Flintridge Prep Crew Cleans the Arroyo Streams

Here's the energetic crew from Flintridge Prep in La Caņada who cleaned up muck and mire in the Arroyo Seco one recent Saturday.  The students worked diligently cleaning out the low flow streams in the Lower Arroyo.  

The Flintridge Prep students met at 9 am on a Saturday morning in the parking lot of the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center just south of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Then they loaded into the City of Pasadena van to take them to the Lower Arroyo.  That's Kyle Wass, who organized the project, in sunglasses.
Gary Clemmons of Pasadena Public Works instructed the crew on the task for the day: clean out the muck and sediment in the weir of the low flow streams that flow through the Lower Arroyo. Team work is the key to success, the group quickly learned as they cleared the rocks, mud and debris from the stream.
Together the crew studies the buildup of sediment and mud in the low flow streams just south of the Colorado Street Bridge. By the end of the morning, the stream was ready to flow free again.  Here's the energetic crew that got the job done.