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ArtCenter Teams Up with Arroyo Advisory Group to Create a College Course for the Arroyo Project





August 4, 2017 - ArtCenter College of Design will feature a new class on the Arroyo Seco this fall.




Pasadena Now


The ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena will be offering a new course in the fall that will focus on the Arroyo Seco.

As envisioned, the course will be teaching students how to design open spaces using the Arroyo as a model.

College officials announced the new course is being developed in coordination with the Arroyo Advisory Group (AAG), a community-based committee that aims to focus on the historic restoration, renewal and rehabilitation of the watershed area in and around the area of the Rose Bowl.

“Here we have this incredible gem of the Arroyo Seco, and we need to look at it and care for it in a more sensitive way especially these days,” says

David Mocarski chairs the Environmental Design Department at Art Center College of Design. Image courtesy ArtCenter
David Mocarski, Chair of the Graduate and Undergraduate Environmental Design department at ArtCenter. “Everything happens in the environment. And so the class is really looking at possibilities of reimagining and looking at how we can elevate people’s interaction with the Arroyo Seco.”
Mocarski said they’re working with the AAG on the whole notion of reimagining what the future of the Arroyo Seco can be, and are looking at everything that would allow for sustainability for one of Pasadena’s more popular natural asset.

Jered Gold, Vice President for marketing and communications at ArtCenter, said the course will be housed at the College’s Environmental Design department.

“The design brief for the class have not been formalized yet,” Gold said. “It’ll be available during our fall term which starts in September.”

Last month, the Pasadena City Council approved a $350,000 budget for the first phase of the “One Arroyo” project which will include putting in place an “extraordinary end-to-end trail system” that will interconnect the many natural features of the Arroyo.

City Manager Steve Mermell and Rose Bowl Operating Company General Manager Darryl Dunn said part of the funds – $250,000 – will be appropriated from the Rose Bowl unappropriated fund balance to the Rose Bowl Operating Company’s Fiscal Year 2018 operating budget. The remaining $100,000 will be reappropriated from Residential Impact Fees from the Central Arroyo Trail Realignment and Improvements Concept Study, a Capital Improvement Program project.

The AAG has been conducting conversations with several community groups in Pasadena since January, among them the West Pasadena Residents Association and the East Arroyo Residents Association. The group has also made a presentation at a district meeting hosted by City Councilmember Margaret McAustin, to present the initial plans and solicit community proposals on how to develop the Arroyo Seco while preserving its natural beauty.

Apart from initiating the funding process, the AAG has also organized itself into four working committees: a Vision committee, which finalized the preliminary vision statement; a Community Outreach and Engagement Committee, tasked with informing various Pasadena constituencies about the effort and receiving public input; a Financial Planning Committee, which will explore sustainable means of funding and develop the proposed budget to carry the effort through the balance of the calendar year; and a Projects and Priorities Committee that reviews possible projects to implement the new vision for the Arroyo.




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