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Arroyo Seco Master Plan - 

The Arroyo Seco Foundation presented an update on Pasadena's Arroyo Seco planning process at its meeting on February 6th at Eaton Canyon Nature Center.

Brian League from the Pasadena Planning Department discussed the current schedule and process for consideration of the Arroyo Seco Master Plan (ASMP) and Environmental Impact Report (EIR). He outlined the current schedule:

1) The ASMP and EIR, along with a list of staff recommended revisions, will be presented to the Recreation and Parks Commission for their review February 20;
2) The formal responses to the 600+ public comments on the EIR will be published February 26 or sometime thereafter;
3) Pasadena will make all the documents under consideration available for public review by March 14; 
4) Both the ASMP and the EIR will be presented to the City Council for action on March 24;
5) If the Council approves the ASMP and EIR, the public has 30 days to object to the action or portions of it by filing a lawsuit.

Mr. League stated that Pasadena's proposed lease of the 30 acres of Metropolitan Water District property in the Hahamongna area would be included in the Arroyo Seco EIR, but no land use changes on that property are involved at this time. He also confirmed that the Rose
Bowl Operating Company has issued a request for proposals for an environmental impact report on a National Football League (no relation) franchise in the Rose Bowl.

There was an energetic discussion among attendees about these issues and other concerns.

Don Rogers of the Pasadena Audubon Society presented a beautiful slide show demonstrating two approaches to nature reserves similar to Hahamongna. The first example is in Canada and the second is at the San Joaquin March in Irvine.

Official ASMP Documents

Here are the documents distributed at the Pasadena Recreation and Parks Commission meeting January 7th. The staff report is provided here as the report was presented on that date, but the commission did make some requests to modify some things on the report.  There have been minor clarifications to the other two documents following that meeting. Click on the link to view the document in Acrobat format (pdf).

Staff Report: Arroyo Seco Master Plan Update
Frequently Asked Questions about the Master Plan and EIR
ASMP Projects - Revised List
Here is How Staff Summarized Public Comments