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Water Efficiency Expert Mary Ann Dickinson Named Leader of the California Water Efficiency Partnership





June 12, 2017 - Mary Ann Dickinson, erstwhile President and CEO of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, is now also heading up the California Water Efficiency Partner, descendent of the former California Urban Water Conservation Council.


News Release


California Water Effificency Partnership


SACRAMENTO—The California Water Efficiency Partnership has announced the selection of water efficiency expert Mary Ann Dickinson to lead the organization into its new future.

The Partnership, formerly the California Urban Water Conservation Council, is dedicated to advancing water efficiency in California by providing leadership and expertise on water issues, as well as fostering collaboration among a wide variety of stakeholders, to address the state’s unique water challenges and opportunities.

Dickinson is a veteran resource manager, known for her water industry expertise, credibility, leadership skills, connections and the ability to reach common ground with a wide variety of diverse stakeholders. She was the founder and remains the CEO of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, a non-profit organization dedicated to the efficient and sustainable use of water in North America.

“Mary Ann is the perfect person to lead the Partnership as Transition CEO during this exceptional point in the organization’s history,” said Joe Berg, Chair of the Partnership Board of Directors and Director of Water Use Efficiency for the Municipal Water District of Orange County. After 25 years as the California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC), the Partnership organization is undergoing a transformation as its members shape a new entity to advance water efficiency in California, and that transition will involve networking and affiliating with the Alliance for Water Efficiency.

Moving forward, Dickinson will maintain her position as President and CEO of the Alliance while also leading the Partnership through its transition to a renewed, reinvigorated organization. She will also help the Partnership define a formal relationship with the Alliance. Serving now in this dual management role, Mary Ann will be responsible for bringing the two organizations together.

“Mary Ann is a positive, visionary strategist who can bring everyone to the table and get results,” Berg said. “And, she knows this organization inside and out—its history and, more importantly, its potential.”

Dickinson served as Executive Director of the CUWCC from 1999 to 2007, building the organization from the ground up into a renowned resource for water conservation policies, best practices, research and outreach. She left the CUWCC in 2007 to establish the Alliance for Water Efficiency.

“The Partnership has a rare opportunity to reinvent and adapt itself to California’s changing regulatory, political, social, economic and environmental climate,” Dickinson said. “I look forward to helping the Partnership carry forward the leadership, expertise and collaboration that has been a hallmark of California water efficiency while helping utilities, businesses and residents achieve the efficiencies that are needed.”

The selection of Dickinson was announced to more than 140 water conservation professionals during the Partnership’s Peer-to-Peer conference in San Diego, an annual educational event that offers participants opportunities to explore on-the-job challenges with their peers and learn solutions that work. The conference is indicative of the activities and benefits offered to members of the California Water Efficiency Partnership to help them meet legislative and regulatory requirements and challenges related to water efficiency and conservation.

The California Water Efficiency Partnership (formerly the California Urban Water Conservation Council) is an innovative leader, voice and expert on water efficiency in California that fosters collaboration among a wide variety of stakeholders. Learn more at





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