Here's the Sad News from Ray Dashner:

Roy Begley

May He Rest in Peace

Most people knew Roy Begley for his eloquent gadfly performances at Pasadena City Council meetings on Monday nights.  But Roy was more action than talk.  He devoted extraordinary energy to cleaning up the Colorado Street Bridge and the Arroyo Seco. In the past few years, he and his associates of the Arroyo Brigade have uncovered old paths, staircases and steams in the Arroyo.  Just last Friday this wonderful picture was taken of Roy at work in the Arroyo.  Saturday night Roy's big heart gave out.

The Arroyo Seco website has honored Roy and his colleagues for this wonderful volunteer work.  You can read about their activities here:




The Arroyo has lost a good friend.



We've lost a good friend . . .

As I write this, the last spoken words by Mr. Roy Begley are being heard on the Sunday replay of the Feb. 10 City Council Meeting.

Mr. Begley was stricken with a coronary arrest on Saturday evening at 6:30PM as he entered the front door of his residence. Pasadena Fire Dept. Paramedics could not revive him and so he died on the way to Huntington Hospital.

As one of his many friends in Pasadena, I wish to express my grief at his passing.

The last photo of Mr. Begley was taken Friday afternoon at yet anotherArroyo Seco restoration project.

We had worked together for nearly ten years to make Pasadena a better place.

I mourn the loss of a very good friend.

--- Raymond Dashner

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