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April 22, 2017 - Join TreePeople and Arroyo Seco Foundation Volunteers as our two organizations team up with the Forest Service to reforest areas burned by the Station Fire.






Saturday, April 22 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Join Brian Rekart from TreePeople and Thierry Rivard from the Arroyo Seco Foundation as our two organization team up with the US Forest Service for a renewed volunteer effort to replant and restore the fire-damaged areas of the Angeles National Forest. This Spring, we will be planting 1,500 native trees, including Coulter pines, Jeffrey pines, and bigcone Douglas-firs. We will also be watering and mulching the seedlings, as tree care is an essential part of our work. Depending on weather conditions, events will focus either on tree planting or tree care. Certain events will also include invasive removal and native plant plantings. Where: Area of work is located approximately 5-10 minutes in the Angeles National Forest.

Why: • Restore wildlife habitat and the forest’s natural beauty • Understand forest ecology and water management • Prevent dangerous erosion • Meaningful family project • Create own legacy and have a fun outing in the Angeles National Forest About this program: With the support of the National Forest Foundation, the Arroyo Seco has partnered with TreePeople and the U.S. Forest Service to restore areas of the Angeles National Forest damaged by fire. With your help, we can revitalize fire-damaged areas, effect climate change, clean the air, capture rainwater and build a sense of community.

Neighborhood: La Cañada
There are 23 spaces available. Event capacity information is updated every hour.




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