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County officials oversee debris removal at Devil's Gate Dam





September 18, 2015 - The LA County Flood Control district is removing a small amount of sediment from Devil's Gate Dam in preparation for winter storm. -


Sara Cardine


La Caņada Valley Sun


L.A. County employees stand below Devil's Gate Dam in an area that was cleared of 30 feet of debris flow that washed down after the Station Fire. (Roger Wilson / Staff Photographer / September 14, 2015)

Representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works took a special trip to the La Caņada area this week to document the recent removal of approximately 1,500 cubic yards of sediment from near Devil's Gate Dam.

The clearing of sediment, dead tree branches and other vegetation from the area immediately in front of the dam was part of a routine maintenance plan scheduled to prepare for a forecasted heavy rainy season, according to DPW spokesman Kerjon Lee.

Originally scheduled to take place on Monday, the clearing was moved to the weekend in advance of a weather forecast calling for rain, Lee said. The debris, which prior to the clean-out work had reached about 30 feet in height against the dam's wall, was scheduled to be hauled to Pasadena's Johnson Field Thursday.

Meanwhile, the county is moving ahead with plans for a larger sediment removal project that is expected to clear the reservoir of 2.4 million cubic yards of sediment remaining from rains that followed the 2009 Station fire, despite a lawsuit filed by local conservationists who seek a longer, less intense hauling plan.

Gary Hildebrand, the department's deputy director, estimated the reservoir currently has a remaining capacity of 1.3 million cubic yards and is expected to hold through what forecasters predict will be a heavy El Niņo storm system this fall and winter.




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