casting competitions is such a narrow perspective -- one that sets a troubling precedent. Please keep them where they are, where they were intended to be.
Juan Acevedo91030Less development, more trees!
Elaine MacPherson91024Do not, please, let this unique area be destroyed to placate a single interest group. We (the loose grouping of conservation minded groups) have been hearing mostly positive things about Pasadena's thinking about the Arroyo. As I was born in and went to Pasadena Schools until college and spent time in the area, I feel my voice counts, too. Also, PLEASE REMEMBER the endangered Bell's Vireo nesting in this area recently. That is surely a "can of worms" you really want to remain unopened!!!!
ML Pina90065Save the trees
Laura de Seroux92067
Mike Nuttall91030
Summer Abdel94924
Thom O'Shaughnessy91505
C. aragon91030City of Pasadena, please save the Lower Arroyo Trees!
richard cross59028
Virginia Cross59028
Rey Rodriguez90041the cutting of the trees is senseless and not worthy of consideration. It does not interfere with the castings sport. See for yourself!!!!!!
Lonnee Hamilton91103
Barry Taft91780Every tree helps remove carbon from the air and creates oxygen, as well as providing shade and habitat for wildlife.
Veronica Raymond91780please save trees and native habitat.
Jim Burns91775Please allow these four mature native trees to live. Thank you.
Hanna Hilliard91105Please don't sacrifice trees in a sanctuary area that all of us enjoy for the sake of a few who practice a sport.
Maren Hilliard91105The ecological balance of the Arroyo Seco Sanctuary for the pleasure of a few. It will take at least 20 years to replace these--not a good trade off!! This undermines all the work that has gone into preserving the Arroyo as a natural habitat.
Laila Muderspach91105The trees should not be sacrificed for the few who enjoy a sport. These beautiful trees have been in the Arroyo for over 20 years. We have watched these trees grow along with our children as we have walked through the Arroyo. PROTECT THESE TREES! The trees cannot speak for themselves and we must do so! Do not cut them down!
Kris Ockershauser91105I .strongly oppose the destruction of these trees where I walk regularly
Betty Sword91104-3708Please follow the Arroyo Seco Ordinance and don't allow the removal of these trees.
Sherrie90065May the highest law, that of nature prevail. Thank you.
Elizabeth Tatum91104It is important to preserve habitat and natural areas for animals and people to enjoy; this also keeps our ecosystem in balance.
Theresa Mullally91206
Kathleen Ipekjian91106Preserve the trees.
Christine Blackman91001While I support fishing in general, it doesn't seem right to reform the environment in order to improve the ability to cast out. Part of the challenge in fishing is to adapt to the surroundings, and work to find advantages. Please do not remove these trees for this purpose.
Steve Powell91803To maintain the ecosystem in the Arroyo, I urge that the aforementioned trees not be cut down.
Jerry DeCapua91205
V Hays91011
Mary Delle LeBeau91342I love the natural growth in the arroyo. It draws birds and insects and gives them a home and provides food for them.
James Kirby91105More so than the mere removal of the trees, I object to any expansion of private activities in the Lower Arroyo. Public interests must be the highest priority in this area!
Linda Stowitts91106Chopping down trees to please a few to the detriment of many is not a best use of public land.
Valerie Antillon91101Please keep these important trees!
Annette Bull91105I think the anglers can work round those trees and do not need to remove them.
Laura Ayala-Huntley91104
Karla Hughes91101
Susan Campisi91001Trees benefit *everyone* - cutting down trees that were part of the Arroyo's habitat restoration is counter-intuitive and disrespectful of the majority of the public who believe the trees should live. Destroying the trees because a small group of people want to use the land for their special interest is unfair.
Rex Mayreis91001We'd like to see the four threatened trees near the Casting pond in the Arroyo preserved. While the Casting Club is an important player in making the area what it is, they should adjust to what we see as part of natural beauty of the area. Oaks and Sycamores are more in line with this.
Samantha91105There is no need to take out these trees - there is plenty of space near the casting ponds for events.
Kirsten Hilliard91105
Pam Sweet
Bonnie Barron91104Please do the right thing.
Sally Barngrove91105For years the lower Arroyo has been designated as parkland, desperately needed in Pasadena, and now the mature trees that make the area so attractive are threatened for yet more expansion of organized recreational activities. Please preserve these trees.
Allan Roman Reyes91040We need these trees as part of the natural watershed. Please stop destroying our history.
Tony G90042Please do not cut down the trees......thank you.....
Constance B Brines91105It is sinful to cut down trees, especially ones that were not "volunteers" but planted as habitat restoration. How often will we need to re-restore... again?
Brian Baker91106It is hard to believe anyone would even consider allowing the destruction of healthy trees.
Steven Youra91030I walk in the Arroyo nearly every day and every day I'm grateful for every tree. Please don't let the casting club chop down a single one--they are public property, enjoyed by everyone.
Robin Gordon91007
James Ipekjian91106
Christy91104Please leave the trees alone. Many people such as myself enjoy them on our walks.
Carolyn Otto91101
Greg Gunther91101Cutting down trees to expand a private use? Please protect the Arroyo Seco!
Christopher Davidson91106Don't sacrifice precious trees for passing fancy of fly fishers.
Tino Joya91103
David Pritchard91104
James Rudd91001What happened to the goal of protecting and restoring the Arroyo Seco for everyone and future generations? I often hike in the Lower Arroyo, and while I support the multi-use nature of the recreation area, I do not support expansion for special interest groups.
Leif Bunting90041Please save the trees.
Catherine Cole91030The trees should remain; if the fly casters can't work around them, how can they fish in the "wild". If they are allowed to remove trees for their "sport" what would stop the archers from requesting the same right.
Robert Bridges91030Don't kill the trees.
MARY SIKORA91106Please do not eliminate these trees. They are vital to the natural environment that is the Arroyo Seco. The Arroyo Seco Ordinance says that "All existing uses may be allowed to remain but not allowed to expand," and removing the trees allows the Casting Club to expand.
Janet Quigley Castro91001Please abandon the plan to eliminate trees in favor of a pass time. It is unnecessary and it is irresponsible. It is time to curb human indulgence and hubris.
Steve Craig91107As a fly fisher I am more concerned with accurate casts than long distance lobs. I suggest the Pasadena Fly Casters work on their short game and leave the trees alone. Only a loooong backcast will be effected by the location of those four trees. I have used that pond for 40 years.
Annette Dyson91001Pasadena is about planting trees, not removing them.
Donovan Main91011I have been a fly fisherman and my wife and I have been active recreational users of the Arroyo Seco, including the Lower Arroyo area where the casting ponds are located, for over 50 years. The proposed removal of trees from the casting pond area is absolutely unnecessary for the full and proper recreational use of the ponds. Preservation of the Oaks, Sycamores and other priceless trees in the Arroyo Seco should be the highest of priorities and far outweighs any desire to host larger scale casting tournaments at the casting ponds. Donovan and Connie Main
Jennifer Herstein91001The lower Arroyo is a preservation area and I thought Oaks were protected and couldn't be removed. I feel that allowing these oaks to be removed would just set a precedent for anyone else who isn't happy with a tree location. I understand that the Casting Club would like to increase their activities, but I don't think chopping down trees should be the answer.
C. Gabik91030I walk by these oak trees daily and they are beautiful and provide needed shade. The casting people should use them as learning tools. I'm sure when they go fishing in the wild, every spot is not tree free.
Teri Griffith91104
julie comer91030Stick to the ordinance- thats what it is for. If we let the trees be cut down, then it will open the door for others with an agenda. Hey, I walk in the arroyo on a regular basis, maybe the Urban Forestry people will straighten all the trails for me. (just kidding, really wouldn't like it that way.
christopher falk79905I grew up playing in the arroyo seco back in the late 1950s, 60's, 70's and early 80's. I visit Pasadena about twice a year and always hike the arroyo. I don't think any trees should be removed.
Jean Aichele91104trees are a precious resource
Ellen Biasin91105Pasadena Casting Club is OK in the Arroyo unless they mess with the habitat!
Robert Bilheimer91101Leave trees in PLACE
Brian Hulan91001The loss of a single tree to facilitate game-playing by a group of hobbyists is unacceptable. Have your contests within the existing environment or go elsewhere.
Phyllis K Boyajian91001
Shirley Johnson91104Please do not cut down the trees. They are part of the ecosystem that is keeping the land from drying and dying even more during this drought. They provide habitat and shade for both animals and people.
Brian Herzog91001As someone who frequents this area and enjoys the natural space, it seems criminal to talk about tree removal for sake of the casting pond. Most creeks in the Western US have plenty of tree along the shoreline, so forget about the huge casting competitions or move to an industrial area! Lets keep this great open space just that; open and natural.
Christine Fedukowski91101it is sad that the urban forestry commission has approved the removal of these trees. Other city leaders have endorsed progressive programs to significantly increase urban canopy and its natural environment. Only Pasadena, on both its city streets and natural environment, embarks on affirmative plan to remove existing trees.
Trudy Penland91030I feel old growth trees are vital to our Pasadena history and preservation of it. Pleas, do not let these beauties be cut down!
Madeleine Boyne94110
Susan Holman91105
Fred Schwarzenbach91105Please work a little harder to develop a plan that can preserve the trees and accommodate some of what the casting club is requesting.
sutherland ken91007save the trees
Elsa Saldana91024Please do not chop these trees, which is prohibited by the Arroyo Seco Ordinance. Thank you for you consideration.
Scarlett Philibosian97405These trees were planted specifically to conserve an area that is legally defined as a natural preservation area. The trees are important components of the local chaparral-riparian microhabitat. Among other functions, these trees reduce flooding of both natural habitat and human structures. The trees also support other, more fragile vegetation in the area. To destroy these trees would be environmentally unethical and would waste the valuable resources that were spent to plant and nurture this area in the past decades. Further, removal of these trees for the purpose of allowing recreation in the park to expand beyond the level of existing use is a violation of City ordinance 6403. Lastly, removal of these trees would detract from Pasadena's renowned reputation as a place where native plants and animals are protected and conserved.
Scarlett Philibosian91105These trees were planted specifically to conserve an area that is legally defined as a natural preservation area. The trees are important components of the local chaparral-riparian microhabitat. Among other functions, these trees reduce flooding of both natural habitat and human structures. The trees also support other, more fragile vegetation in the area. To destroy these trees would be environmentally unethical and would waste the valuable resources that were spent to plant and nurture this area in the past decades. Further, removal of these trees for the purpose of allowing recreation in the park to expand beyond the level of existing use is a violation of City ordinance 6403. Lastly, removal of these trees would detract from Pasadena's renowned reputation as a place where native plants and animals are protected and conserved.
Barbara Eisenstein91030Habitat value of these trees, though still fairly young, surely out weighs the expansion of a limited recreational activity. Too often, along the Arroyo, "recreation" has been put in front of the recreation that we gain from enjoying nature in a non-destructive way. These four mature trees should be protected!
Tim Martinez91103
Tina Miller91104Please protect and preserve the environment of the Lower Arroyo by protecting the three oak and sycamore trees.
Clemencia de Leon91104I very strongly support this petition to save our most precious trees, and I cannot believe that this expansion may proceed in spite of ordinance violations! What good are city ordinances if they can be broken at will!!
Mary Gandsey91104
Lucy Medina91106
Teresa Hartley91104Please do not cut down these trees!! I have been to the pond many times and rather than cut down these trees, I'd like to see more planted to fill in the barren area.
Carol Hanson91105Cutting down mature trees is a crime! If this is allowed, it will benefit the interests of a few and go against the interests of the majority. Pasadena is noted for having many beautiful trees and for protecting them. Let's keep it that way! I'm surprised that this has even come up. It should not be an issue at all. The law is obvious and should be applied, especially in a public place.
ross mitchell91105It is very necessary to preserve such trees
Sharbel Avellan90031Save our trees
nancy monk91101
Denise Solis91105There is no need to destroy these trees. Leave these beautiful trees as they were meant to be.
Noel Hanson91105Removal without mitigation requirements? Totally unacceptable.
Joe Stephens91104
ross mitchell, m.d.91105we should not be destroying valuable trees; especially since Oak trees are protected by Pasadena (and state) legislation ross mitchell, m.d.
Keri Franco91101
Lisa Moreno91001Seriously? There are trees in real casting scenarios so it's best that they learn to cast in a realistic setting. Don't be silly. What's next? Removal of wind?
Rocio Ramos90022
Julie Uehara91105These healthy trees are important investments to the long term success of the Lower Arroyo. There must be another way to support individual uses of the area without destroying these natural assets and ignoring the original recommendations.
Ruth Monarrez91106

448 people have signed the petition.