Honorary Arroyo Brigade Member Sworn In


Larry "Spelunker" Lief.

from Tucson AZ

He was welcomed to Pasadena on June 29 and was asked to address the annual ARROYO BRIGADE board of directors meeting held at IHOP on Arroyo Parkway.

In his acceptance speech at the IHOP lectern, he indicated that "The Arroyo Seco Foundation website was his inspiration to come to Pasadena to see the workings of the Brigade".

Mr. Lief was later escorted to the Scoville dam site where he swiftly investigated the Scoville cave. A long time spelunker at many other venues,

Larry was very excited to investigate Pasadena's newest tourist attraction, the "Scoville Cave".

As our newest member, Mr. Lief was later indoctrinated into participating in a hands-on ARROYO BRIGADE activity. We successfully removed one more century old fence post on the rim of the canyon across from Westover Place.


Formal papers were signed granting Mr. Lief full "BRIGADE" stature and included the normal 401K retirement plan, dental insurance and hospitalization insurance program as well as our standard entry wage scale and incentive plan.

                                                                                         RAY - NER