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Residents Advised to Make Water Conservation a Way of Life





April 17, 2017 - Foothill MWD urges local residents to continue their conservation habits acquired during our long drought.


Nina Jazmadarian


Foothill Municipal Water District


News Release

Foothill Municipal Water District
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La Cañada Flintridge, CA
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Contact: Nina Jazmadarian
General Manager


Residents Advised to Make Water Conservation a Way of Life

On April 17, 2017, the Foothill Municipal Water District (FMWD or District) called on local residents to “Make Water Conservation a Way of Life” as requirements will ease from Extraordinary to Standard Conservation.

The change in conservation levels by FMWD follows Governor Brown’s April 7th Executive Order that lifts the drought emergency in all California counties except Fresno, Kings, Tulare and Tuolumne.

Recent storms in Northern California boosted many reservoir levels to historic highs thus ending drought conditions for many regions across the state. However, impacts remain on imported water supplies due to environmental protections in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and extended drought on the Colorado River Basin.

“While the conditions for a drought emergency may be over, we are still in the process of recovering from drought,” stated FMWD General Manager Nina Jazmadarian. “Local groundwater basins are at historic lows and need to recover from depressed water table elevations.”

The Brown Administration aims to build on the State’s water conservation efforts and back legislation to implement a new long-term conservation framework. A water-budget based approach, where water purveyors must conform to a target designed to meet specific indoor and outdoor water needs, may be introduced to determine future water use.

In the meantime, FMWD officials recommend that residents water only 3 days a week. “Building off a new normal with Standard Conservation, there really is no need to water outdoors more than 3 days a week,” stated FMWD Board President Richard Atwater. “Following that guideline and possibly a few touch ups with a garden hose throughout the week should be plenty of water for our landscaping.”

FMWD purchases imported water from MWD and distributes it to retail water suppliers in the area. Customers should contact their retail provider to learn more regarding what restrictions continue to be in place and for days of the week that irrigation may occur.

Foothill Municipal Water District provides imported water to Crescenta Valley Water District, La Cañada Irrigation District, Mesa Crest Water Company, Valley Water Company, Lincoln Avenue Water Company, Las Flores Water Company and Rubio Cañon Land & Water Association. Kinneloa Irrigation District, another retail agency, takes no water from Foothill.





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