The Arroyo Is Under Attack!

Have you seen the heart-breaking devastation caused by LA County bulldozers in Hahamongna Watershed Park in the Arroyo Seco this month? They are destroying a vital habitat and wildlife corridor, an unparalled environmental and recreational treasure.

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After rejecting our campaign to promote sustainable solutions to their Big Dig, the County's bulldozers have now moved in to decimate more than fifty acres of prime riparian and alluvial scrub habitat at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. "Bullies with bulldozers," one informed observer commented.

In the coming months the destruction will accelerate as they dig their massive, permanent Big Pit. They can't hide the ruin their $100 million excavation and trucking program will create. Instead, we are working to build community and political support to treat the Arroyo like a River, not a maintenance yard for County bulldozers and diesel trucks.

The Arroyo Seco Foundation has been fighting for decades for a science-based, environmentally sustainable approach that would enhance the Arroyo, rather than destroy it.

We Urgently Need Your Support Now

We can't stop now. After witnessing the willow forest turned into sawdust and the home of birds and wildlife obliterated, we are more motivated than ever. But only your support will give us the resources necessary to continue our campaign to promote sustainable management of the Arroyo Seco, the most celebrated canyon in Southern California.

Please make a generous holiday contribution to the Arroyo Seco Foundation so that we can continue our work to enhance and protect Hahamongna and all the Arroyo Seco from the mountains to the Los Angeles River.

Future generations will thank you.

Managing Director
Arroyo Seco Foundation