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Bobcat sighting along Arroyo Seco Trail in Pasadena reported





January 19, 2015 - A bobcat showed up in the Lower Arroyo on a trail near Arbor Street and Arroyo Blvd.


Melissa Masatani, San Gabriel Valley Tribune


Pasadena Star-News


An approximately 30-pound bobcat was spotted along the Arroyo Seco Trail near Arbor Street in Pasadena on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015, by a hiker walking her dog. Gayle McAleenan, who was able to take photos of the animal before turning around, said it looked like a large domestic cat before she was able to identify it. Courtesy photo

PASADENA >> A hiker walking her dog has reported seeing a bobcat at Arroyo Seco Park on Sunday.

Gayle McAleenan snapped photos of the approximately 30-pound bobcat while walking her weimaraner in the park near Arbor Street in Pasadena. She said she originally thought it was a large domestic cat but was able to identify it before getting too close.

“It seems rare” to see bobcats, McAleenan wrote in an email. She said wanted to share the encounter “because so many people let their small dogs off-leash at the park.”

Pasadena Police Lt. Kelly Evans said it was not uncommon to see bobcats in parts of the city but that he was unaware of any bobcat attacks in recent times.

“I’m not saying they’re not capable of it, I just have never seen it,” he said.

Melissa Masatani

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