10 Fun Ways to Save

Your Arroyo Seco Watershed

1.  Take a Hike...a jaunt, a treak, a tramp, a stroll, a strut...just get out and see, hear, smell the world in your backyard.

2.  Stop and Smell the Roses...the mountains, the hills, the valley, lupine, poppies, sage.

3.  Spend some Quality Time with your Pet...leash your dog (bring a bag and leave the kitties at home!), ride a horse, a mule!  Check out the trails.

4.  Play in the Garden...add native plants to your garden--California current, coral bells, California lilac, toyon and sage.  Use biological controls instead of pesticides; monitor your water use.

5.  Get Down and Dirty...volunteer with local organizations like North East Trees and the Arroyo Seco Foundation.  Help pull weeds, plant trees, and participate in clean-up events.

6.  Tap into Watershed Consciousness...just think about it!  Donít trash our watershed--limit pesticides and fertilizers on your lawn and garden, fix oil leaks in your vehicle and remember--your street and storm drains drain to the ocean.

7.  Sing, Shout, Get the Word Out!...let friends, family and elected officials know how you feel about restoring the Arroyo Seco.

8.  Go on a Treasure Hunt...discover the Arroyo Seco.  What is  a watershed?  What is restoration?  Check out the Arroyo in the afternoon--all 22 miles of diverse plant communities and cultural gems.

9.  Plan a Bright Future...participate in Arroyo planning efforts.  Bring a friend, log onto www.arroyoseco.org or www.northeasttrees.org.

10.  Kiss a Toad...embrace our natural resources.  Protect habitat and bring back the steelhead!