Rare environmental sites like Hahamongna in the Arroyo Seco have the power to teach us about nature and about ourselves.   In Australia young aborigines take a trek in the outback to discover personal identity and cultural awareness through an intense nature experience. Hahamongna Walkabout will be that kind of journey of discovery in our region's most environmentally rich and rare spot.   Participants will take an escorted walking tour of Hahamongna, stopping at strategically placed learning stations to discover about the recreation, habitat, wildlife, birds and water resources in that unique basin at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

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This year, learning stations will include:

  • Tom Sawyer Camp

  • Rose Bowl Riders

  • Oak Grove Disc Golf Club

  • Arroyo Seco Canyon Project

  • More...

Walkabout Map

Walkabouts Past

Hahamongna Walkabout 2012

It was a drizzlie day on Saturday, so some people stayed home and missed the Second Annual Hahamongna Walkabout. But now no one has an excuse because PCC student Jason Carman captured the presentations on videotape.

To view the segments, just click on the related picture.

Tim Brick and Mary Barrie offer an overview of why Hahamongna is so special. Mr. Tree was there to wow the crowd with a wonderful impersonation. Michele Zack presented the history of Hahamongna. Wendy Katagi of CDMSmith told participants about fish in the Arroyo.
Tim Martinez has a wonderful way of talking about native plants and habitat. Kristen Farley and Brad Boman teamed up to cover geology and water resources. Ryan Butler and Tom Budinger from LA County Flood Control District gave the scoop on the big sediment removal program.

Hahamongna Walkabout 2011

Nearly two hundred participants learned of the habitat, wildlife, bird and water riches of Hahamongna at the precious spot at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Tim Brick - Arroyo Seco Foundation

Michele Zack - Historian

Tim Martinez - Habitat

Brad Boman - Water

Flow Through Devil's Gate Dam

Special Thanks to Sharon and Jason Carman for the videos

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www.savehahamongna.org - savehahamongna@arroyoseco.org