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Whose river is it? And whose history?December 23, 2015 - Jenny Price elucidates the concerns many River advocates have about the involvement of Frank Gehry in the LA River restoration program.
Know Your Neighbors: Arroyo ChubDecember 22, 2015 - LA Magazine features the Arroyo Chub and mentions the Arroyo Seco Foundation's 2008 reintroduction of the Chub into the Arroyo. -
Previous El Ninos were tragic and destructive. What does that tell us about 2016? FILE - In this Feb. 24, 1998 file photo, a woman waits for a tow truDecember 20, 2015 - More warnings of a monster Godzilla storm season as well as the sad story of Nathan Cook, who was captured by flood waters in the Arroyo in 1998.
Northern California salmon runs stronger than expected on many rivers despite droughtDecember 22, 2015 - On the Mokelumne River -- a central Sierra drinking water source to 1.4 million East Bay residents -- more than 12,000 adult chinook have returned for the fall run so far this year, exceeding a 17-year average of 8,000 fish.
L.A. Remembers It Has a RiverDecember 14, 2015 - The concrete ditch running through the city is a sad joke even in Los Angeles. A revitalization effort decades in the making is getting under way, but will it repeat the mistakes of the past? -
South Pasadena Sewer IssuesDecember 10, 2015 - Twelve South Pasaena sewer spills have reached the Arroyo Seco and the LA River. An overhaul of the SoPas sewer system is now underway.
Will El Niño be able to flush fish invaders out of the L.A. River?December 1, 2015 - Researchers are studying what type of fish currently survive in the Los Angeles in an effort to determine whether native fish will be be better at surviving the harsh conditions there. - -
San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, restoredOctober 29, 2105 - All of the major treasures of the San Gabriel Mountains, including the Arroyo Seco, should to be included in the year-old San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. Here the editorial writers of the San Gabriel Valley newspapers eloquently detail what was left out and why it should be put in, as Congresswoman Judy is attempting to do with new proposed legislation.
Proposed legislation would expand San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and create a San Gabriel River National Recreation AreaOctober 27, 2015 - The Sierra Club presents the latest on the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and plans to expand it to cover some of the other treasures of the mountains such as the Arroyo Seco and the upper LA River Watershed. -
Why Judy Chu wants to expand the San Gabriel Mountains National MonumentOctober 23, 2015 - There are lots of good reason why Congresswoman Judy Chu's bill to expand the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument make sense. -
CORBA Analysis of Congresswoman Chu's Proposed San Gabriel Mountains BillOctober 23, 2015 - Steve Messer of CORBA offers this careful analysis of Congresswoman Judy Chu's proposed new bill to expand the boundaries of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and to establish a new unit of the National Park Service to the foothills of the San Gabriel River watershed. - - -
LA DWP, other utilities to raise water rates because of droughtOctober 20, 2015 - Water rates are rising. There are two ways to look at it: 1) conservation is driving rates higher or 2) when water is scarce, it costs more.
What Coca-Cola’s $900,000 gift says about the future of the San Gabriel Mountains National MonumentOctober 15, 2015 - They served Dasana water in plastic bottles with a tasty lunch on styrofoam plates at the US Forest Service-sponsored celebration of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.
El Niño keeps getting stronger, raises chance of drenching rains October 15, 2015 - The predicted El Niño winter could bring heavy rainfall and storm conditions to the important mountain watershed of California and not just to the urban centers of Southern and Northern California according to federal weather forecasters from the National Weather Service. -
'Climate of Complacency'October 15, 2015 - A climate of complacency led to the $6.4 million embezzlement at Pasadena City Hall. Will the Mayor and City Council be complacent about the report and the problems it examines?
The Man With the Vision That Built CaltechOctober 15, 2015 - Robert Milikan was the visionary who shaped Caltech and foster the innovation that birthed JPL and other important programs.
Forest Service, Rep. Chu to hold one-year celebration of San Gabriel Mountains National MonumentOctober 14, 2015 - There will be a celebration Friday of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, but we're still waiting for the expansion of the monument to include all the gems of the Angeles National Forest including the Arroyo Seco.
DROUGHT WATCH; Brown blasts law on water rates; October 13, 2015 - In the midst of a long drought, Governor Jerry Brown blasts Proposition 218, a 1996 constitutional amendment that requires a public vote on many water-related projects.
El Niño: Hundreds of homes could flood along Arroyo Seco Channel in biggest stormOctober 10, 2015 - Explains the potential impact of a strong El Niño that can threaten homes with a hazardous flood. - -
Will El Nino 'solve' drought? Not if the rain falls in Southern CaliforniaOctober 5, 2015 - Provides commentary on the projected El Nino conditions and the implications it will have on water reservoirs across the state.
Op-Ed Lewis MacAdams: Give the L.A. River a seat at the Olympic negotiating tableOctober 1, 2015 - Lewis MacAdams and FOLAR want in on the planning for the Olympic Games village to ensure that it provides multiple advantages for the LA River. - -
California kicks in $25 million toward LA's 'crown jewel' riverfront land buySeptember 28, 2015 - California will kick in $25 million for the purchase of a key parcel along the LA River in Cypress Park.
El Nino affects sediment removal needed above Devil’s Gate DamSeptember 28, 2015 - Hydroworld reprints a propaganda release from the LA County Flood Control District, using scare tactics to cover the County's shameful neglect of their flood maintenance responsibility.
Don’t let El Niño fears increase Big Dig at Devil’s GateSeptember 24, 2015 - The Pasadena Star-News and the San Gabriel Valley Newspapers takes a sound and sensible approach to flood management, unmoved by all the scare tactics and rumbling from the County Flood Control Districts.
Metropolitan Water District aims to build plant to recycle sewage into drinking waterSeptember 22, 2015 - Metropolitan Water District is planning to develop a treatment plant to recover 168,000 acre foot of sewage and turn it into a potable supply for more than half a million Southern Californians. - -
County officials oversee debris removal at Devil's Gate Dam September 18, 2015 - The LA County Flood Control district is removing a small amount of sediment from Devil's Gate Dam in preparation for winter storm. -
Don't Take A Deep Breath: Outdoor Pollution Kills 3.3 Million A YearSeptember 16, 2015 - As both small and large scale industrialization progress worldwide, outdoor pollution and its generation of poor air quality enrich society with a rising rate of premature death. - - - - - -
Sediment to be cleared from Devil's Gate Dam in preparation for El Niño rainfall September 3, 2015 - The County Flood Control District is getting ready for winter storms by moving 1,000 cubic yards of sediment from the dam over to Johnson Field, but questions remain about how to develop an ongoing, sustainable dam management program that will provide flood protection and protect the rare environment in Hahamongna Watershed Park and the surrounding neighborhoods. -
5 Ways Cities Are Preparing for a Dry (or Flooded) FutureAugust 31, 2015 - Here's an excellent article from the Natural Resources Defense Council that describes the positive and sustainable ways to deal with climate change. - - - - - - -
Beating the Drought: How One Calif. County Cuts Water DemandAugust 28, 2015 - Eastern Municipal Water District in dry Riverside County has adopted some forward-looking policies and practices to beat the drought.
Pasadena embezzlement doesn’t mean undergrounding power is wrongAugust 26, 2015 - The Star-News urges local residents to not forget about the importance of undergrounding utility lines in the face of the recent mismanagement and embezzlement in the Pasadena program.
Pasadena Water and Power should gain control of embezzled program, report saysAugust 24, 2015 - The long awaited auditor's report on the $6.4 million Pasadena embezzlement will be discussed by the City Council's Municipal Services Committee on Tuesday. The report also includes fourteen recommendations to tighten up invoicing and payment procedures to ensure such scandals don't happen again.
The most polluted cities in AmericaAugust 22, 2015 - As seven of the most polluted cities in America lie within California, questions arise as to what conditions the state boasts to allow for such an alarming state of affairs, with a current drought and topography contributing to the issue of air quality. -
With fierce El Niño forecast, county officials look for vulnerabilitiesAugust 19, 2015 - County Flood Control has dragged out their bags of tricks again, attempting scare and deceive the public by threats of the impacts of a "fierce" El Niño. But of course the County won't be able to do any sediment removal from Devil's Gate Dam for at least a year more. -
In the San Gabriel Mountains, they're asking: What monument?August 18, 2015 - Louis Sahagun explores what difference the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument has made in its first year. -
34% Water Savings in JulyAugust 17, 2015 - Foothill MWD releases some commendable numbers on the water savings their customers in La Canada Flintridge and Altadena achieved during July.
Sam Farr: Celebrating restoration of the Carmel RiverAugust 15, 2015 - Congressman Sam Farr reports on the progress of the Carmel River restoration. The project will open up 25 miles of prime habitat for the threatened South-Central California Coast Steelhead. -
With 'Godzilla El Niño' expected, focus shifts to Pasadena dam that could overflowAugust 14, 2015 - Surprisingly shoddy journalism from the LA Times regarding the Hahamongna sediment situation. Clearly County Flood Control was whispering in their ear. -
Diverse Coalition Submits Comments on San Gabriel National MonumentAugust 13, 2015 - The San Gabriel Mountains National Monument has submitted its comments to the US Forest Service on how to develop a long-term plan for the new monument.
Citing Safety, City Moves to Cut Down 65 Trees in the Central and Lower ArroyoAugust 13, 2015 — The City of Pasadena is moving forward to combat unsafe trees in the Arroyo Seco by finalizing plans to remove 65 California sycamore trees diagnosed with a serious beetle infestation just weeks after a 75-foot pine toppled over injuring eight children in Brookside Park.
Wednesday at randomAugust 12, 2015 - Larry Wilson wonders why the Amgen television coverage of their race last May didn't pull back to show the spectacular Arroyo Seco canyon and parklands.
When Dams Come Down, Salmon and Sand Can ProsperAugust 10, 2015 - Several studies of the removal of Elwa Dam in Washington offer hope for the beaches of Southern California. -
2 children hurt by falling Pasadena tree released from hospitalAugust 3, 2015 - The two children who were seriously injured by a 75-foot tree falling in Brookside Park in front of Kidspace Museum have now been released from the hospital.
A tree fell in Brookside, with terrifying resultsJuly 29, 2015 - The Star-News editorial examines the concerns that have been raised by the injury of eight children in Brookside Park. -
Bringing Brookside Golf the purple pipes: Larry WilsonJuly 28, 2015 - After many years of planning, recycled water might finally be coming to Pasadena, first to Brookside Golf Course.
Infographic What is the Santa Ana Sucker?July 24, 2015 - The LA Times presents an infographic on the Santa Ana Sucker - - - -
Imagining a Network of Native Plant Nurseries for the L.A. RiverJuly 23, 2015 - Grown in LA aims to promote a series of native plant nurseries for the LA River. Noticeably absent in this KCET report is the Arroyo Seco's Hahamongna Cooperative Nursery as well as Theodore Payne Foundation and other native plant stalwarts. -
Flowing Waters, Many QuestionsJuly 23, 2015 - A lawsuit has been filed by two organizations to block the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project. The project, a partnership between the Arroyo Seco Foundation and the Pasadena Water & Power Department, would expand local water resources during a drought period and improve conditions for fish and wildlife in the Arroyo Seco.
$1.3 Billion L.A. River Habitat Restoration Plan Unanimously Approved in D.C.July 16, 2015 - KCET reports on approval of the LA River Revitalization Program by the Civil Works Review Board, another major milestone.
As L.A. moves toward more homeless sweeps, long-term solution elusiveJuly 11, 2015 - LA is undertaking a series of homeless sweeps and cleanups in the Arroyo Seco to deal with the complex problem of homelessness in Los Angeles. - -
Rose Bowl opposes NFL temporarily housing relocated team at stadiumJuly 8, 2013 - The Rose Bowl Operating Company rejected a bid to allow a National Football League team to use the stadium for a temporary home in favor of an annual arts and craft festival. -
DWP to unveil plan to capture storm runoffJune 25, 2015 — It may not rain much in Los Angeles County, but when it does, a single storm can send up to 10 billion gallons of water surging into a vast network of storm channels with a single destination: the Pacific Ocean. For decades, environmental activists such as Andy Lipkis have argued that this ritual flushing of stormwater was a form of profligacy Los Angeles could ill afford. That water could be captured before it picked up ground contaminants and used for irrigation and other purposes.
It’s time to protect the Delta June 20, 2015 - Two environmental experts discuss the critical loss of habitat and species in the California Delta. -
Management of Angeles National Forest will be focus of upcoming meeting June 19, 2015 - A series of meetings to discuss the management of the Angeles National Forest and the new San Gabriel Mountains National Monument will begin on Monday in Glendale. The Arroyo Seco Foundation is calling for expanding the national monument to include all of the Angeles National Forest.
Angeles National Forest and San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Welcomes New Forest SupervisorJune 9, 2015 - A new supervisor has been selected for the Angeles National Forest and San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. He is USFS veteran Jeffrey Vail.
Pasadena to vote on increased water restrictions MondayMay 29, 2015 - The Pasadena City Council will consider water use restriction to respond to the drought at their Monday evening meeting. -
Will the Arroyo Seco flow back to life?May 28, 2105 - The Eastsider covers the potential for restoring a living stream in the Arroyo Seco in this review of the Army Corps ecosystem study. - - - -
Under new EPA rule, Clean Water Act protections will cover all active tributariesMay 27, 2015 - The Clean Water Rule, drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers, extends the Clean Water Act’s protections to all tributaries with signs of flowing water.
Water wonks drowning in good drought ideas at Huntington Gardens: Larry WilsonMay 23, 2015 - A groups of water users and experts got together at the Huntington Library to discuss responsible approaches to the current drought.
UCLA report shows 75 percent of Los Angeles County water systems vulnerable to drought, other challengesMay 14, 2015 - The Luskin Center at UCLA has issues an essential guide to the structure of local water agencies and the challenges that face them. "Innovative maps in a “Water Atlas” compiled by the Luskin Center for Innovation show which areas are most threatened." - - -
The Los Angeles wetland warsMay 11, 2015 — Why every discussion about the Ballona Wetlands divides environmentalists into camps so entrenched they can barely talk to one another is a question that stumps even some of the people involved in the fight. Wetlands matter, yes — they protect inland settlements from storms, offer habitat to birds, rodents and even coyotes. They treat inland runoff before it enters the ocean. They contain plants that exist nowhere else in the world. Southern California has lost 90 percent of its original 49,000 acres of coastal wetlands. For Los Angeles, Ballona is the very last patch.
Drought kills 12 million trees in California's national forests May 5, 2015 - " At least 12 million trees have died in California's forest due to drought Four years of drought have had a severe effect on California's forests Millions of trees continue to die in California due to drought and bark beetle invasion." -
Drought kills 12 million trees in California's national forests May 5, 2015 - " At least 12 million trees have died in California's forest due to drought Four years of drought have had a severe effect on California's forests Millions of trees continue to die in California due to drought and bark beetle invasion." -
Bring Our River Back!May 3, 2015 - Arroyo old-timers still have memories of an Arroyo Seco as a living river, an Arroyo with dark forests, verdant trails and trout darting through the stream. As it was before, so it can be again!
Proposed valley recreation land increase would make it safer for mountain lionsApril 29, 2015 - A proposal to expand the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area to include as far east at the urban stretch of the Arroyo Seco and even Santa Anita Canyon is now under consideration and available for public input.
Trinity River Project gains approval from Army Corps of EngineersApril 27, 2015 - As with the LA River and the Arroyo Seco, Dallas has been the site of a big US Army Corps of Engineers project that has not received the Corps stamp of approval.
Dry, warm conditions keep California's national forests parchedApril 20, 2015 - 'The National Forest is stressed out,' says a climatologist. Warmer temperatures are drying out the state at a faster rate than previous times. California's dwindling snowpack contributing to parched forest.
Pasadena cancels its Earth Day festivalApril 18, 2015 - With a severe drought and other environmental challenges our region, Pasadena cancels its annual Earth Day Festival. How sad. -
The city of Pasadena is ignoring CEQA in the Arroyo SecoApril 16, 2015 - Thomas Seifert, chair of Stewards of Public Land, details the issues behind their lawsuit against the City of Pasadena regarding archery in Pasadena's Lower Arroyo.
Making Sense of WaterApril 14, 2015 - Mark Bitman points out the elephant in the room in California's water crisis, agriculture. While ag supplies have been cut back this year, California is burdened by an arcane system of water rights and pricing that needs to be adjusted.
Delta tunnels: Major changes to environmental restoration could endanger Brown's water planApril 11, 2015 - Are Governor Brown and the water interests really going to abandon the environmental commitment that has been one of the "co-equal" goals of the Bay Delta program for more than a decade? - - -
Group looks to link 'habitat islands' for wildlifeApril 9, 2015 - The Arroyos and Foothills Conservancy is initiating a study of wildlife corridors from the Arroyo Seco across the front range of the Santa Monica Mountains all the way to Big Tujunga Canyon.
New garden at Descanso shows La Cañadans how to reduce water for landscaping April 8, 2015 - Decanso Gardens President David Brown says if La Cañadans opted for low-water landscaping and reduced their outdoor watering by half, they’d be well past the 35% reduction now being mandated by the state. “You don’t have to do everything to do something,” he said. “(But) if everybody did something, we’d be in a better place.” -
Brown orders California's first mandatory water restrictions: 'It's a different world'April 1, 2015 — Standing in a brown field that would normally be smothered in several feet of snow, Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday ordered cities and towns across California to cut water use by 25% as part of a sweeping set of mandatory drought restrictions, the first in state history.
Gov. Brown announces mandatory statewide California water reductionsApril 1, 2015 — With the brown mountainsides of California's parched Sierra Nevada as a backdrop, Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday called for the first-ever mandatory statewide water reductions for cities and towns.
The California Drought of 2015: A previewMarch 30, 2015 - This fourth year of drought is severe, but not yet the driest ever.
No, California won't run out of water in a yearMarch 20, 2015 - Phew, well, state water managers say we won't run out of water next year. Chill, Californians.
Park Service should release the Rim of the Valley report nowMarch 19, 2015 - The National Park Service should promptly release the report, already delayed three times, on the proposal to create a Rim of the Valley National Recreation Area on wildlands stretching from the Santa Monica Mountains to the Angeles National Forest above Pasadena.
Daylighting and restoring urban streams, ponds and wetlands can provide huge ecological and social benefits.March 17, 2015 - A global roundtable adressing the questions: Are such restorations “worth it”? What are the pitfalls? How can we demonstrate these benefits and elevate them in the public discourse so that urban wetlands become urban planning priorities?
How California is failing at dealing with the droughtMarch 16, 2015 - Here's how to manage California's historic drought more effectively. A recently-released report by the Public Policy Institute of California outlines key steps to be taken to survive. -
California has about one year of water left. Will you ration now?March 12, 2015 - California's severe drought demands decisive and immediate action says NASA/JPL scientist Jay Famiglietti in this important commentary. -
Channelization of the Arroyo SecoMarch 1, 2015 - The Edenic features of the Arroyo Seco that played an important role in drawing people to the area began to vanish with the structural developments of channelization. The environmental impact of the channelization project proved to be detrimental [and] decades would pass before the health of the Arroyo Seco's ecosystem would be cogently addressed.
Northeast L.A. gathers for a Homeless Town HallFebruary 26, 2015 - A Town Hall forum sponsored by the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council focused on the homeless encampments that has popped up along the Arroyo. -
Community calls for greener approach to cleaning out Devil’s Gate Dam in PasadenaFebruary 20, 2015 - Fragile ecosystems encircling Pasadena, Altadena, La Canada Flintridge and central Los Angeles are threatened by a county sediment-removal project that is outdated, unbalanced and a violation of environmental laws. -
Monument status for San Gabriels, but much work to do: Guest commentaryFebruary 13, 2015 - San Gabriel Mountains Forever leaders outline their hopes for expanded resources and territory for the new San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. - - -
Exploratory expedition fails to find Arroyo Seco rainbowsFebruary 10, 2015 - Three fisherman go to the Upper Arroyo Seco to cast a fly and see if any rainbow trout had survived the devastation of the Station Fire of 2009. - - -
New Climate Change Standard Can Help Restore RiversFebruary 5, 2015 - The Obama Administration takes a balanced approach to flood and river management by issuing an executive order that encourages the use of floodplains and wetlands to buffer the impacts of storms.
Conservationists Take to Crowdfunding to Fight Hahamongna Watershed PlanFebruary 2, 2015 — ASF and the Audubon have embarked on a grassroots campaign to fight the Los Angeles County Flood Control District's (LACFD) $100-million plan to scrape the growing sediment off the basin at Hahamongna Watershed Park in Pasadena as part of its Devil's Gate Reservoir Sediment Removal and Management Project.
Preparing for Native Plant Restoration on the L.A. RiverJanuary 29, 2015 — Ellen Mackey leads the Native Seed Resources Coalition (NSRC), a group of organizations working to ensure that there is an adequate supply of locally sourced plants for L.A. River projects and other public and private projects in the watershed. The group has been working toward this mission for about three years this March, but even longer individually. "We want to make sure that local native plants are available and used in these projects," says Mackey.
Community Enthusiastically on Board for Arroyo Seco RestorationJanuary 23, 2015 - Los Angeles residents and its local officials may be focused on the $1 billion restoration plan for Los Angeles River, but communities in the northeast have their eyes trained on a similar U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project that aims to restore the Arroyo Seco.
Bobcat sighting along Arroyo Seco Trail in Pasadena reportedJanuary 19, 2015 - A bobcat showed up in the Lower Arroyo on a trail near Arbor Street and Arroyo Blvd.
Group eyes lawsuit aimed at Devil's Gate sediment removal planJanuary 14, 2015 - As the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works prepares to begin a five-year sediment haul at Devil's Gate Reservoir in the fall, some La Cañadans are rallying behind a lawsuit that aims to stop it in its tracks.
National Monument status splits Angeles National Forest in two; creates inequities, confusionJanuary 12, 2015 — In Solomon-like fashion, President Barack Obama split the heavily used Angeles National Forest in two, placing one half inside a brand-new San Gabriel Mountains National Monument while leaving out the other half. Exactly three months after the historic designation, some are questioning the president’s wisdom as nonprofits, environmental groups, federal, state and local agencies grapple with a confusing arrangement that baffles even proponents and leaves an inequitable division of haves and have-nots.
Pasadena Sierra Club Supports Lawsuit to Save HahamongnaJanuary 9, 2015 — The Pasadena Group of the Sierra Club has added their political and financial support to the No Big Dig! lawsuit to challenge the L.A. County Flood Control District's Devil's Gate Sediment Removal and Management Project.
A River's flood role is 'paramount'December 19, 2014 - Scientists looking to restore the LA River need to be careful to provide flood protection in a climate change world that is likely to have more extreme weather conditions. -
Noxious NuisanceDecember 18, 2014 - The Pasadena Weekly covers the lawsuit against the Flood Control District and other elements of the lore of Hahamongna.
Devil’s Gate Dam project challenged by area environmentalistsDecember 15, 2015 — Two local environmental groups filed a lawsuit Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court challenging the Board of Supervisors’ recent approval of the controversial Devil’s Gate Reservoir Sediment Removal Project.
The real reason Tujunga and Arroyo Seco missed monument status: Larry WilsonDecember 12, 2014 - Larry Wilson ponders the mystery why the Arroyo Seco and some of the Angeles National Forest were left out of the new San Gabriel Mountains Monument. - -
PrecipitationDecember 11, 2014 - A UCLA study projects precipitation for the coming mid-century and provides the most detailed and advanced scientific predictions of how climate change will affect rain and snowfall in the Southern California region -
Here's How Much the Storm Is Helping California's Epic DroughtDecember 11, 2014 — Some experts are worried that the rain will make people forget about the fact that California's still in a drought. "Thursday it'll rain, and people will say, 'Oh, I'm very excited,' and Saturday it'll rain, and 'Oh, drought’s over.' Not even close," Jeffrey Mount, a senior fellow with Public Policy Institute of California focused on water, told KQED.
San Gabriel Mountains National Monument designation has added new managers, funding to Angeles ForestDecember 10, 2014 - Officials speaking at a San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments meeting at the San Gabriel Hilton said the presidential visit and signing has awakened the U.S. Department of Agriculture, particularly the arm that manages the Angeles National Forest, the U.S. Forest Service, of the need for more resources in an area described as L.A.’s backyard.
San Gabriel Mountains National Monument designation has added new managers, funding to Angeles ForestDecember 10, 2014 - Officials speaking at a San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments meeting at the San Gabriel Hilton said the presidential visit and signing has awakened the U.S. Department of Agriculture, particularly the arm that manages the Angeles National Forest, the U.S. Forest Service, of the need for more resources in an area described as L.A.’s backyard.
LA Rain Catch Basin Clearing Causes Stir with ActivistsDecember 10, 2014 - The Los Angeles County Flood Control District has begun making room for rain water and mud in local catch basins ahead of another major storm that is due in the area Thursday. -
Environmentalists to sue county over Devil's Gate Dam sedimentDecember 9, 2014 - Environmental groups are planning to file a lawsuit against Los Angeles County on Wednesday over its plans to remove sediment behind the Devil’s Gate Dam in Pasadena.
Arroyo ChampionsDecember 8, 2014 - The Council of Arroyo Seco Organizations presents the 2014 Arroyo Verde Awards honoring “outstanding dedication” to “protecting and improving the Arroyo Seco during the past year.”
Los Angeles, City of WaterDecember 6, 2014 - Recently Los Angeles has reduced its reliance on outside sources of water to become a leader in sustainable water management, a pioneer in big-city use of cost-effective, environmentally beneficial water conservation, collection and reuse technologies.
Wrong call on hauling Devil’s Gate detritus: EditorialNovember 19, 2014 — We’re loath to go along with most threats of legal action after an elected body has made its decision, right or wrong. In this case, the county’s plan is so contrary to reason, so expensive, so ruinous to neighborhood tranquility for so many neighbors for a period of years, that we say: “See you in court!” -
Depleting the WaterNovember 16, 2014 — It's been said that the wars of the 21st century may well be fought over water. The Earth's population has more than doubled over the last 50 years and the demand for fresh water — to drink and to grow food — has surged along with it. But sources of water like rainfall, rivers, streams, reservoirs, certainly haven't doubled. So where is all that extra water coming from? More and more, it's being pumped out of the ground. -
New dust-busting method ends L.A.'s longtime feud with Owens ValleyNovember 11, 2014 - LA officials announce a historict agreement to reduce the dust from the Owens Dry Lake, while reducing this use of massive amounts of water for dust control. - -
They stopped watering paradise, and forgot about the trees: Larry WilsonNovember 14, 2014 - Emily Green laments the effects of the drought and of poor irrigation of trees particularly during this drought. - -
L.A. County supervisors OK debris clearance for Devil's Gate DamNovember 13, 2014 - County Supervisors approve the Flood Control District's sediment trucking plan for Hahamogna Watershed Park by a 4-1 vote despite strong opposition.
Final environmental report approved for Devil’s Gate Reservoir Sediment Removal ProjectNovember 13, 2014 - The LA County Board of Supervisors approved the Flood Control Districts devastating plan to scrape 2.4 million cubic yards of sand and sediment out of the the Devil's Gate Basin in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
San Francisco Is Painting the Streets with Historical CreeksNovember 12, 2014 - What a great project in San Francisco to revive the memory of forgotten streams and creeks that have been turned into pipes or culverts. Artists will paint their course during a street festival next Spring. They call the project "Ghost Arroyos."
Controversy lingers on Devil's GateNovember 12, 2014 - The Sun recaps the last dog and pony show put on by LA County on their plan to clean out the Devil's Gate Dam basin in Hahamongna Watershed Park.
Pasadena History: National Monument notion for San Gabriels an old oneNovember 9, 2014 - The concept of a national monument for the San Gabriel Mountains has roots in Pasadena history fro more than one hundred years ago.
Ground water depletion driving global conflicts - NASA scientistNovember 7, 2014 - The role in groundwater disputes as a spark for international conflict is analyzed in this report from the Thomson Reuters Foundation prepared by NASA scientist Jay Familghetti. -
Groups huddle on response to Devil's Gate Dam projectNovember 6, 2014 - City and school officials are racing against time to ensure their concerns about L.A. County Public Works Department’s plan to remove 2.4 million cubic yards of sediment from Devil’s Gate Dam are heard and recorded before an anticipated Nov. 12 vote on the project.
Salinas River test project deemed successNovember 6, 2014 - The Arroyo Seco in Monterey County, our sister river, was also once a steelhead river. Now new efforts are being made to improve habitat and conditions on the connecting links to the Arroyo Seco. -
Practical local park politics on the day after the mid-terms: Larry WilsonNovember 4, 2014 - Larry Wilson opines on bathrooms in parks, particularly in the new Desiderio Park under the Colorado Street Bridge.
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