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Diverse Coalition Submits Comments on San Gabriel National Monument





August 13, 2015 - The San Gabriel Mountains National Monument has submitted its comments to the US Forest Service on how to develop a long-term plan for the new monument.


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The San Gabriel Mountains Community Collaborative has completed its comments on the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument “Need to Change” Analysis, which were delivered to the U.S. Forest Service.

The Community Collaborative has spent many months deliberating, evaluating, and finding common ground to ensure that the diverse interests of the communities that encircle the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument were taken into account. The Collaborative was pleased to reach 100-percent consensus on the comments.

“We were able to come up with a document that we can all support, which is the first time this has been done when a National Monument has been designated to serve the recreational needs of such a large, urban population,” said Liz Reilly, Councilwoman, City of Duarte, San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments.

“The California Off-Road Vehicle Association appreciates the opportunity to work with a diverse group of interests that has the ability to find common ground, which promotes the health of the forest and recreational enhancements,” remarked Linda Wucherpfennig, Angeles National Forest Field Representative, California Off-Road Vehicle Association.

Belinda Faustinos, Chair, San Gabriel Mountains Forever Coalition, said, “I am excited about this critical step for the National Monument management planning process and look forward to implementation in the near future.”

“The Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians/Kizh Nation, led by Chief Ernest Salas, appreciates the tribe’s involvement in the Collaborative and is committed to preserving and protecting the sacred Hidakupa (San Gabriel Mountains) for the edification and education of all residents,” said Andrew Salas, Chairman, Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians/Kizh Nation.

“The City Project looks forward to working with the U.S. Forest Service, National Forest Foundation, and the Community Collaborative to diversify access to and support for the San Gabriel Mountains for all,” noted Robert Garcia, Founding Director and Counsel, The City Project.

“This marks an exciting milestone for the National Monument management plan development,” said Joe Lyons, Chairperson, City of Claremont, San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments.

The San Gabriel Mountains Community Collaborative is a diverse group made up of approximately 45 community interests (including academic, business, civil rights, community, conservancies, cultural, environmental, environmental justice, ethnic diversity, education, youth, state and local government, Native American, public safety, recreation, special use permit holders, land lease holders, transportation, utilities, and water rights holders). The Collaborative’s purpose is to “Represent the general public by integrating diverse perspectives to identify, analyze, prioritize and advocate for values, resources, investments, management objectives and implementation practices that sustainably benefit all communities throughout the region, the Angeles National Forest and the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument.”

To view the consensus comment letter and learn more about the San Gabriel Mountains Community Collaborative, visit

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