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The Rest of the StoryJanuary 21, 2016 - Stewards of Public Land clear up some of the misconceptions about their concerns regarding archery in the Lower Arroyo.
Rose Bowl sticking with Arroyo music festival, not the NFL: Larry WilsonJanuary 20, 2016 - With the Rams coming back to LA and the Chargers and Raiders both also interested, concerns about the possible role of the Rose Bowl are inevitable. Larry Wilson has the scoop. -
Whose river is it? And whose history?December 23, 2015 - Jenny Price elucidates the concerns many River advocates have about the involvement of Frank Gehry in the LA River restoration program.
Know Your Neighbors: Arroyo ChubDecember 22, 2015 - LA Magazine features the Arroyo Chub and mentions the Arroyo Seco Foundation's 2008 reintroduction of the Chub into the Arroyo. -
Northern California salmon runs stronger than expected on many rivers despite droughtDecember 22, 2015 - On the Mokelumne River -- a central Sierra drinking water source to 1.4 million East Bay residents -- more than 12,000 adult chinook have returned for the fall run so far this year, exceeding a 17-year average of 8,000 fish.
L.A. Remembers It Has a RiverDecember 14, 2015 - The concrete ditch running through the city is a sad joke even in Los Angeles. A revitalization effort decades in the making is getting under way, but will it repeat the mistakes of the past. - - - - -
South Pasadena Sewer IssuesDecember 10, 2015 - Twelve South Pasaena sewer spills have reached the Arroyo Seco and the LA River. An overhaul of the SoPas sewer system is now underway.
Will El Niņo be able to flush fish invaders out of the L.A. River?December 1, 2015 - Researchers are studying what type of fish currently survive in the Los Angeles in an effort to determine whether native fish will be be better at surviving the harsh conditions there. - -
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