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March 4, 2008 - LA Officials Stepping Up Enforcement of Leash and Neutering/Spay Laws in Dog Parks & Along the Arroyo Seco


Meredith McKenzie


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The recently enacted Los Angeles City Dog Mandatory Neutering/Spay Law is getting stepped up enforcement in area dog parks and trails along the Arroyo Seco. Because dogs must have been neutered/spayed in order to get Los Angeles Dog Licenses, officials are citing owners of dogs without LA dog tags. In addition, they have stepped up ticket writing at Hermon Park in the large grassy area next to the Arroyo Seco Parkway, where owners often let their dogs run off leash in an area clearly marked as a "dog on leash" area. The Hermon Dog Park provides a fenced off-leash area for dogs at the north end of the park.

Local enforcement of these laws provides dog owners another opportunity to be good neighbors when walking their dogs along the Arroyo Seco. The City provides disposable doggie doo bags at no cost. Cleaning up after your pet helps prevent fecal matter and bacteria from entering the streambed (go to ~ click 'water monitor results' on home page for water test results at the Confluence with the LA River and at North Branch near Hermon Park).

Keeping the Arroyo Seco clean helps restore its natural habitat and potential use as a groundwater drinking source. That's why owners who walk their dogs in the Arroyo channel should keep them on leash ~ to prevent the spread of bacteria and the disruption of nesting habitats.

By having your dog neutered/spayed, by using doggie doo bags, and by keeping your dog on leash (except in off leash dog parks), you are not only avoiding a ticket from the City of Los Angeles, you are also being a good steward to help us restore the Arroyo Seco stream, one of Northeast Los Angeles' special natural treasures.



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