Supporters of the Pasadena Water Petition

We believe the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project and Pasadena's 25-year Water Plan will have detrimental impacts on the habitat, wildlife and water resources in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco.

We urge the City of Pasadena to protect the natural character of our region's greatest environmental treasures by:

  1. using a living stream to capture storm flows and protect precious habitat;
  2. ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season; and
  3. committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin.

More than 1,000 local residents have signed the petition. Many have added remarkable comments.

178Claire Mesesan90032The Arroyo Seco Canyon Project will degrade the natural environment in Hahamongna Watershed Park for fish and wildlife. ASCP will increase diversions from the Arroyo Seco stream and expand inefficient spreading basins in Hahamongna for the purpose of obtaining credits to pump more water out of the Raymond Basin. The program will lead to further decline in groundwater levels. Healing the Raymond Basin needs to be the first priority of water planning. Agencies need to work together to stabilize and replenish the groundwater level -- an effective groundwater management strategy will include an increased emphasis on conservation, stormwater capture, stream restoration, native plant landscaping, storage programs and new sources to replenish the basin are the resilient way to secure future water.
177Giselle 91746
175William Huse91601
174Bill Stiefel 91001Please restore this unique ecosystem for wildlife and future generations.
173Xochitl93101Protect the sacred. My prayers go out to you.
172Laurel Beck91104
13Morey J Wolfson91101
14Deborah Deets90015Thank you for encouraging support and rethinking a greedy and harmful strategy.
15Kevin Dickson90065Please listen to people who can save this space and get it back to functioning as intended.
16Rachel Jones 90032
17Giselle 90011This World is our home & I'm not about to see it get destroyed.
18Sarah Brock Chavez90022Protect the Arroyo Seco natural habitat and wildlife by preserving the precious water basin.
19Mae Koo91104I reject building more basins! I have lived in Pasadena all my life and I love this city.I believe we can do the right thing. Hahamonga is a treasure. Protect and restore this environment immediately!!!!
20Michelle Cutler90031
21Adam Gelbart90024I oppose the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project because it neglects and is detrimental to crucial habitat that maintains the health of our local ecosystems. This project, and Pasadena's 25-year Water Plan, mar the character of the city and are unsustainable developments.
22Rebecca Seman90042
23Regan lamb90065
24Andrea lilley91001
25Estefani Pedraza91001
26Jennifer Ho91020
27Amy Cannon91001We live so very close to this project and the wild aspects of the Arroyo Seco are close to our heart and home.
28Christina Edral91107The arroyo Seco project would help pave the way for a more sustainable future.
29Alexandra Pedraza90041-3339
30Megan chee90041
31Estefani Vargas90005
32Sudi McCollum91206I support using a living stream in the Arroyo Seco Project.
33Mariaelena Montanez 90066Please keep nature wild.
34Sophie Bronson90046Please commit to a plan to replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin, and protect the natural character of this region.
35Kelly Estabrook91001I would love to see the regeneration of the arroyo seco water system. Please honor a holistic plan! Work with nature not against it!
37Jesse Lujan92843
38Michele Forrest91001
40Nicole Gavaldon91755
41Sean Beck90245
42Francisco Anguiano 91016Please do not discontinue the plan to restore and rehab the park. It is extremely important to us locally to have this space
43Diana Barraza90032
44Laila Tamburini91001I'm tired of these short-sighted plans by governing forces that are incapable of truly understanding the long-term detriment they have on the environment. City of Pasadena, the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project is SHORT SIGHTED. Please look past the immediacy of water relief because the reality is the future of this basin, with the project in place, will damage the ecosystem here by depleting the groundwater basin and it's storage capacity as well as any hope of restoring it back to it's natural state if it is put in place. You are STEALING water from the future. You are STEALING water and destroying precious habitat with this plan.
45Judith91402Please help us not only restore but improve our land. CA continues to face droughts and we cannot afford to keep making the same mistakes moving forward.
46Brian Dominguez91104The best way to heal the basin is to let the river flow. Use the living stream to capture storm flows instead of settling ponds. Ensure a healthy environment for fish and wildlife during the dry season and commit to a plan that stabilizes and and replenishes the Raymond groundwater basin. Stand for the environment, don't bulldoze it.
47Renee Tabizon 91801
1169Donna Sider91106This is one of the best aspects of living here.
49David Newsom90041More sound, more biodiversity-minded plans exist to execute the needs of this project. Let's not squander a vital group of ecosystems located in a rare and embattled gem of a region. You are on the front lines of this Biodiversity Hotspot- one of 35 in the world. Please lead the way in protecting it.
50Dana Griffis91001
51Veronica Tashakor91010Let the river flow!!!
52Elise Sagaspe91104Please protect the natural character of our region!
53nicolas snyder91104
54Sophia Alfano90028
55Catleya Sherbow91364
57Ernesto anguiano93906We urge the City of Pasadena to protect the natural character of our region's greatest environmental treasure by: using a living stream to capture storm flows and protect precious habitat; ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season; and committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin.
58Darren Williams 90014
59Eve Kessler91001Please don't destroy our beautiful natural land.
60Lydia Ho91775Please protect the habit that already currently live at the space. Humans have done enough imbalances to nature and we should stop these unnecessary projects that only benefits a few.
62Stefani Greenwood91024100% support the three protective measures listed above.
63Joel Hernandez 90003No more lost species.
64Elizabeth Denny91030
65Michelle Ramirez 91104
66Aixa Daza91001This is a beautiful natural place for all of us to enjoy, please treat as what it is. Thanks
67Agnes 91307
68Cade Stewart91791The same ground water we have been drawing from for generations that the city of pasedena now believes must be replenished by ineffective spreading basins, had been put there and can be put there by the natural processes of a watershed. Not to mention that watershed percolation of groundwater allows for the removal of toxins as they bioaccumulate in plants, something spreading grounds lack entirely. Beyond effectiveness at recharging ground water, watershed habitat is increasingly rare because of projects like this, that seek to unsustainably support California's ballooning population size. What will we do when another 10 million live in Pasedena? What will we you do when there is no more watershed to replace with spreading grounds? Our world isn't a sandbox of infinite resources to draw from, and this region is an arid one that gets its water from no more than a months worth of rain events, everything was designed to sustain for the rest of the year without water, and yet we draw more than we get from the sky year to year. Work on how to manage resources more like what has been adapted to live here for the past 15,000 years. We're not the only species that deserves water, killing everything to our needs is among the most arrogant and unsustainable course of action this government has been engaged in since it's inception in California
69Sara Gernsbacher91123This place has been so special to me since I'm a little girl. For 30 yrs I have seen this beautiful lush land become a dirt dessert. This place used to have beautiful herbs, fruits and native plants. I remember having passion fruit there. This is place needs to be protected since it has been abused for far too long
70Lisa Vernon91103
71Matthew Kaplan91103
72Laura Ruiz33175
73Marleen Jett 90032This place has been so special to me since I was a little girl. For 30yrs I have seen this beautiful lush land become a dirt dessert. This place used to have beautiful herbs, fruits and native plants. I remember having passion fruit there. This is place needs to be protected since it has been abused for far too long.
79Johana Moran 90032Do not put more strain on the precious few natural resources we have left in this County with your shortsighted and misguided plan. Rather look to to long term restoration and preservation of wild lands for our kids and their kids to enjoy and for native wildlife and plants to thrive.
80Fi Campbell91030
81Beatriz Ortiz90706
82Emma Sargeant91106
83Ernesto Vazquez90032Protect native plants and their natural habitat!
84Hannah Cox93950
85Bridget Marrin90031Please let the river flow!!
86leesa martling90039I support the restoration and conservation of the arroyo seco canyon.
87Paloma Avila91001
88Jennifer Pomes91355
89Amanda Leon92880The restoration of the area in a more natural fashion seems like the most beneficial route to take. Please no more ugly pits.
90Joe Bongiovanni 90068
91Sarah Butler94539I support the efforts to stabilize and replenish the natural environment of this basin.
92Karen Zimmerman91042Despite probable good intentions, this project is doing more harm than good. Please consider the original restoration project for this area! Protect the integrity of the Arroyo!
93Rosie Pinedo 91770
94Tyler Roberts 91764
95Leigh Marks90031
96Christina dial91107
97Susie Vazquez 92404Instead of destroying this area with useless developments, please act like you have a brain and restore the natual landscape. I'm sick of corporate greed!
98Rachel Rambaldi 91364
99Mariana Carrola92092
100Cheri91001Wildlife is essential to all life. Listen to those who are actual experts on wildlife, and know the detrimental effects this plan will have. Please protect the Hahamonga and Raymond Basin.
101Joel Ferree 91104
102Lidia Carlton 91104Everything above!
103Angela Child 91006
104Niko Rodier91604Communities over developments! Water for the people!
105Stacie meyer 90065
106Diego Tomas Zavala 91030This park deserves to be sustainably adjusted to suit the needs of the city as well as the park itself. Please approve a better plan that accomplishes this goal.
107Ryan Beck91104Pasadena should be focusing on conservation and restoration.
108Laura Croyt90065
109Gina Jelinski91040Protect Hahamongna! Your decision will affect the ecology of our future-please protect our wildlife + water resources!
110Grace Knuth91105
111Theresa Sterner90031
112Sofia Arreguin91405
113Jessica Vaca 91205Save Arroyo Secos plant life treasures
114Caleb Lyons90026Hahamongna forever.
115Henry Latane 97304
116Joe Laskin91423Save Hahamongna!
117Naomi Guevara 91030
118Lisa Opsal90042Please preserve places like this for restoration and sacred places for wildlife to preserve the character of LA/Pasadena as a place where one can live in amongst green spaces instead of urban sprawl as we can't get these green spaces back when they are gone. As a gardener I know that nothing of value will thrive here and it will be a breeding ground for weeds which will propitiate their invasive seeds throughout the area and beyond. I also have a hillside development that city planning has allowed where I live just at the border of Pasadena, Highland Park and Eagle rock. Developers are voraciously buying up the remaining bits of hillside and stripping the city of its remaining bits of green with luxury housing instead of creating affordable housing. Projects like this further reduce habitats for the species that depend on this disappearing landscape. I urge restoration be considered with an alternative method to expanding and creating more basins.
119Frances Aquino90250Let the river flow! Preserve it. Don't touch it!
121Graham Goldich91214We must do everything we can to restore ecological services and habitat to our precious water wats.
122Tracey Awad90039Please protect the Hahamongna watershed by using a living stream to capture storm flows and protect precious habitat; ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season; and committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin.
123Alex Lopez91401
124Carlos Vega90065
125Heidi J Foubare91502
126Hadley Hendon90026
127Petrea Burchard Sandel91104Why would Pasadena go to great trouble and expense to literally damage our natural water supply at this unprecedented time, when it's clear that further destruction of our natural environment is killing us? Let's look at the science, not the money, because in the end, following the money will cost us everything.
128Ross Hirsch90065I support urging the City of Pasadena to protect the the habitat, wildlife and water resources in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco by: 1. using a living stream to capture storm flows and protect precious habitat; 2. ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season; and 3. committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin.
129Timothy Callahan91001
130Ann Lupo90031
131Gia Menchaca 91768
132Arnold Siegel91103
133Linley Green91101Hahamongna Watershed Park is one of my favorite places in Pasadena. When I moved here last year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this beautiful ecosystem became my much needed respite. We should be doing all that we can to preserve the natural habitat areas of the Arroyo Seco and preserve the Arroyo itself as a living stream. Creating more ecologically barren spreading basins is the opposite of what we should be doing!
134Dianne Patrizzi91016Please follow the science of water conservation and let the river and aquifers restore themselves.
135Lyneius Barber91011
136Alana Bradley90031I grew up enjoying the beauty of Pasadena, and continue to do so as an adult. Use sustainable methods to keep our wildlife alive and replenish our river. Look beyond the next 25 years, I promise your kids and grandchildren need to enjoy this place too.
137Sarajo Frieden90027Protecting essential habitat is important for all of the south land's ecosystems. Replenishing groundwater and providing water flow for birds and insects and all the wildlife that is interconnected with this environment.
138noelle Toal91201Please allow this natural habitat to survive and thrive
140Lucia90605Water is life
141John Kvammen 91105Return the arroyo to it's natural state!!!!!
142Dianne Patrizzi91016Please follow the science of water conservation and let the river and aquifers restore themselves.
143P Keusch90042
144Bonnie Hedrick91101We ride our horses in the arroyo and marveled at the variety of habitat and the animals, fish, and birds it supports. The sediment removal has scarred the landscape and taken away vital habitat. Please don't make things worse!
145Sharon Lilly90053
146Evan Segota90031
148Melanie Winter91604Expand the Arroyo Seco floodplain instead to realize additional objectives.
149Pamela Voorhees91001
150Jason Norris91106
151kathleen m Johnson90039Please allow one of the last riparian systems left in So. Cal. to function as nature intended! There is a way to both control and plan for flooding, as well as keep the upper arroyo river system in it's natural, seasonal course. Hahamongna Watershed Park and the upper arroyo are a unique regional treasure and their value should be recognized and preserved for the good of the NE communities and future generations. Pasadena city planners have a golden opportunity to pursue a forward thinking ecological approach at this site that could serve as a model for other municipalities, bringing recognition to the City ad the County.
152Julie Taber91001
153Bill Stiefel 91001Please restore this unique ecosystem for wildlife and future generations.
154Sarah Oh91106
155Pamela Samuelson90026
156Neara Russell90042As an avid visitor to and neighbor of the Arroyo, I support this action and urge you to care for the conservation of our beautiful watershed.
157Eduardo Castillo90042
158Eric Flanagan91106
159Lorna Brosio91024
160Jamie Scott91105-1608We live near the Arroyo Seco, south, and visit several times a week. We would like to see this important environment returned to its original insofar as possible. Please support this effort!!
161Sheila Brock91001
162Sara Bible90041Let our government decisions for land use be guided by environmental experts, not the interests of the 1% or corporations. Thank you
163Sebastian Clough90265A living stream approach that would maximize environmental benefits and groundwater replenishment should be implemented rather than inefficient spreading basins.
164Joan Renee Stark91208Let's do all we can to bring nature back.
165michele zack91001Why do a project that makes things worse? Let's learn from experience!
166Darienne Hetherman91001The Arroyo Seco must be protected and maintained as a living stream for the health of wildlife and humans.
167Cate River91103We need to protect the ground water to ensure thriving health for our future vs near-sighted, ignorant (or ill intentioned) use of funds to fulfill and fuel the agenda and pockets of nefarious players: 1) using a living stream to capture storm flows and protect precious habitat; 2) ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season; and 3) committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin.
168Bryan Cueva91103
169Steph Garzoli90026Please protect the natural habitat. Preserving natural wildlife and ecosystems is vital to maintaining healthy surroundings.
170Loie VanDenBergh91106
1170Juliet Kurth91773In our quest to improve we have to be sure we dont destroy what is already working.
179Marc Dubeau91011
180Carol Soucek King91105Our Arroyo has suffered from the diminished water -- for so long we all thought it was the lack of rain. For this other project to continue to damage the nature and wildlife in this treasured part of our community is unacceptable -- and many aspects, as al this time goes on, all the more irreversible
181Marcy Harbut 91001
182JAMES WHITE91103As proposed, the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project is shortsighted and irresponsible. I urge the city to protect our environmental resources in the limited window we have left to act.
183Anabelle Dilley-Cleare91106
184Jen Tokash90022
185Jordan Chiang91107
186Denise Desmuke-Holt91001
187Gail Butensky90042
188Meredith Gibbs95665
189Chelsea Joubert91101
190sybil gray91105
191michael marchese91106
192Christina Wallerstein91105
193Genette Foster91106
194Al Cullen91107The City does not practice conserving water nor have they purchased surplus water in the recent past to charge the basins. They only think REVENUE and nothing for conservation nor what is good for the citizens of Pasadena both short and long term.
195Karen Thordarson90275We need to capture rain water in natural system that protects biodiversity as well as replenishing the aquifer. Mother Nature knows best!
196Jessica Ferree 91104
197Bela90032I want to voice my support for conserving water in this valuable, unique habitat. I grew up in the area and preserving our native Arroyo habitats is incredibly important to people as well as wildlife.
198Cecilia Sweet-Coll91106Please protect the Arroyo Seco!!
199Richard Luczyski91104We have tried the method now over many years and it has shown signs of working but our rainfall is becoming less and not reliable to recharge the Raymond Basin water supply. Maybe if we stop building more places for people to live and work, until a better more reliable water source is in place we will have enough water to serve all the needs we already have. Just rearranging the Arroyo Seco Canyon won't provide the answer. Maybe the city needs to work on desalinization plan, using the ocean for clean water and continue to ruin the Pasadena quality of live we are losing.
200Annemarie Munn90041I support the restoration of the entire watershed; the destruction of LA County's rivers can and must be undone. Heal the Basin!
201molly williams90065Mother nature is crying and not letting her healing tears flow freely to replenish the destruction humans have done and are doing to this beautiful world...she can only take so much abuse and we are at a tipping point ...we can't piss her off anymore if we want to have a future with her!
202Thomas Harding91001Allowing water to flow is not only natural, it is more cost effective in the long run.
203Martine Culty91105Please stop the destruction and let the Arroyo Seco be a stream again
204Jozefina 91214
205Jenny rad91105
207Marietta Kruells91001I have lived at the Arroyo's edge for nearly 40 years. I have depended on the water through Lincoln Ave. Water. I have enjoyed the beautiful vistas. I have walked, biked (on pavement) and ridden my horses throughout the area and loved and appreciated the natural beauty of it all; all, except, the settlement areas. When they rarely have water, they are entertaining; but, that is where it ends. These settlement basins are a poor, if not, negative attempt to give the water purveyors a tiny bit of pumping credit. It is a very disingenuous system that relies only on metering the ponded water. The very next year it allows a percentage of that water to be pumped out with everyone knowing that it takes at least 5 years for percolated water to reach the aquifer. This system only creates additional over pumping of an already stressed, water depleted, over drafted basin which is the top of the food chain that creates the Raymond Basin. Modern science has alternatives! Pasadena probably has government grants and they want the money. Pasadena can choose to be greedy at the expense of the basin. The real travesty here is that the Raymond Basin Water Master sits at offices in Azusa and refuses to act and make decisions to protect this valuable resource that generates the very water that we drink! We must demand that the Water Master act in the best interest of the basin which is his job. The metering on the basin is simple and wrong. It creates greater environmental damage caused by evaporation, vegetation disturbance, poor percolation, visual degradation and I could go on and on. Pasadena is a hotbed of scientific knowledge with Cal Tech, JPL and NASA all with a foothold on this very site. Surely, we can AND must do better.
208Scott Nelson91024There are so few wild places left for people and nature along the foothills. Let's rebuild and protect this one. A restored natural riparian habitat will be so much more effective and enjoyable than lifeless spreading basins.
210Jonathan Rau91040
211David Gernsbacher90046The Water System and Resource Plan will irrevocably damage the unique habitat that is Hahamongna. You must - for the benefit of our native wildlife, people and our future - heed the advice of the Arroyo Seco Foundation and implement their environmentally sensitive plan that will benefit both the water supply and the habitat. Thank you.
212Shea Millan92596Protect the natural character of the Arroyo Seco Canyon!
213Holly Rittenhouse90042
214Jessica Wray93065
215Lon Ross91601
216Kaitlyn Darby90065
217Sheila Brock91001
218Jen Lee90042
219Liz Amsden90042This is an area slated for revitalization - how does this project benefit our environment?
220Michael Chavez91767Please reconsider moving forward with the proposal and please seriously think about alternative developments with the input of native California experts. They know our land and surely we all want the best for the land of California.
221Benjamin Russin90065It's outrageous that the city would take land allotted for the conservation of precious ecosystems and use it to develop basins that have proven ineffective at storing and capturing water. Please do what is right and let the land be restored by conservative professionals.
222Adriana 90650
224Lawrence Scanniello90026
225Reed Whisler91505
226Arianne few 90039
227Meghan Urisko90012I live at the intersection of the LA River and Arroyo Secco. It is important to support the return of both of these rivers to nature and rebuild the native ecosystems of Los Angeles. With climate change on the rise, we must restore and grown the habitats that survive and thrive naturally. Man's intervention with these environments has created the mess we are in today. Do your part to save and protect native Los Angeles.
230Courtney Cotter92705
231Alfredo Justo90031The proposed plan is short sighted; a hasty hail mary that is doomed to fail, and leave us in a worse position than we began with.
232Francesca Jimenez91106At a critical point in our coexistence with the natural features and lands we occupy, it is essential to create long-term solutions and plans that honor the natural habitats and biodiversity for environmental sustainability, not depletion. Please support and or collaborate with groups such as the Arroyo Seco Foundation in these efforts.
233Beatriz R Salazar90032Protect what is meant to be!
234hana mitsu95161im generally not opposed to development on land, but the development suggested really seems reckless !! please restore the land for the sake of literally so much; it could be beautiful again and it definitely be better :)
235Jane Lee32821
236Lauryn Ball28303
237Lisa Giaffo91104Let's take regenerative steps forward.
238Tamara K Coffin90042
239Crystal Newcomer 90042
240Pejman Shojaei 90065
241Colin Ward90065Grew up riding my bike through the basin to the trails above. Sad to see it empties of its life and character. Let the River be a River!
242Fabiana Perez 77418
244Kari Stewart91104Please preserve our natural resources!
246Ava Jancar91001
247Jacqueline Li91030Protect the land and native habitat
248Ilana kozlov 90036
249Tasha Anderson90026
250Lauren Zaren91011
251Sara Watkins-Cooper90032The Arroyo Secco his a place precious to my family and so many other is our community. This project will further damage the shrinking amount of nature and natural habitat available to Angelenos. Please do not pass this!
252Pat Wyatt91031Please do not proceed with the guidelines of Pasadena's 25-year water plan - it would decimate the vitally important habitat that is Hahamongna. Please instead do the right thing, and heed the advice of the Arroyo Seco's Foundation's plan, which would be a win both for the environment and for long term water stability.
253Francine Banda90280
254Ernesto Quintero90042
255T.J. River91103
256Ellen Worley 91010
257Ellen Worley 91010
259Jeanette Garcia91104Pa
260Catlin Meininger91001Now more than ever, it is important to restore and preserve our local green spaces; the Arroyo Seco is a central landmark of Pasadena and Altadena, and it's historic beauty should be protected for future generations.
261Jason91106Save our natural habitats.
262Jamie Scott91105-1608
263Fred Raimondi91107
265Patricia Han91001
266Carol Church91107using a living stream to capture storm flows and protect precious habitat; ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season; and committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin.
267Hannah91101Heal the basin
269Virginia O91001
270Christine Kreger91105The Arroyo Seco park and surrounding areas are unbelievably special and we need to do anything we can do to preserve them. They're what makes our city so special.
271Wilfredo Tuzon91103Let it be
272Roark Zander Perera-Hand91011I stand in solidarity with those who oppose the development of the arroyo seco project in addition, I add that it is necessary to preserve what is left of Pasadena's delicate eco-system due to the increased amount of urban development that is occurring.
273Collette Lash91355
274Kelley Trapp90047We need to preserve the natural habitats of so many precious native species!!
275Preston Melbourneweaver90013
276Octavio Sanchez90660Our precious earth and California environment is already in a pickle. Why cause another ripple in these sensitive times. Please protect this sacred land for which has suffered enough.Tongva LAnd
277Paloma Orozco Scott90027
278Adry Furchtgott 91103Please stop with this failed & destructive eyesore of a plan and instead use the live stream approach. In the last 9+ months since covid struck I've made biweekly walls up the arroyo trails to devils gate dam for my physical and mental health. I can tell you, there's nothing better that the rare days after rain when we get after running through the creek for days after. With just one day of rain 2 weeks ago the creek is still flowing & the critters are out in droves. We ought to not just keep it this way but further restore and repair the area to its natural state & follow these suggestions from the Arroyo Seco Foundation. Please listen to the experts on these matters. The lack of half-assed action on the previous native plant tree removal plan that went before council was already an utter disappointment I'm urging you to please do right by this water plan.
279Jessica 90041
280Miranda Geller97213
281Kyle LaBrecque 91001
282Jacqueline Arevalo91106
283Samantha Avitia90033
285Isabel Galupo90038Protect the land, it is sacred!
286Jessica Druxman90035
287Nicole Karvelas91030The native ecosystem is critically important and any proposals to disrupt it come from a place of misinformation, profit-based ideals, and disregard for everything the ecosystem supports (including humans!!!)
288Heidi91105The benefits of a living stream go beyond direct ecological benefits! Think of the kids who will learn to love nature and fresh water environments - creating a new generation of people to care for this sacred Earth we call home! Please be a part of the solution!
289emilie vieweg90275protect biodiversity by protecting our land!
290Anna91601The way forward is to protect natural habitats
291Edward Gonzales91020I believe Pasadena can make the right choice to protect the vital ecology of the Arroyo Seco by providing a living stream while also replenishing ground water. In the case where there are competing priorities, where one side noticeably outweighs the other, we should always choose the option that benefits preservation of our increasingly scant natural resources, and it doesn't necessarily have to be at the complete cost to other needs. As humans I think we have enough experience (and ingenuity!)now to know that "kicking the can down the road" (or in this case, also downstream) rarely makes things better for everyone in the long run. Let's look for a win-win!
292Michael A. Holguin91010We need to not only protect Hahamongna sacred natural environment and river basin, we must also have increased funding for the area guaranteed for years to come. Or new laws to prevent future developments from impacting the protected region.
293Atticus Lee91020I support a living stream in the arroyo.
294Claire Evans90042
295Emily Bernstein 90065Maintaining the natural bounty of the Arroyo Seco will ensure health and prosperity for the next generations of Pasadena humanity and wildlife.
296Julia Granstrom91206I think it's going to be cheaper in the long run for Pasadena to work with the natural climate we are in instead of against it.
297jazmn 90042I support the preservation and stabilization of the Raymond Groundwater Basin!
298Corinne Zachry90042
299Mary Dobson90032Let the arroyo seco flow to help heal our local environment.
301Brateel Vardeh91101I am bitter about the natural beauty and healthy environment that has been destroyed by past generations. This generation is bearing the weight of their past hazardous choices. More than ever before, we are becoming cancerous and depressed. We lack safe, clean, and unpolluted habitats. Beautifying the arroyo seco is owed to us by the same people who destroyed it. We ask the city of Pasadena to pull their destructive hands off this land and let the arroyo seco foundation restore it to what it once was.
302Dan Leahy91001Let's commit to doing the right thing!
303Samantha Smith90042Protect our native plants and wildlife!
304Lauren Hamlett91106
305Jos Charles90802
306Nancy Wall90041I support!
307Olivia Miethke 92081No more spreading basins in these precious lands.
308Michelle Estrada91744Please protect Arroyo Seco! This is indigenous lands ✊🏽
309Ashley Estabrook91001
310Elyse Borst 90302
311Brendan Coates90029Hi there, I think the Water System and Resources Plan will have a detrimental impact on this fragile ecosystem. We need to ensure adequate access to water for out other-than-human kin who live there. Maybe you all could encourage the humans living nearby quit with the mowed grass lawns.
312Mark Roeder90042Let the Arroyo restore to its natural form. The watershed will protect us and protect our non-human neighbors.
313Dominic Sadeghi90039Protect the Hahamonga Watershed!
314Parker Davis90042I grew up in Pasadena, attended local schools, and spent much of my free time exploring the basins and canyons of the Arroyo Seco and Hahamongna Watershed Park. As I've lived in the area over 37 years, my appreciation for the natural beauty of the Arroyo, the healing qualities of its forests, streams and chaparral has only grown. The richness of the Arroyo Seco's biodiversity are among our regions greatest ecological treasures. PWPs ASCP as it is currently proposed would be severely detrimental to these very precious assets. The poorly-executed EIR fails to accurately account for the coming effects of climate change. It is premised on assumptions regarding the functionality of the spreading basins, a theory for which there is little evidence to support. Rather than sacrifice more precious habitat for weedy pits that likely do little to replenish groundwater, we should invest in a plan that prioritizes a natural, sustainable approach. Let's stop lying to ourselves about what the future looks like for future generations, own up to the mistakes we've made, and get real! Pasadena deserves better!
317Stephanie Pasco90031Enough is Enough. We need a better future with our natural habitats intact. We can do better as a community. Together.
318Hazel Casquino90241Protecting and preserving the existing wildlife and environment will benefit the health of the community. In the vulnerable state that we have entered into this past year, the community is in need to preserve as much environment we currently have to keep the quality of environment and communities.
319Lauren Augarten 90068
323Dana Han90039
324Jennifer Lessnau 90026We are lucky to have this diverse and beautiful environment. Let it flourish!
325Kiersten Friesen90035We need to be more conscious and take a pro-active approach towards restoring water to the groundwater basin while still protecting the local wildlife.
326Alejandro Lemus90047I support the protection of the Arroyo Seco's natural habitats!
327Nicolas Reyes91106
329Kendall Odermatt91103
330Jacqueline Loera91103
331Sarah Wright91001Guys. Come on. Let the land thrive.
1171Andrew Pogany91505What happens to the Arroyo Seco waterways affect all of us. Put nature first, honor the land and water...
334Amy Ma90503
335Maiken 91205
336Garland Bush91030
337Samuel Ridge90036
338Christina Carter90026
339Cynthia Ratsabouth 90046Protect our wildlife!
340Cynthia Ratsabouth 90046Protect our wildlife!
341Andrew Cosbie90291Let the river flow!
342James Chanes 90291Heal the Basin!
343Myilan Hung91101Preserve the habitat, wild life and water resources in hahamonga!
344Robert Mathieu 91101Save our wild life and and natural habitat in the arroyo Sexo and Hahamonga!
345Nia Freshman 91103
346Siobain Courtney91104
347Said Fayad91001Let the river flow.
348Wes Olson90041No to the ASCP!! Let nature be
350Zach Smith90405
351Samantha Hardenburgh91001Please protect and restore this vital ecosystem!
352Kristin Korven 90046
353Roya Yasharpour Heal the basin! Please
354Katherine Montgomery90042Preserve this wild space.
355Zulema Z90037
356Todd Parker90026
357Emmanuel Argueta90032Please reconsider water plans and preserve this natural habitat. These elements keep Pasadena unique not only for its residents but to this neighboring.
358Alan Wayne91103Please preserve one of the most important and beautiful open spaces we have in Greater Los Angeles and not building out ineffective water capture in the name of sustainability. Sustainability is sustaining that which has been here for ages and use a living stream to capture storm flows instead.
359Amy Parsons 90026
360Matthew Geldin91103I lived in Pasadena for 7 years and my mom was raised there. Please protect our watershed to ensure the long term health of our unique natural features that are the foundation of what makes Pasadena so beautiful.
361Mariann Reardon91104
362Rasheedah Farr91103
363Andrea Gross91607The area saved by environmental rehabilitation efforts throughout LA are some of our favorite places to spend time together as a family. Let this space heal and restore itself!
364Julissa Esparza91010The earth is not here for the sole reason of our benefit.
365Amanda Charney 90027
366Sara brown90042
367Amy white90042We need to keep our wildlife habitats alive!
368Tannur levy90026
370Matthew Burrows91001
371Hannah Melde 90012
372Crystal Fawn90068
373Angela Mukherjee 91101Let's protect our natural resources so that future generations can enjoy them.
375Holly Mendenhall91109
376Leilani Gobaleza92117
377Laura Burris90012I am signing this petition in avid agreement and support for the protection of the water resources in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco. Please be wise and choose a plan that will sustain the natural resources provided by the land.
378Francesco Agostino91204
379Amanda91214I love the river, don't let PWP ruin it for financial profit!!!
380Nora90033Please protect Hahamonga and the Raymond basin. Listen to Mother Earth, not capitalism.
381Jane Lee94596
382Rasheedah Farr91103
383Theresa Bierek90291Please do not move forward with this flood management plan! It will have a negative impact on the local environment!
806Duncan Sinclair91104We need to protect our local environment and groundwater supply from irreversible damage. It's what makes Pasadena special, and we could lose it forever.
386Dorota Borkowska-Lomeli 90042
387Tyler Peters90026Protect. stove habitats!
388Myles91028This is one the region's most important environmental areas and as such needs to be preserved and protected at all costs.
389CHAD e JOHNSTON90039Can’t we do something right here, that isn’t just for profit?
391Ashley Laidlaw91208
392Autumn Beck91030STABILIZE & REPLENISH
393Andrew Olson90046Please keep nature wild!!
394Kristen 90026
395Katy Hewitt91107
396Sarah Glass97404
397Caitlin atkinson95076Let the river flow!
398Fidel Izarraras91766
399Sofia Lacin 90039Please protect and preserve the little environment we have left for the health of our ecosystem! Thank you
400Hunter Knight90065
401Taylor 9101I walk here almost daily to enjoy the beautiful and unique landscape. From the plants to watching the animals, there is so much biodiversity that needs to be saved. Don't ruin it anymore, Pasadena!
1172darrell banta91105
404Andrew Fiedler90036
405Tina Rowe91106
406Guadalupe Figueroa 91780
409Lauren Tom91030Let the river flow! Let's work with nature instead of decimating it.
410Marcus Darling 90026Stop it! For the children!
411Erin Wright90046Let the water flow!
414Sarah Roethke90027We cannot continue to risk the well being of the native habitat, wildlife, and water resources in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco. Please listen to the guidance of native people and environmentalists on this plan, we cannot risk the destruction of the land.
415Neive Tierney90039Please protect the basin!
416Magen Eller90065
417Adrian Tenney90031I walk here almost daily to enjoy the beautiful and unique landscape. From the plants to watching the animals, there is so much biodiversity that needs to be saved. Don't ruin it anymore, Pasadena!
418Chris Burke 91406
419Rebecca Abraham90027
420Ana Cervantes 91722Giving my full support to restore the hahamonga arroyo
421Antonia Pinter 90032Protect the arroyo seco! Don't be stupid
422Sasha Plotnikova90042
423Jessica Lim90042
1173David Yamaoka91104I support finding ways to avoid diverting water from the Arroyo Seco and finding ways to protect the stream as a natural water course.
425Ian H90065
426Blake Landis 90045Please heal the basin!
427Apolonia Iezza91104Residents of Pasadena do not want any disruption of wildlife and land to take place at Arroyo Secco.
428Adam Johnston90065We don't live in Pasadena but benefit greatly from Hahamongna and the Arroyo, and hope any future resource plans preserve the natural character of the basin
429Amy Bernstein90065This city's populace deserves to be part of a living, sustainable eco and social system. Part of that is restoring this river's habitat. It is one step in the right direction.
430Alexander Smith91103There is little to no upside in proceeding with this plan
431Josephina King91001Please leave the natural habitat alone! No more capitalistic crimes against the environment
433Karen Perez91106
434Kara Holekamp90065
435Anne McCormack91106
436Marina Diaz91101I am completely against this. Leave the park alone. So may Pasadena residents and neighboring residents enjoy it. I am against this.
437Tyler morris90230
438Mary Ferguson 91001We cannot afford any more habitat loss and destruction to the beautiful Arroyo Seco.
439Lisa Kirchner90007
440Sara Bristow 96002I fully support your mission! Thank you for making a difference
441Michelle Matthews91101
443Barbara Phillips91107Protect our environment by making good choices.
444Richard Luczyski91104Why do we continue to hide our water problems with engineering solutions that always come up short and only create a short term fix? We seem to keep developing the city faster and faster for no real advantage but for greater density, back room deals and a lesser quality of live for everyone. We are asked to cut back on our water use and each time we do our water rates go up. The cause as I see it, is continued growth and the hope that it will rain more here in the desert and water will fill our ground water basin and we will just continue to have a ever lasting water supply. We need to think about the other water users that don't vote. Tree's, fish and wildlife share this basin. Do we consider their needs with just mentioning the names and then do nothing with our planning except to say those are just things that are unavoidable situations and maybe we'll try harder to save them next time. If we plan to be around another 135 years as a city called Pasadena, doubling our population what kind of life will those people have?
445Erin Berkowitz91001
446Lauren Siegel91103Ever since I was a camper at Tom Sawyer this horrible fight of keeping the last natural watershed without destruction in Pasadena. How is it not obvious to protect this watershed? It's crazy this is even an issue. I urge city of Pasadena to keep the natural watershed. Lauren Siegel
447Shannon Harvey91206Keep it natural!!
448Ryan liddy91105
449LAURIE ANDERSON91103I live two blocks away from the Arroyo Seco and have hiked in it for over 30 years. The Arroyo Seco is a cherished and precious place for me and many others, especially during the current Covid Health Crisis. I strongly urge you to protect this habitat and strongly oppose the Arroyo Seco Canyon project.
450Euan Shand91105Allow the Arroyo to return to what it was before the intervention of commercial water companies.
451Keely Luna91105This is an area I have cherished my whole life and wish for future generations to enjoy too. This misguided effort by the city will only contribute to the destruction of this rare and beautiful place.
452Bryce Luna91105
453Irene Manning91001We have a responsibility to use our resources wisely, and to protect our natural habitat and its inhabitants because they cannot do it themselves.
454Derek Stevenson91104
455Suzanna Wood91352We need to support biodiversity everywhere but especially in the Urban Wildlife Intersection.
457Diana Bucio91103The residents of Pasadena deserve the truth. If water collection basins come at the cost of our fleeting ecosystem, we want no part of them. I remember as a child exploring the streams and rivers of Eaton Canyon. Now as an adult, all I have to remember them are barren stream beds, and a garish private swim club. Don't let that happen again. When it comes to our home, less is more. Protect and rehabilitate.
458Erika Catanese91024It is essential for all residents that our ecosystems function in the way they have evolved. The Los Angeles Basin was once covered in wetlands that supported our hydrological cycle. As they were removed and covered in city scapes and our rivers cemented for faster flow, we lost the capacity to recharge. This has resulted in the destruction of our local water reserves. The RESTORATION OF OUR RIVERS IS ESSENTIAL, rather than more destruction through the use of artificial settling ponds. Our lives in Los Angeles depend on this. Please use SCIENCE to drive the motion for securing the Raymon Groundwater Basin.
459Alan Simpson91101
460Gabe Flores 90042
462William Ferry91106
463Sarah Safaie90029This is so important for our long term future. Please take action.
464David Melford91031I support ASF keep the profit bearing PWP out of the Arroyo
465Robin Snyder91104I believe the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project and Pasadena's 25-year Water Plan, the Water System and Resources Plan, will have detrimental impacts on the habitat, wildlife and water resources in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco. I urge the City of Pasadena to protect the natural character of our region's greatest environmental treasure by: using a living stream to capture storm flows and protect precious habitat; ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season; and committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin.
466Ara Katz90047When we're facing such catastrophic climate change, every action we can take to protect wildlife and water resources is essential. Please do the right thing!
467Tiana Cornelius90042
470Jay Hollis 91107
471James Maund91104Stop the greed and let the water flow
472John Richards 91103
473Marisol Martnez 91001
475Kathleen Barrett91105I do not support the proposed plan. I believe it will be detrimental to the environment.
476Ann Motrunich 91106
477Vanessa Barrett 91105
478Sang kim91106Protect the basin!
480Mary Molnar91103
481Linda Chan91103Agains it !
482Isaac Cabe91106Please don't ruin the Arroyo Seco like this!
483Aria Maniskas91103
484Andre Harrison91104I support the Let the river flow to heal the basin efforts.
485Heather Ostlund 91030I support keeping the Arroyo Seco as a natural stream. This is a treasured area to the wildlife that lives there and for the people of Pasadena.
486Ken Kules91107The Raymond Groundwater Basin is an "invisible" but extremely valuable resource that helps support Pasadena's vibrant community and economy. That invisibility masks the fact that much needs to be done to arrest the persistent decline of the groundwater table. The public is being told that the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project will help to do that, but the reality is that it will combine with the effects of climate change to accelerate the decline of the groundwater levels.
487Eileen Carter 91105It's jus the right thing to do for Mother Earth!🥰🕊🌹🌿🦅🐸🦆🍄🙏🏾🙌🏾🌏
488Sophia Flood90033
489Jason Rubinstein90029
490Jorge Villanueva90001Please let the river flow.
491Priyanka Wolan9027
492jen kennedy91504
493Tiffany Tomaszewski91106This is a no-brainer. Support our native habitat!
494Maral Mahmoudi91011
495Sharon Victoria91340
496Martha Lees91024
497Bill Janson90039
498Nicholas Fahey91001I live right above the gross water ponds. I would really appreciate it if you would not turn my backyard into a mosquito zone. And please do not destroy the edge of the San Gabriel mountains National park. If you let the river flow you will create an amazing Instagram able moment that will help raise Pasadena's profile. Also it might take some of the pressure and over use off of Eaton canyon. Anyway. Point is. I live closer than anyone to this environment. And I want this river to flow.
499Raymond Bush91107I stand in support of protecting the ground water of these most valuable and important resources.
500Laura91803Please protect and replenish the Raymond groundwater basin
501Maggie widdoes 90036Hello, I’d like to support all motions to protect this land.
502Brenda Contreras90032I oppose the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project
503megan auy91209
504Adriana Wilbur91101
505javier rodriguez90065
506Chistine Jimenez91776Water is life!!! So important to protect our water!!
507Lauren Mahaffie90065
508Janet Nilsson90027
509Resham gellatly We urge the City of Pasadena to protect the natural character of our region's greatest environmental treasure by: using a living stream to capture storm flows and protect precious habitat; ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season; and committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin.
510Charlotte von Hardenburgh 11201
511Emily Viglietta91001
512Emily Dang90041I oppose the City of Pasadena's current plan for Hahamonga and the Raymond Basin. They need to generate a science based plan that is also sustainable.
513Jamie Catino90018
514Tim Judge91775It would better to use natural processes than man made collection pits.
516Gloria Sanchez90745Protect all species and the delicate ecosystem that thrives in the LA river basin!
517Erica Wrightson90020
518Natalie H. 91001
519Michele Forrest91001
520Andrew Sander91754-2153Let's save and restore the natural environment and wildlife!
521Jacquelyn Hardenburgh11201
522Emily Barlog93002
525Venezia Ramirez
526Eileen 91790
527Laura Baetscher91024
528Mai Lei Robinson 91801
529Tom Erler98146Listen to marginalized voices & programs and not just wealthy neighbors and shareholders. Preserve and expand natural flow and character & allow eco services to return. This is an incredibly unique place in the LA area - please treat it as such.
530Tyler Kubota91202
532Kelsey Reckling90031
534Karla Berglund Hughes91101Let the river flow!
536Ben White91016Please let this project proceed without any interference from the City of Pasadena.
537Ella Andersson90032Please consider ASF's knowledge and experience in stewarding the natural resources of the Arroyo Seco and the implications of your plan for the Raymond Basin.
538Christle Balvin Hintz91106Please keep me informed about actions or hearing that will be upcoming on this issue.
539 Mary OBrien94930
540Marcelo Rodriguez 91405
541Marcelo Rodriguez 91405
542Leo Rostamian 91214Please keeep this park.
1174Annette OBrien91011I am opposed to the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project. This is a time when protecting ground water and what few streams we have left is more important that ever. If more water is diverted it will adversely affect habitats and water conservation. The trees and vegetation near our streams are absolutely necessary for carbon sequestration and climate stabilization. We cannot continue to promote and engage in actions that are harmful to our environment. Have we not learned yet!
550Ujin kim92881Time to heal.
554Sharon Lilly90053
555Rosie Brand90042
1478Shawn Adam Cohen91101
1481Mary Fitzpatrick 91107Replenish groundwater. Naturalize the stream. Environmental health will result.
1482Carie Rael91202
1483Kat Guevara90703
558Wendy Macias91107
559Robin Newquist91105Please Let the River Flow Heal the Basin
560Anya DeSanto91106
561Ann Ervin91105
562Lizanne Fleming90042
563Duncan Sinclair91104
564steve weisberg91107Look at the big picture, not just short term $.
565Brenda Cullen91001
566George Yenoki91016
567ilona linden91024Please act to help preserve our precious habitat. Thank you.
568Beth Brooks91106We need to protect the natural habitat of this region. If we don't, it will be gone forever.
569Eloise Kaeck911032619
571Joe Feinblatt91104
572Sybil Wright90601Stop the steal!!
573cindy Clark-Schnuelle91104Let's please listen and have a dialogue to the members in our community.
574Kristin Roberts91104I would like to see Pasadena require and enforce more water conservation measures -- so often I see broken sprinkler heads spraying water into the street gutter, or lawns being watered right after a rain -- rather than take more resources from our environment and from our future. Please conserve and preserve our precious natural resources.
575Elissa Fultz91104
576karen Pettit merchant-yates90042This area is vital to wildlife and the ecology of the local water system; it is NOT vital that the water flow be managed without regard to the effects on habitats and the surviving plants and animals holding on by a thread. How does the utilities corporation disregard continuous requests for sustainable management, except that the research is imbalanced, or the values of sustainability are not a priority. Hard choices must be made, sacrifices must be made for the sake of sustainability. We can make these sacrifices to our pocket books, and to 'progress' by stepping back. Thank you.
577Barbara Bruning-LaBelle91104I am strongly opposed to the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project. A water conservation plan should be done in a way that protects natural resources. The Arroyo Seco Canyon Project will have a devastating impact on a popular recreation and nature area. In my view, allowing Pasadena Water and Power to divert precious water resources will only accelerate the decline of groundwater levels. It will also have detrimental impacts on the habitat and fish in the Arroyo Seco. I am very concerned this project is being "railroaded" through zoning hearings, without allowing citizens and environmental organizations the chance to be heard. Given the outpouring of public support for protection and restoration of the Arroyo, the City of Pasadena should stop this ill-conceived project in its tracks.
580Margo Koss90042Existing spreading basins are rarely filled, and in fact seldom have any water in them except in exceptionally rainy periods. The lower natural portions of the stream, south of the Rose Bowl, are already damaged by the silt from the work behind the dam, and continued stream flow is essential to ensure the return of wildlife that left when the pond filled with silt.
581David Eder91105I urge the Pasadena Water Department to modify the 25-year Water Plan to ensure it protects and maintains an adequate flow for fish and wildlife during the dry seasons. I also urge the City to undertake more aggressive action to encourage ratepayers and residents to conserve water and reduce consumption. This can be done by significantly by encouraging more PWD ratepayers to convert lawns to more native landscapes. Can PWD and the City partner with nonprofits such as the Theodor Payne Foundation to show property owners how to reduce the water consumption of their landscaping. Pasadena still has too many thirsty, grassy lawns! There is no reason thirsty out-of-place acres of grass should have the water allocation that is needed for the precious habitats of the beautiful Arroyo Seco Canyon! Thank you.
582Kyle Zabala91106
583Jennifer Orsini91104
584Stephanie Gallegos90065
585Samantha Hardenburgh91001Please protect and restore this vital ecosystem!
587Marilynne and Roger Wilander91007Please look at all of the facts and considerations. It should be a crime to remove water from a stream/river that has so little water .......the Arroyo Seco Canyon is healing....PWP should not consider spreading basins over stream flow.
588Guillermina Turner91775Protecting the planet and our environment is necessary for human well-being. If wildlife suffers humans will eventually feel it too, and it won't be far into the future. Please protect the Raymond Groundwater Basin.
589Ken Kvammen91105Preserve the natural water shed. We have finite natural resources in Pasadena and Altadena. Please don't sell out our children's and grandchildren's future.
590Virginia Guzman 92882Nature needs protection always!
591Teresa Salerno91104Please protect it.
592Sara Gress90034What a special place this is... for people, wildlife, and nature. Let's preserve it!
593Leana Aparicio91011
594Summer Lizer91103-1735I feel strongly that Pasadena's first priority as a city should be the preservation and rehabilitation of the Hahamongna and the Raymond Basin. This plan is short-sighted and will be bad for both the city's wildlife and its residents.
595Colleen Dunn Bates91001Please do the right thing for the BIG picture and LONG term.
596Jamie Scott91105-1608
597Caitlin Brown91105Not only do I believe in the conservation of waterways is important for the inherent value of biodiversity, it is also beneficial to us residents. Living systems capture carbon, replenish groundwater and make California more resilient in the face of drought. preserve this waterway, preserve our future.
598Laurie Whalen91105I am disgusted by the PWP plan. Especially, since I suspect that much of the additional need for water is due to the increased order for more housing in Pasadena. We can only grow so much before we devastate the natural environment around us.
599Marc Dubeau91011
600Genette Foster91106
603Hope Creature90065I support the movement to stop Pasadena's 25-year Water Plan and keep the Hahamonga area on track to restore its native habitat. Native habitats will retain more water rather than adding more water basins.
604Joan G Aebi91107
605Mary Cadena
606Mary Cadena90603
607 Robin Newquist91105Our 100 year old Morten Bay Figs are dying because of the water table crisis! Please replenish our ground water.
609Jeff Solomon90065
610Cornelia Minkey91103
611wendy crowley91108
612Sheda Morshed90272Short-sighted planning will only cost our community more down the line. Follow the science!
613Ross S. Heckmann
614Jason Park91006
615Susan Josenhans91108
616Jon Sherman92078
617Keiko Miller90065Albeit simple in appearance, the complexity by which the nature works demands our human sensitivity to help it get back on its own path to renew itself sustainably. Please let the City of Pasadena demonstrate its wisdom by its citizens' humbling to the nature's own way of healing, given some possible sacrifices to be made on human side. We are too close to the tipping point to make further damage to what little left of our last wilderness here. Gratefully yours, Keiko
618Erin Crowley91105
619Vassilios Papadopoulos91105
620Laura Lacy90039Let's protect this land for the generations to come.
621Jennifer wilder 91214
623abigail dotson90042
624Becca 90065
625Michael crowley91106There seems to be a duplication of basins whereas the original basins are not functioning as planned. Additional basins are another government boondoggle...
626Olga Palo91030
627Juliet Ryan-Davis91104Better decisions must be made now, and must be made with conservation in mind - time is running out! Water is a finite resource!
628Keeley Bumford91001
630Amie Jordan90032We need to preserve and restore our lands, not strip them of every last drop for corporate greed.
631Jill Frazee91104
632Randy Shulman91107-5042
633Phil Davis91030Save the Arroyo Seco.
634Vicky Hsu91001
635Emily Goodall91107Combatting climate change can look like one good decision at a time when it comes to local land and water management. Please recognize that this is a chance to make a good decision for a more sustainable future, a chance to do the right thing by rejecting this 25-year Water Systems and Usage Plan.
637Samantha Smith90042
638Daniel Walter90042Turning the arroyo into an industrial site with barren infiltration basins and continued overdraft of the local groundwater is an unsustainable plan that will end with increased maintenance costs, dangerous soil subsidence around the basin that could affect structures, and more difficult choices down the road as global warming reduces available freshwater. Pasadena could achieve the same results that would permanently reduce the water needs of the city at lower cost by pushing for drought tolerant native vegetation in local gardens, incentivizing greywater systems in new and existing construction, and building extensive stormwater infiltration infrastructure throughout streets and other city property to accelerate groundwater replenishment. Decades of research show that Pasadena's approach to groundwater infiltration is outdated and in fact less efficient than allowing as much of the basin as possible to remain vegetated with native flora surrounding a natural water body. The flora's shade reduces temperatures and evaporation in the basin; deep living roots and the attendant soil biota enhance permeability; and living leaves and roots retain moisture later into the dry season, which helps prevent dust that would otherwise occur in barren basins. They also prevent weeds from over taking barren basins, which reduces the maintenance costs and the watershed impact of thirsty nonnative weeds. I strongly urge Pasadena to reconsider its plan and make a more sustainable long term investment in reducing water need, rather than planning to take more.
639Ezequiel Olvera91030I support this cause
641Arnold Siegel91103We need to rethink our water solutions and plan for the future.
642Julie Weingarten 91001
643richard polsby91105
645Allyn L. Valencia91001
646Mary Hayden91105
647D. LeTendre91103I enjoy hiking in Hahamonga with my dog. I would hate to see it go away
648Gina Ross91001Hi There, I live in this community and it has come to my attention that there are some longterm issues that need to be addressed by the city of Pasadena before moving forward with the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project and Pasadena's 25-year Water Plan, the Water System and Resources Plan; they will have detrimental impacts on the habitat, wildlife and water resources in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco. We urge the City of Pasadena to protect the natural character of our region's greatest environmental treasure by: using a living stream to capture storm flows and protect precious habitat; ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season; and committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin. This needs to be a larger conversation wherein local people and experts in these fields may express their ideas and concerns. Pasadena is our home. Thank you, Gina
649Kristen Ochoa91103
650Candace Seu91101
651Jennette Neville91105
652Joshua Heller90026
653Sam Stull92886
654David Erickson91106Last night I attended the webinar: Till the Well Runs Dry - Pasadena's Devastating Water Plan. It was very informative. I would like to indicate my support for a Water Plan for Pasadena which stabilizing and replenishes the Raymond Groundwater Basin and guards the health of the Arroyo Seco area.
655Sam Sivakumar91106
656R Sankaran91106
657Corina Dunn91104
658Ann Kinney-Eittinger91775Protect and promote the wild!
659Sherry Hackney Cade91011The Arroyo Seco Canyon Project must be re-evaluated, along with Pasadena's entire 25-year water plan. The findings in the current report are not compatible with long-term sustainability and completely disregard protection for the natural habitat and the wildlife it supports. We see this short-sighted planning and thinking everywhere and I believe Pasadena and the surrounding areas can do better.
660Joanne Sajdak91204Especially in the face of cleaning mate change Preserving this natural ecosystem is crucial.
661Joanne Sajdak91204Especially in the face of cleaning mate change Preserving this natural ecosystem is crucial.
662Robyn Estabrook91103
663Elizabeth A Mertens91105
664Michaela Burschinger90005Bring back the Steelhead Trout!
665Cindy Matsuda90275
666Bryan Hoyos90026I believe it is important to restore the eco system of the La river and its tributaries for the future, and to take action now. We need to also protect these waters from poluters.
667Jennifer Ho91020Get the river flowing again, bring back biodiversity. When we heal and take care of the earth, it will take care of us.
670Hayley Marcus91107
674Blaise Brockman91007
673Katherine Quick91040
676Digna B. Escudero91106We must protect and respect nature in return nature protect us.
677Luz Elena Henao90031-1264I support the Arroyo Seco Foundation's analysis of the detrimental impacts the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project and Pasadena's 25-year Water Plan will have on the Hahamongna and Arroyo Seco. I believe it is a wiser and more sustainable approach to work with the natural flow of the stream. I also believe the perceived needs of human development should now, more than ever, be re-assessed based on the capacity of our local watersheds and their longevity.
678Sheda Morshed 90272
679Jerome Ta91101
680Alex Hernandez91801
681Serena Patel91024
682Jill Frazee91104We must adjust water policy for climate change and not keep proceeding with outdate methods for sustainable use.
683Michelle Harritt91107
684Meagen Brooks91104Please consider the Raymond Groundwater Basin in your plan.
685Rosa Holguin91010
689Misch Anderson91106
690Dakota Chavis91040
691Geraldine M Johnston91001
692Petrea Sandel91104We cannot take climate change lightly. It's a reality we must face if our city is going to have a future.
693Bob Snodgrass91103
694Michael OBrien91214If we TRULY want to protect our water resources and land then we need to stop interfering and allow Nature to do its work.
695Antonio Pierola91803Water catchment pits disrupt the habitat and do not improve groundwater availability.
696Sheila Brock91001
697Abby Marich91107
698Heidrun Mumper-Drumm91105Consciously restore the watershed in all its aspects, so that it can regerate water supplies for people, fish and other wildlife.
699Sharon Weisman91214As your neighbor in far north Glendale I urge PWP to listen to environmentalists and restore the natural habitat in Hahamongna'
700Roy Komoto91103The Arroyo Seco Foundation's proposal will BOTH best assure Pasadena's future water supply AND best assure the health of Pasadena's greatest natural treasure.
701molly williams90065
702Hugh Kenny90039
703Wesley M Reutimann91103
704Kristin Reutimann91103
705Colin Bogart91103
706Shelley Powsner91214It s essential that we protect and replace the groundwater
707Shelley Powsner91214It s essential that we protect and replace the groundwater
708Joan G Aebi91107It is important that we protect our natural streams, this is what the area so wonderful for us and our grandchildren.
709Greg Apodaca91001I strongly support efforts recommended by the Arroyo eco Foundation to restore and not destroy natural habitats, wildlife and water resources in and around the Hahamonga and Arroyo Seco areas.
710Liga Auzins92840
711Hugh Kenny90039
715Diane Knight91307-2516
716Alan Simpson91101
717Lizanne Fleming90042I'm a long-time resident of Pasadena and experienced hiker in the SoCal region who is familiar with and knowledgeable about this issue.
718Bill Stiefel91001
719Carole McClintock91001
720Michele Zack91001Do your duty by the Basin! Groundwater levels should determine when it is advisable (or not) to pump.
723Cynthia Ratsabouth90046We've seen how our past choices have impacted our environment. We now have the choice to make things right again - let's let our corner of the world thrive!
725JULIE Lewis91104
726andrew bush90065The environmental impact of any water plan needs to take top priority... do not tap into groundwater aquafiers.
727Todd cooper90032
728Virginia Moniz91106Vote no on the Arroyo Seco Canyon project
729Robert Izquierdo91104We need a more innovative, forward-thinking approach to our water plans than what's been proposed, one that prioritizes protecting the environment. President Biden recognizes the dangers of climate change, and the current water plan should do so as well by prioritizing how we can balance restoring the basin with the water department's goals. The next 25 years are critical to addressing climate change by protecting our environment, so we must revise the current proposal accordingly.
730Carol Soucek King91105Our Arroyo needs our living stream !!!!! Best part about our beautiful oasis -- and reason it is so beautiful --
731Jennifer Ho91020We can either continue to "control" the river or take a new path of restoration and regeneration of this important habitat, wildlife, and water resource.Concrete and manmade basins are not natural and will not win against what nature has evolved to do for millions of years. Bring back our living streams. We can do this. Thank you.
732Tera Klein 91101
733Amy Bernstein90065
734Bea Salazar90242
735Genette Foster91106
736JULIE Lewis91104
737Caroline Kim90710Given the climate crisis, it is imperative to address diminishing biodiversity, protect habitat and wildlife as well as manage wisely the water resources in Hahamongna and Arroyo Seco. This is a golden opportunity to model a sustainable and regenerative approach to the Raymond Basin that serves the environment first.
744Tina Calderon91331As a Gabrielino Tongva Culture Bearer I support the sacred lands and waters to flow as nature designed them so that the fish and wild life can thrive and the environment will benefit. Please be responsible care takers and allow our ground waters to replenish as naturally as possible.
1176Paul Felix91106We should all be cognizant of the long term environmental damage this plan will do to the Arroyo Seco. We cannot risk this invaluable habitat and at the same time continue to draw down the Raymond Basin. Much more work is needed to instead promote conservation and find a way to restore the Basin storage.
750Denise Desmuke-Holt91001
751Erin Nevins91206
752Darienne Hetherman91001A living stream and the vital biodiversity it supports are essential to the stability of our communities as we face climate disruption.
753Tanja Reutimann91106I believe the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project and Pasadena's 25-year Water Plan, the Water System and Resources Plan, will have detrimental impacts on the habitat, wildlife and water resources in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco.
754jane fawke92252It is absolutely crucial that this beautiful toad and its habitat is protected.
755Karla Berglund Hughes91101
756Virginia E Berglund91101-1111
757Cindy M Matsuda90275
758Briceida Gallegos90047
760Hugh Bowles91001PWP have failed to engage with their own science that states that the spreading basins are by orders of magnitude less effective at percolating water into the aquifer. They want to drain more of the Arroyo Seco into expanded basins. The City and PWP have buried the Philip Williams Study (paid for by the City) that states that leaving natural flows in the stream and allow ponding for short periods behind the dam could improve aquifer re-charge by 160% in a normal rainfall year. There needs to be a full, open public discussion of the alternatives to conserving water in the Hahamongna basin aside from expanding the out dated, ineffective, and environmentally damaging processes in place.
761Briceida Gallegos90047
762Frances Goff91107
763Charles Jacobsen91101
764Denise Desmuke-Holt91001
765Laurel Beck91104
766Lee Parmerter91001
767Susan L Williams90222
768William Baquet Jr91007It is essential to protect our fresh water & all life dependent on it. Failing to understand this beyond comprehension. Bill Baquet
769Chris Ziegler91103Protect biodiversity by protecting the second most import factor for life, Water! Biodiversity is essential to human health: Clearly, if localities do not make prudent decisions on our own, higher levels of government will continue to micro-manage us, which is more expensive than us being smart from the get-go. Find another option for supplying our water, as well as, implementing best practices - The Clean Water Act was adopted in the early 70's and were still not do anything near an honest effort in following recommendations, some 50+ years later. Not very impressive.
770Tom Brady91105Groundwater overdraft is an increasing and ill-understood problem that Pasadena will be contributing to with this plan.
771Chad rooney90027Let the area return to its natural state. CA has already lost too much of native wetlands and riparian corridors
772Barbara F Ishida91001Now that they are rehabilitating the LA River, let's join that movement. Rivers, wildlife, plants have rights as well and they have much to teach us. Let's start learning from them by freeing the river to act naturally.
773Pilar Reynaldo90042I was in the arroyo a few weeks ago when the water was flowing in the creeks , it was amazing to watch, listen and enjoy. On this particular afternoon it seemed like overnight the arroyo was transformed into a wildlife habitat, we observed so many birds drinking water, rabbits hopping around and a bobcat sauntering. Restoring our wild lands must become a priority, concrete jungles keep growing around us, daily our places to enjoy what once was are rapidly decreasing.
774Allyn Valencia91001
775Pilar Reynaldo90042I was in the arroyo a few weeks ago when the water was flowing in the creeks , it was amazing to watch, listen and enjoy. On this particular afternoon it seemed like overnight the arroyo was transformed into a wildlife habitat, we observed so many birds drinking water, rabbits hopping around and a bobcat sauntering. Restoring our wild lands must become a priority, concrete jungles keep growing around us, daily our places to enjoy what once was are rapidly decreasing.
777Sara Mrasek91104
778Ann Motrunich 91106
779Marie Massa90031-3306
780Sarah Ngo91104Protect important bird and wildlife habitats!! There are so few left.
782Denise Robb91106Please protect our arroyo. Use living stream. And stabilize and replenish the basin.
783Garrison Hack91118
784DAVID RYAN91104
785rachel ryan91104
786Lynne Webber91042
787Frances Goff91107
788Stephen Torres91001
790Ian Bowen91107
791Gabriel E Bustillos91016
792Diane Morgan91104Given how low the groundwater level in the Raymond Basin is, I'm very supportive of actions to protect the Arroyo Seco and the Raymond Basin and use a living stream to capture storm flows and protect the habitat. We need to restore waterways for all wildlife and human needs. Thank you.
793Emily Heebner91001Preserve for long term, not short term
794Susan L Williams90222
795Jean Prinz91775We need to stabilize the Arroyo Seco Canyon area to protect wildlife and preserve sufficient water during the dry months that fish can live in the stream. The Raymond Groundwater Basin provides the watertable for trees with taproots and wildlive that need the access to the types of foliage sufficient for them to thrive.
796David Drum90041We must learn to work with nature, and not try to control or destroy it
797Jeanne Bellemin90277I support the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project!
798Frances Goff91107We in Pasadena are right up against the mountains; we need to preserve habitat more than other areas.
801Cathleen R Cox, PhD90026Encouraging survival of wildlife is key to our survival and making sure water is available for all of us, that is human and non-human is essential.
802Patty Helgeson91024There needs to be some wild places in Pasadena. Too much building with little regard for the healing and educational beauty of nature. Why should I have to drive miles away to show my children streams and the ecosystem around them? We all lose in the long run when concrete jungles are valued more than preserving some natural areas.
803Patty Helgeson91024There needs to be some wild places in Pasadena. Too much building with little regard for the healing and educational beauty of nature. Why should I have to drive miles away to show my children streams and the ecosystem around them? We all lose in the long run when concrete jungles are valued more than preserving some natural areas.
804Catherine Carlassare90042
805Kelly Davis90068Steelhead trout has been found in the Arroyo Seco. Pasadena must halt this plan and reconsider it's impacts on the environment!
807Sara Watkins-Cooper90032My daughter goes to forest school along the Arroyo Seco river and it has been a gateway for connecting me to nature here in Los Angeles. Please abandon the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project!
808Audrey bland91103heal the basin bro do what's right.
811Kristin Roberts91104I support protecting Hahamongna and the Raymond Basin!
813Siavash Monfared91107
814Sarajo Frieden 90027
816Patricia V DENNIS91030
817Brooks Bonstin91208Please help steelhead back into the Arroyo!
818Elissa Fultz91104Pasadena has done a wonderful job with low water use incentives, but we cannot let these victories distract from our unsustainable practices! We know we cannot survive long-term on this watershed, and our short-term gain would destroy a precious ecosystem! We will need to address these problems eventually - let's take this head on now, and not do irreversible damage in the process!
819Lou A Insprucker91011
820Denise Robb91106Please help care for our wildlife and fish and follow our lead.
821Kim Nava91016
822Deborah Elkins92557
823Robert Garza93063it is part to save the planet
824Jesse Silva90065The preservation of these waters will save the lives of many different fish and bird species that I have witnessed exist over the last few years of constant visits to our local creeks and rivers.
825Felix Breden91105I will vote against any Pasadena officials who support this plan
826Bill Stiefel91001
827Carole McClintock91001
829Monique Danser90041
830Heidrun Mumper-Drumm91105Consciously restore the watershed in all its aspects, so that it can regerate water supplies for people, fish and other wildlife.
831Dorothy Wong91001Council Member, The Arroyo Seco is the key to the City and its greatest environmental treasure. Please do all you can to invest in its restoration. Prioritize it as nature intended, as a river which feeds the ecosystem and ultimately public health. Diversity is key to a healthy ecosystem. Ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season. Commit to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin. Pasadena's resilience needs nature. Invest in ways forward by capturing water locally at homes, reduce, reuse, recycle. Protect, restore, connect the watershed for the future. Respectfully, Dorothy Wong
1177Rebecca Vee91107
1178Philip Davis91030We will not tolerate the steady destruction of the natural character and wildlife of the Arroyo Seco and of the future of the Raymond Basin.
1179Philip Davis91030We will not tolerate the steady destruction of the natural character and wildlife of the Arroyo Seco and of the future of the Raymond Basin.
1180REBECA VELAZQUEZ91107Water is the most precious and vital resource for everything in our earth. Humans, and habitat in general. Saving and protectiong this resource should concern us all. We urge our authorities to implement and use their common sense make all necessary corrections and do the right thing. For us, and for future generations.
833Dawn Burkhardt91101How we deal with water and the immediate natural resources we are responsible for will determine the quality of life for future generations and ultimately determined whether our habitation here in three millions is sustainable. Please do the right thing for our collective future!
835cinthya Vazquez90640Please keep in mind the health of our Earth and communities when taking such important decisions. I agree that revising the water plan is a great idea. Using a living stream to capture storm flows will not only protect precious habitat but also delay the drought creeping into our city. Please commit to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin and remember that the wellness of nature around us will determine our future wellness. Thank you.
836Patrice Sena91106 Lets come together for our region's greatest environmental treasure before it's too late
837Bob Snodgrass91103
838Deborah Schankler48864I've hiked the Arroyo Seco trails in Highland Park and South Pasadena. In addition I've hiked near the River in Pasadena. Furthermore, I've hiked up 🆙 in Altadena above JPL to the waterfall and beyond on the Fern trail. You must protect the Arroyo Seco, historic...and frankly a spiritual route. Please protect this very special watershed for future generations...Use the living stream! Protect the habitat!
839Nan Phillips91602Please try to communicate and come up With a plan to resolve some very important water issues. Think of an overall plan to insure clean water for our communities And also preserve our landscape. Water is precious. Be sure whatever work is done is budgeted accurately. Please and Thank you.
840Nancy van den Hout91105
841Petrea Sandel91104
842cheryl auger91105Please discontinue further funding of the project and redirect financial resources to conservation and efficiency. Abandoning the ASCP would prevent wasting money, and allow the Arroyo Seco stream to naturally flow and percolate storm water.
843Graham Landon Goldich91214
844Carol Church91107
845Bill Stiefel91001 I am very concerned about restoring the health of the ecosystem for both wildlife and generations to come.
846Lenna Weidman91103
847Ben White91016
849Linda chan91103Let it heal ! Protect it !
850David Newsom90041The Arroyo Seco flows in concert w some of the most precious and diverse wildlife in our region. Please halt the destructive "25 Year Water Plan" and take the correct path on this vital and precious resources. Save the Arroyo Seco for the whole of our community.
851Richard Luczyski91104PWP does admit that they should do a better job informing the public of their intensions on proposed projects. They also don't like to answer all direct questions with direct answers making a job to ask the question again and hope the answer comes this time. I do have plenty of examples if anyone is interested in seeing them. The latest with the PWP team is the neglect of not telling us about a march electrical incident until I read about it in the Pasadena Now News yesterday with a price tag of $480K to fix. Just another example of what the PWP isn't telling us. I guess they figured they could hide the problem somewhere in their budget where we wouldn't see it.Then the number got a little to big to hide. I wonder which team was watching the system that it took a few months to figure out the problem? I hope it becomes a cool summer or there might be lots of outings for air conditioners.
852William Ferry91106
853Susan Josenhans91108
854Marc Dubeau91011
855Diane Knight91307
856Francesca Jimenez91010
857Barbara Ishida91001It's time we work with our environment rather than "fixing it" to our needs. We need the environment more than the environment needs us. Let's begin a new chapter in history of reparation and regeneration.
859Eileen Sanchez 91790
860Jozefina 91214Please heal the basin , this would be great for the agriculture, help the environment grow including the fish and other wildlife. They greatly need the access to the water since the draught did the damage . we need to make a better system to have a longer cycle of the Raymond groundwater basin so these creatures of all walks of life can enjoy the flow of water so they can replenish in clean safe way of life they have always had. So please give them the right that the fish , other wildlife has had before. Thank you , appreciate your time ! :)
861Virginia Berglund91101
862Madeleine Heller90042Living streams are the most beneficial way to capture stormwater, replenish our aquifers and ensure we have healthy waters, soils and ecosystems in Los Angeles. This is essential as we prepare for current and future droughts and a changing climate. Let life live.
863Geraldine M Johnston91001
864Mary Vaughan91001Is there no end to the sickening point of view that continually prevails in the handling of the Arroyo Seco? Keep Kathryn Barger out of the whole thing for starters.
867Rob Johnston91107
871Hope Creature90065I support the Let the River Flow movement to protect the natural environment for our wildlife and our own water resources.
872Al Cullen91107It is time that PWP thinks about the environment and recognizes that the stream and it's surroundings are vital to the people of Pasadena. The Raymond basin is in real trouble and Pasadena has not done its part to help correct its severely overdrawn condition. We need your help by stopping this ill conceived plan being proposed by PWP.
873Jason91106Let's get it done!
874Stephanie Hernstadt90026We hike and enjoy the many trails just above the Raymond basin: Millard Canyon & Falls, Sunset Ridge Trail, Gabrielino Trail, El Prieto Trail, Mt. Lowe & Echo Mountain, and other trails in the area. All those mountains drain water naturally into rivers and streams mostly feeding the Arroyo Seco, Hahamongna and basin areas. The whole system together provides beauty and habitat for humans, flora and fauna. Allow nature to proceed as it knows how, streams into basins, and groundwater to replenish naturally. Do not, and you will loose habitat & beauty, And create fire and land instability issues for generations to come. Nature always wins, and will respond in kind to our human choices. Let the river flow.
876Jeffrey Wagner91001
877Ross Dickson91030
934Akina Cox91104-3124
880Patricia OSullivan91103
881Laurice Becker91106
882Sheda Morshed91105Haven't we learned already that without sustainable planning, we end up spending more money in the long-run to deal with the damages done? Follow the science, always!
883Jon Sherman92078Enough is enough! Please protect what's left of natural systems in Southern California that have had millions of years to figure out how to exist sustainably. Learning to live within these natural systems, rather than at the expense of them, is our path toward any semblance of a sustainable future. Please let go (long past due) of anthropocentric, gold rush mentality and embrace the realization that infinite growth on a finite planet is suicidal. What's the alternative? Living in balance with and respect for natural community and the laws of nature. Greed is not good! The Earth is abundant enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed.
884Deanna91103I support the restoration and preservation of our region's greatest environmental treasure, and urge the City of Pasadena to protect Hahamonga and the Arroyo Seco and the wildlife and water resources within.
885Bob Gutzman91105-2431PWP has not engaged with their own science that states that the spreading basins are by orders of magnitude less effective at percolating water into the aquifer. Instead, they want to drain more of the Arroyo Seco into expanded basins. The Philip Williams Study (paid for by the City) states that leaving natural flows in the stream and allow ponding for short periods behind the dam could improve aquifer re-charge by 160% in a normal rainfall year. There needs to be a full, open public discussion of the alternatives to conserving water in the Hahamongna basin aside from expanding the outdated, ineffective, and environmentally damaging processes in place.
886Ellen Strauss91103The Hahamonga Basin used to be a great wildlife area, but is now so denuded that we don't recognize it. Pasadena has few enough wild areas left, and this one would be a valuable buffer between the National Forest and the city.
887Christina Heath91001I've been walking in the Arroyo Seco behind Devil's Gate Dam for 60 years now. I don't think I've EVER seen the existing basins all full. There is NO NEED for more basins with the concomitant loss of vegetation and habitat. NO NEED! You need to look at your water policy and ask citizens to use less water, look into recycling what we do have. By removing a green treasure you only make this city hotter and a less desirable place to live. THINK before you automatically endorse destruction!!! Thank you. Chris Heath
935richard hansink91105
891James Maund91104
892Mark Hunter91011I live in La Canada, but I seem to spend all my money in Pasadena. :) I spend a lot of time in Pasadena, too, particularly at Hahamongna Watershed Park. That park is degraded by numerous settling basins that have silted up over time and no longer percolate water into the aquifer. PWP's answer to that more spreading basins in the park. It's that well-known definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.
893Robyn Estabrook91103Please protect the precious wildlife and habitat. If we don't, no one will.
936Jonathan Rau91040PLEASE reconsider this project! It might seem like a good short term solution but we have created this water problem by thinking short term throughout history. We need to start fixing the problems we have created, not create more. Think long term and generationally! Please find another way.
895wendy m crowley91108I have sent messages to the mayor and Andy Wilson who is our Represanarive. Protect narure and and stabalize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin
896Sheila Brock91001
897David Drum90041Natural is better, and in this case cheaper, too
898Heather Ostlund91030I have lived walking distance to the Arroyo Seco all my life. This is a small area still available to local wildlife. We need to protect what little is left of this natural habitat. Not only is this section a place for local wildlife to live, it is a quiet beautiful area for the residents of Pasadena to enjoy in this otherwise concrete city we live in. We need to protect it!!
899Katherine Quick91040
900Jennifer wong91803
901Carol Togneri 91103
902Ann Scheid91105Follow the science! The Philip Williams Study (paid for by the City) states that leaving natural flows in the stream and allowing ponding for short periods behind the dam could improve aquifer re-charge by 160% in a normal rainfall year. Their own science that states that the spreading basins are by orders of magnitude less effective at percolating water into the aquifer. Draining more of the Arroyo Seco into expanded basins is old science dictated by outdated bureaucratic rules. Let's have a full, open public discussion of the alternatives to conserving water in the Hahamongna basin, alternatives to the ineffective, environmentally damaging processes in place.
903William Ferry91106
904Saveria Mazzola Tilden91107
905Margaret Stewart91105
907Sandra Tyler91001Stop draining!! Keep the natural flow. It was really nice when the basin had water 10 years ago ducks swimming .
908Thomas E Johnston91105Let nature take its course . We have had enough of Supervisor Barger's vision .
909Marie Massa90031We need to do everything we can to support the environment in Los Angeles. Supporting native plants and animals is the least we can do to help to start repairing all of the damage we have done to this state we call home.
910Frances PerezPreserve the natural habitat .
911Christle Balvin Hintz91106Water is becoming more and more precious. Pasadena needs to capture and retain it not deplete it. Our Water and Power Department should be a leader and not a follower in stabilizing and replenishing our ground water basin.
912Alan Simpson91101Heal the Basin, not destroy it.
913William Baquet Jr91007Please look at the long term. If we do right by Natuire & Nature will do right for us. Be not selfish.
915Carol Togneri 91103
916Violet Ouyang91006
917Avram Gold91105
918Carine Bester91103Look to the future & preserve the natural beauty & cooling environment of the Arroyo for future generations. Keep nature as an integral part of Pasadena, not an afterthought or heaven forbid something that has to be re-engineered in the future. Thank you.
919Barbara Ishida91001We must work with Nature and let Her lead the way for us, not the other way around. "We need acts of restoration, not only for polluted waters and degraded lands, but also for our relationship to the world." - Robin Wall Kimmerer, author of Braiding Sweetgrass.
920Sheila Brock91001
921Mary Vaughan91001Please protect the beautiful Hahamongna Park (what used to be called Devil's Gate Dam) and the Raymond Basin. All this stuff going on is being pushed through for what reason? It's a puzzlement. Are the big pits on New York part of any plan? Thank you, Mary Vaughan
922Nina91001Please heal the basin!
923molly williams90065
924mineko brand90042Los Angeles is such a toxic and polluted place, please let us do what we can to preserve the dwindling natural resources & habitat we have left. These things are crucial to the health & well being of Pasadena residents. Thank you.
925Adam Resnick90026The Arroyo is an incredible natural resource. Please work to protect the Arroyo Seco for all.
926Dan Silver90012It is time to restore natural systems for beneficial uses.
927Mary91107Our Arroyo is what gives our city its unique character, not every city can claim that, its home to the wildlife clinging on to some sense of normalcy. Leave it alone, it's an oasis in our city. BTW, is there a plan to rename Arroyo Seco Blvd or the Parkway which delivers our residents and guests at its destinations end, our city border?
928Paulett C Liewer91011I believe that Nature has already found the best solution for replenishing aquifers. Please let Nature take her course!
929Jason91106Let nature be
930Andreas Aebi91107
931Derek Farias91746
932Lenna Weidman91103
933Kurt Liewer91011
937Matthew C Liewer91011
938Adam Resnick90026The Arroyo is an incredible natural resource. Please work to protect the Arroyo Seco for all.
939Adriana Baltazar90006
940Julie Lewis91104
941Lisa Cole91024The petition says it all - protect and heal the basin and the habitat! Thank you.
942claire robinson91001-1640
943Mary Anne Mello91107
944SAM VEAGUE91105
945Nairi Megrabian91020We need to protect our natural habitats as much as possible
946Ronnie Swire Siegel91011As the ASLA climate action leader for Southern CA, I recommend implementing a plan for capturing storm water to replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin and protecting habitat. It is definitely a challenge but worth putting in the effort for a long term sustainable solution.
947Christle Balvin Hintz91106Water is again worth gold. And we are running out of it in the South West. When we designed the cement channels that carry water to the sea, we were concerned about floods. Now we are concerned about how to preserve the precious water we do have and not deplete our basin. Let's protect and concern our water with new and innovate thinking and not deteriorate our water basin any further. Christle Balvin Hintz
948Lauren Christensen91103
949James Spencer91105I have hiked and back packed into the Arroyo for more than 40 years and have witnessed the gradual change in water flow and vegetation die out in many areas of the Upper Arroyo. At present, the entire western US has returned to drought conditions. We are all going to need to reduce our water use. PWP has a dangerously antiquated pipeline and water storage infrastructure (Sunset Reservoir lies empty because it is seismically unsafe and water mains in older parts of the city are over 100 years old). Money needs now to be redirected to fixing these vulnerabilities while continuing to incentivize water conservation. And it is inevitable that sea water desalination will be needed to fulfill domestic and fire fighting needs. The last thing we need is more settling basins!
952Robin Newquist91105Say goodbye to being a Tree City with the proposed depletion of groundwater
954Valerie Velazquez91107Please consider your long term impact and the environment - do not drain the basin, it is irresponsible and disrespectful to the land. Please invest in other solutions particularly around water conservation - there are way too many wasteful lawns in Pasadena.
955Jeff Neff91105
956Steven Huntley91104The water is not the personal property of the city of Pasadena. It belongs to everyone.
957Elayne G.Techentin91106It seems to me a "living stream" is far preferable to mankind messing with Mother Nature ... again!
958Linda Roberts91001I live in Altadena but this horrible project affects all of us. STOP and PROTECT HAHAMONGA! Water crisis in PASADENA? Stop the overbuilding that increases water usage among other things!
959Liga Auzins92840Habitat destruction and fragmentation has a very serious negative impact on local fauna. Plese help the wildlife. It's so simple.
960Laura Ayala-Huntley91104We need alternatives to just diverting the water and pumping the aquifer until theres nothing left. you have to make generational decisions here. Choose wisely.
961Timothy Callahan91001
962Adam Resnick90026Hahamonga and the Arroyo Seco are environmental gems of the LA region. Water is the basis for life here and we must do a better job of managing this crucial resource, both for us and our regions' wildlife. Please protect Hahamonga and the Raymond Groundwater Basin so that everyone may continue to enjoy and benefit from these unique natural resources!
963Susie Haleblian91011
964Craig Stanford91001
965jerry s ewing91780
966Edwin Friesen91106I agree with this petition
967MARGARET BURBANK YENOKI91016We must do all we can to honor Nature.
968Ben White91016I stand with the Arroyo Seco Foundation and Pasadena Audubon Society in opposing this project with the exception of the above provisions.
969Julie Weinstein91030Keep the stream flowing and protect Raymond Groundwater Basin.
970Terry A. Santos91101I strongly agree with the statements above.
971Micah Jaffe91101This reckless project would contribute to the degradation to our natural resources that I've so enjoyed. Wildlife and nature are some of the things that I most enjoy about living Pasadena, and I would be so sad to see that be disregarded by the city. Please say no to this project and keep our river and groundwater basin alive and commit to sustaining it.
972SARA P AVILA91001
973M Anderson91104
974LouAnne INSPRUCKER91107
975Jennifer Lerew91001
976Lucy Pliskin91106Please protect our wildlife and develop an alternative plan that does not have these deleterious impacts. Thank you.
977Jared Burton91104Let the stream flow!
978Elizabeth Petrilli91105-2448We need to save this important watershed. We live in a draught prone land & must begin healing it.
979Susan McKellar91030
980Elizabeth Tatum91104
981Catherine Riggs91107
982Hartmut & Marcia Wisch91103Let the water flow!!! Were in complete support of the Arroyo Seco Foundation and the Pasadena Audubon Society opposing the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project!
983Eileen Dennert91030Please keep natural habitat - its the only wildlife corridor in our area!!
984Dana Parnay95448-9708
985Leandra Woods91001
987Geri Johnston91001Please stop this unnecessary project
989Heather Vaughan 91001Do the right thing and protect the environment.
990Ted Zehfuss91711The Arroyo Seco is a beautiful canyon, that needs to be preserved!
991Justin Anderson91001
992Susan Zucker91101-3346This is a non renewable resource please protect it.
993Joan G Aebi91107We need to protect the Arroyo it is a wonderful place for all to learn about our natural hebetate. do not let it be destroyed. Please protect the Arroyo Seco Canyon.
1011Kathi Ellsworth91773I oppose this project. Hahamongna is already degraded too much.
995Ira A. Blitz91006
996Trina Jaconi Biery91206Please, let the stream flow. Let the water seep back into the Raymond Basin the best way.
997Blaise Brockman91007
999Kathryn A Fogarty91106Please do the environmentally correct thing.
1000Heather Vaughan 91001Do the right thing and protect our local environment.
1001Amy Deavoll91104
1002Wendy Raymond 91016Do NOT go thru with this ill-considered project. I was born and raised in Pasadena, and I feel this would be a criminal action for the area. Im ashamed of anyone who approves this debacle.
1003Doris Finch91001Pumping more water from the aqifer for short term gains is long term degradation of the overall community--ecological first, quickly followed by cultural and social.
1004Sally Beer91001-4507Having lived on the edge of the upper Arroyo Seco since 1965, I am deeply troubled by Pasadena's proposals in the plan. I believe they will be detrimental to water resources and certainly to the habitat and wildlife in the Arroyo Seco. At the same time, they will do nothing to replenish groundwater in the Raymond Basin.
1005Bernadine Stolar91011
1062Nicholas Mather91104We must protect wildlife and water resources. Work with environmental scientists and ecologists.
1008Denise Guardado91101Wildlife is already struggling with all of the obstacles weve placed in their path. They dont need one more.
1009Jennifer Webster91105Ground water is vital for a healthy sustainable habitat. Please consider other options.
1010Caroline Blake91007As a former Pasadena resident and Audubon follower, protecting wildlife, fish and water is a priority during the Climate Crisis. Please consider the long term effects before finalizing this proposed changes.
1012V and B Jones90510Clean drinking water is vital.
1013Stephanie Strout91103Let the water run free!
1016Joy Chung91011We need to preserve what habitat we have, for future generations to enjoy. Stop this project now!
1017Trina Jaconi Biery91206Please, let the stream flow. Let the water seep back into the Raymond Basin the best way.
1018Carolyn Finger91001We must protect this vital resource.
1019Cris Music91001
1020Sheila M Riddell91016We don't need or want further destruction to this beautiful natural part of the San Gabriel Valley.
1021Ann Jopling91104As a member of Pasadena Audubon and a 70 year resident of Pasadena,I urge the City Council to commit to a plan that stabilizes and replenishes the Raymond Groundwater Basin while ensuring protection of wildlife by preserving the flow of natural water, rather than further use of settling basins.
1022Liza Reyes91104
1023Diane Hong91206This Water Plan will have detrimental impacts on the habitat, wildlife and water resources in Hahamongna and Arroyo Seco.
1024nancy mcgrain91008
1025Katie Porter90042I stand with the Pasadena Audubon Society and I want the river to flow!
1026Frances Perez90028The new plan should protect the wildlife habitats in this area.
1027Priscilla Chipembere91001No changes to Hagamonga Watershed Park. This is sacrilege; the park is a Native American burial ground and wildlife habitat. It is our last natural refuge. PLEASE DO NOT DEVELOP IT !
1028Kathy Musial91001
1029Elizabeth Johnston91104-2122
1030Natalie Klibanow91030This area is a vital community resource to several foothills communities, and is enjoyed by countless residents, all along the arroyo, both human and animal, domestic and wild, the current projects underway have already been so disruptive, the feeling of the community, to whom the land truly belongs, have been voiced loudly again and again, please stop using these projects as a draconian funds funnel, and listen to the people who spend time in this land every day, to countless environmental scientists, and on behalf of the land itself and its wildlife, and stop these antiquated, disruptive, and useless projects, there are so many places this money could be better spent in the community. Pouring out money to ruin one of the most vital green spaces which serves several communities seems down right idiotic when there are so many places such funds could be put to better use throughout our communities
1031Polly McConnell91001
1032George Reich91103Does Pasadena really need to increase its population? Its all about sustainability. Water is needed for population growth and the city wants to get that water by increasing the cost of water from its residents and diverting water for natural habitat.
1033Devin Humpal911041) Our existing spreading basins are rarely filled. Adding more spreading basins does not mean we will get the water to fill them 2) Spreading basins may not be as efficient at restoring groundwater as natural, living streams, as suggested in a report commissioned by the City of Pasadena in 2000 (Philip Williams & Associates, 2000: Flood Hazard, Sediment Management, and Water Feature Analyses, Hahamongna Watershed Park) 3) Live rainbow trout have recently been found in the Arroyo, which is not acknowledged in Environmental Impacts 4) The plan continues to rely on overpumping the Raymond Basin groundwater supply 5) Does not explore resilient water policies that will be required in Southern California as our climate changes. Ignoring these problems will pass future water costs to Pasadena's inhabitants, which will disproportionately affect lower-income residents
1034Ione Mieure91104Don't divert the water. PWP's own engineering studies have proven that the natural streambed sends far more water into the Raymond Basin aquifer than spreading basins do. And a year-round, natural stream offers great benefits for wildlife and for recreation.
1035Karen Seabrook91024Every community is desperate for water with huge problems & shortages looming in our future. This is a band aid approach to justify removal of more ground water without the ability to replace it. The settling ponds have not proven to be a solution. This is part of the last of the low hanging fruit regarding g solutions to our water problems & I am opposed to it.
1036Gail Adams91001Leave the Arroyo Secos water alone. Solve the areas aquifer problems scientifically.
1037Sylvia Stachura91776Help us keep our wild places safe for the animals that depend on them.
1038Susan Frank91105
1040Antoinette Mongelli91104I believe the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project and Pasadena's 25-year Water Plan, the Water System and Resources Plan, will have detrimental impacts on the habitat, wildlife, and water resources in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco.
1041Jozefina 91214
1042Meryl Zwanger91007I firmly disagree with this project. Please strongly consider the importance of how this project might badly impact the environment. Thank you.
1043Jonathan Fisher91207
1044Carol Smith91107The greater Pasadena area has already lost considerable wildlife and bird habitat with the Hahamonga basin clearing. Water is a critical feature to maintain wildlife and bird habitat. a plan is needed to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin to maintain critical habitat.
1045Anita Sohus91011Dont divert the water. Let the stream flow. The stream feeds the aquifer better than spreading basins do. It is a poorly designed project.
1046Susan Campisi91001If the the city's water plan and the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project take care of habitat, wildlife and water resources, they will then be protecting public health and our quality of life. You can not separate us from nature. I urge the City of Pasadena to plan wisely.
1047Mary Fitzgerald91101We in Pasadena can be a model of good, sustainable care of our environment and our people.
1048Michele Carter91001I am a member of Pasadena Audubon and support the Arroyo Seco Foundation's position NOT to divert the water as proposed by Pasadena's 25-year water plan. Thank you!
1049Christine Pallette91775
1050Patti wagonhurst90042
1051Sarah Barkstelle91406
1052Andreas Aebi91107Ledt the river flow! - Heal the basin -
1054Aixa Daza91001
1055Gabrielle Johnston91011
1056Denise Yuan91001Now more than ever, its vitally important that we take wildlife, especially endangered ones!, and their long term welfare into account. Destroying their habitat will have negative consequences not just for the, but also for us, our future generations. We need to think more long term.
1057Drew Dembowski91001
1058Roxanne Bartlett 90042
1059Mike Yartzoff91109In 2021, solutions of infrastructure should also be solutions of ecosystem restoration/preservation. We know how, we have the tools, and we have the data. Please do better.
1060Susette Horspool91001I can't understand why anyone would not want a flourishing river bed here. It helps the spirits and often the lives of everyone and everything around it.
1061Angela Child91006
1063Emily Barbour90041
1064Jeffrey S Wagner91001Power to the people and the land!
1065Mark Kimbrell91803
1066Transition Pasadena 91104
1067Neal Turner91001
1071Pieter Kaufman90065I recreate in the Arroyo twice or more a week, and spend further time downstream, and as someone who's deeply committed to conservation of southern California's ecology--and especially concerned with the impacts on local wildlife and flora--I am completely opposed to this proposed project. The project must be killed.
1182Rebecca Williams91106
1181Marcy M Harbut91001You can be smarter about this. Do your research and stop listening only to those who stand to make money or keep their jobs. Do better.
1075Margaret Adachi91205
1076Farzad Seyfnia91103
1077David Pritchard 91104
1078Carol Clements91104This small river is so important to the environment and people who cohabitate with this small patch of urban wilderness. It needs to be protect. enough damage has already been done buy the decimation of the Devils Gate Dam area.
1079Pw90042Let the water flow! No more diversions!
1080Sara Brown90042Start thinking sustainably now. Thank you.
1081Richard Sedivy90042
1082Regan Hutson91106I am very concerned that the city is doubling down on the practices that have led to continuing depletion of our ground water resources. They have no evidence that any significant amount of the water diverted to spreading basins ever percolates. Our focus should be on doing more with the water that we are taking rather than justifying taking more.
1083Elizabeth Boerner91104Our world needs to restore what part of nature that we can before it disappears.
1084Gary Sikkens91506There are Rainbows, Newts and other species in the Arroyo. Ive seen them. Please do not proceed with the current plan. Im from Pasadena originally and was born in this great city. Its important to me.
1085Mary Gandsey91104I think its important for each of us to do what we can to reverse the damage our species has done to the environment. Allowing water in the Arroyo to flow with minimum restriction is an important step to replenish our groundwater and let indigenous species thrive.
1086Gary Sikkens91506There are Rainbows, Newts and other species in the Arroyo. Ive seen them. Please do not proceed with the current plan. Im from Pasadena originally and was born in this great city. Its important to me.
1087Michael Crowley91108
1088Janice Loggins910019I support the position as stated above. Let the River flow~ heal the basin.
1089Frank Muniz91101This is fantastic hiking. Other cities can have beautiful flowing fresh streams in urban centers, why cant we?
1090Jennifer Pashalides93063
1091Mario Mariotta IV91101Pasadena can and should do more to conserve water, before resorting to destroying the environment to create more of a water supply. We need more native plants throughout the city, and especially in folks' yards. The Hahamonga Watershed Park is a valuable natural resource of Pasadena's and we should keep it wild. We need to turn back the clock on environmental degradation in Pasadena and elsewhere, rather than advance it further. The natural streambed would also sustain our water supply better than barren, artificial ponds. We must integrate ecology and ecosystem conservation into our civil engineering, rather than perpetuating this humans-have-dominion-over-everything-regardless-of-the-consequences mentality.
1092Alan Simpson91101Let nature heal itself
1093Sally Barngrove91105
1094Grace91101This is not the environmental leadership we need. This is one of the most unique and wonderful assets Pasadena has.
1095nick scottrussell91101
1096andrew f bush90065Let nature be!
1097Elsa Saldana91024Please consider our position. Thank you.
1098Philip Davis91030We will not tolerate the steady destruction of the natural character and wildlife of the Arroyo Seco and of the future of the Raymond Basin.
1099Lane Goldszer90042Please help protect our vital waterways.
1100Greg Holcomb91105Please protect this valuable land! It is an important part of our amazing city and deserves our stewardship.
1101Joya Roy91105And thank you for all that you do to protect our community for today and for future generations!
1102Philip Davis91030We will not tolerate the steady destruction of the natural character and wildlife of the Arroyo Seco and of the future of the Raymond Basin.
1103Peter Weinberger90035I dont live in Pasadena, but I visit and hike the Arroyo Seco frequently. Destruction of the Arroyo Seco by taking a huge amount of water will be a huge loss to Pasadena and the region. Use the better alternatives to preserve the stream flow.
1104MARK H INFUSINO90026Please protect one of the most important water/forest systems in the Los Angeles area.
1121Jamie Graham91342Water is a vital and limited resource in Los Angeles and each water basin is intimately connected with the health of our ecosystems and our city as a whole, and diverting this precious resource away from how it naturally flows comes with the dire risk of extinction of several species. You can always rework a budget, go back and try again with more money and resources, but extinction is forever & frankly is cascading. How you choose to move forward in this impacts not only the animals and ecosystem but the people who know this land, and any Los Angelino who could experience knowing about this important ecosystem (as well as the absence of these species beyond this area, as this is a vital spawning ground - it impacts more than just Pasadena)
1120Aida Ashouri90027Please do better at real action items to conserve water instead of mindless consumption when we are in climate change. You cant plead ignorance anymore. Taking up water in a city with massive lawns and poor water reuse is extremely irresponsible. Do better.
1107Andrew Cameron91104
1118Rebekah Stepner91106We are at a pivotal time in our collective human history where we have to put the environment first or the next generation will suffer the consequences. It starts one community at a time; one decision at a time. We need to make a water system and resources plan that will better protect the wildlife and water resources.
1116Eve Kessler91001Please help preserve this precious resource.
1119Urte and Donald Barker91103We concur with the analysis and recommendations presented by Mr. Tim Brick in Pasadena Now on Thursday, June 3rd, 2021.
1115Mary Kennington91101-3818Pasadena has needed a comprehensive, sustainable water plan for a long time. Unrestrained development continues to occur in our city with no end in sight. Where will water for all these new residents come from??? We are destroying the soul of our city and at the same time the beautiful environment surrounding it. When will the council have the courage to face the developers and the state to stop this???
1122Susan Rozler91030Please consider the effects on the nature and creatures of this entire area
1123Susan Rozler91030Please consider the effects on the nature and creatures of this entire area
1125Rudy Mena91776
1126Katherine Ohlson91355
1127Dustin Delaney 91104Please commit to the health of the Arroyo Seco by preserving and enhancing the flow of water through the canyon. This is of utmost importance to my family
1128Sterling Carl Church91107
1129Kari campbell91001Rainbow trout were found Cant we find other ways that dont ruin the wildlife ?
1130Brinton Jaecks90026Save the rainbow trout!!!!
1131Hannah Rosario91505
1132Alan Wiig02143
1133Liz Berger90006
1134Denise Wiles91776Stop ASAP
1135Thomas Wiles 91776
1136Sam Salomon91106
1137Atticus Elliott91105it is vital as an inhabitant of this earth and this community to take care of its resources & all natural gifts.
1138Ruth Goldstein91011Please do not do further changes to our waters head.
1140Christine Tringali91107
1141Heidi J Hood91024Please protect the Arroyo waterways. So little of our waterways are left and it seems irresponsible to take what is left to further degrade the Arroyo habitat. Once destroyed, it is hard to restore. Our children and their children after will be better off if you protect what is left of our precious Arroyo habitat. Think long term, not short term and do what is right and vote no on this project.
1142Jen Behar91105Please preserve one of the most cherished parts of Pasadena - do the right thing for our community!
1143Sanjna Bharadwaj91106
1144Oscar Franco91001
1145Kathryn Harris91103
1146Marisa White-Hartman91001
1147leslie Ladd91103
1168Genette Foster91106I object to the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project because it will contribute to further environmental degradation in the Arroyo Seco, decline in groundwater levels, and endanger the health of the Raymond Basin. City Council should instruct Pasadena Water & Power to revise the Final Environmental Impact Report and to recirculate it for review by the members of the public and regulatory agencies.
1149margaret leahy91001Leave it alone and learn how to conserve water!
1150Jennifer Ramos91107
1151Eric Hanson91104
1152Adrian Casillas91106The plants were here first!
1153elizabeth mcgrath91104
1154Nicole Wood91001Our community needs an immediate and legally binding plan to replenish the Raymond Ground Water Basin.
1155Eden Hogge92831The ASCP is just another denial and postponement of the inevitable and not a sustainable plan of action to secure a reliable water source for a future faced with increasing drought and climate change. It will further the environmental crisis by endangering the native wildlife for which the ecosystem that we are a part of relies on. The ASCP is a temporary solution that will have far greater and longer lasting detrimental impacts. Investing in the ASCP is a waste of time and money that we do not have to waste, we need to be putting these resources into sustainable solutions such as replenishing our groundwater, repairing our streams, replanting native plants which are pros at conserving water, catching storm water, and stricter water conservation legislation.
1156Shana Pallotta91103Our habitat is priceless; please protect it with water.
1157Noah Jolly92831
1158Kristen Ochoa91103Council Members: It's not worth it to risk the natural habitat of Pasadena that you can't buy back. No matter how much this 25 year decision might be the easy way or the economically advantageous way to go, you have to think of the generations to come. You can't get some of these natural resources back if they are destroyed. Please work with scientists to re-do your plan with the priority of natural conservation.
1159Clarissa91001Please heal the basin
1160Andreas Sautter90066I'm in full support of this unique and important habitat. Please do everything in your power to protect it. Thank you kindly.
1162Amy Thai90716Protect the native fish and wildlife in the Arroyo. Let the River Flow. A living, natural stream is a better way to conserve water than artifical spreading basins. ASCP is a foolish investment in the past. Develop a resilient plan for the future. Do better.
1163Annette OBrien91011I am opposed to the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project. This is a time when protecting ground water and what few streams we have left is more important that ever. If more water is diverted it will adversely affect habitats and water conservation. The trees and vegetation near our streams are absolutely necessary for carbon sequestration and climate stabilization. We cannot continue to promote and engage in actions that are harmful to our environment. Have we not learned yet!
1164marietta kruells91001Enough already, Pasadena and the RBWM need to modernize how water is metered, percolated and allocated. Decades have past without using modern, effective, honest measurements all to the detriment of the health of not only the Monk Hill Subarea but the entire Raymond Basin. Once this resource is ruined and subsidence occurs there will be no going back and all local users will be forced to rely on expensive, imported water. Just can't let this happen!
1165Eric Hanson91104
1166Letizia Ragusa91001
1167Peter Segerstrom90026
1184Sherry Schafer90026Please stop the depletion of the Raymond Groundwater Basin! The ecosystem would get disrupted, and we need to be moving towards environmental preservation, not destruction.
1185Johnny vela91773
1186Ośunkoya Chavon90048
1187Melissa Gallardo90280
1188Ana Delgado90063
1189Christine varney90026We need to protect the arroyo secco wildlife!
1190Esperanza G Jirgensen91106Our community needs natural habitats. Natural habitats contribute to a healthy lives for our and the next generations. Please preserve Arroyo Seco/Hahamonga.
1191Adam Resnick90026The Arroyo is an incredible natural resource. Please work to protect the Arroyo Seco for all.
1192Joan & Andreas Aebi91107Please keep the river flowing.
1193Bonita Dombrowski91030We cannot keep our water if we do not keep the environment that sustains it. All rivers, streams, creeks, tributaries, Arroyos have been home to thousands of species of flora and fauna for millennia. We must restore and support native habitats for fisheries and wildlife and plants. Otherwise, we will lose the very resource that is critically needed..our water and the environment that sustains us all.
1194Gwendolyn Mathers91106PWP's plan is out of sync with the science and deeply flawed. We need the city to commit to a plan that preserves our precious habitat and protects native species.
1195Gregg Oelker91001
1196Darienne Hetherman91001Please restore the Raymond Basin and ensure a living Arroyo Seco stream!
1197Martine Culty91105please do not damage more the Arroyo Seco with unnecessary plans
1198Bryan Hoyos90026It is important for our future we protect these vulnerable trout. I understand the current situation with the drought but we must find a way to keep the flow up.
1199Rebeca ibarra91106
1200Elizabeth Denny91030There are so many reasons to adjust this plan. Please listen to us!!
1201Goetz Wolff90065It is a shame that we have to fight to maintain a living stream. And stop the ridiculous dig!
1202Steve Messer90041I fully support the effort to preserve the habitat of a living stream and water flows necessary to sustain aquatic species.
1203Elizabeth Burton91106
1204Bob Snodgras91103-2023We must save some of the niceties of Pasadena
1205Frances Goff91107
1206Rachel91101Prioritizing our natural resources and biodiversity is undeniably important, and it is all of our responsibility to regenerate and protect our environment.
1207Jeanne Bellemin90277Please protect the wildlife and water resources in the Arroyo Seco. Do not go forward with a plan that will be harmful!!
1208Susan Pindak90024I was a 25+ resident of Pasadena and S. Pasadena and urge you to protect this amazing natural wildlife and water resource.
1209Eileen Hsu91106The citizens of the City and County need to implement the full array of water conservation efforts and policies before considering taking water from fragile ecosystems such as the Arroyo Seco stream. We as a region have not done enough to change our lifestyles and business activities. We continue to be wasteful and irresponsible in our water usage. We cannot carelessly and flagrantly deprive ecosystems through our own selfish habits.
1210Lisa Vernon 91103
1211Matthew Kaplan 91103
1212Lorna Brosio91024
1213Caroline Blake91007respect existing habitat, wildlife & water resources in Hahamongna and Arroyo Saco
1214Amy Bernstein90065
1215Ann Kinney-Eittinger91775We are at a once-in-a lifetime point in time to protect the natural flow and character of our Raymond Groundwater Basin and Arroyo Seco. We must not squander this chance to do right by Mother Nature. She has the right to be protected by us. It is our obligation to protect her.
1216robert Nydam91024Please protect our local streams and fisheries. The arroyo seco is a heritage stream that has held trout for generations. We should move to designate the stream like the West Fork of the San Gabriel River, as barbless, catch & release in order to protect the trout but encourage fishing.
1217Robyn Estabrook91103
1218Chiachu91106Conserve and save our diminishing natural resources.
1219Nancy van den Hout91105
1220mark s gangi faia91502please preserve what is left of nature in our area - it will greatly aid the many people involved in its restoration.
1221Diane Knight91307-2516Leave well enough alone!
1222Deborah Schankler49684Live in Michigan. Have hiked Millard Canyon and Fern trail with my husband Family lives in North Pasadena ! Save the native 🐟 fish! Were big on fish in the Great Lakes
1223Deborah Schankler49684Live in Michigan. Have hiked Millard Canyon and Fern trail with my husband Family lives in North Pasadena ! Save the native 🐟 fish! Were big on fish in the Great Lakes
1224Dean R Higa90056
1225Ray Long91740
1226Diane Wagner90004Let the River Flow! Heal the Basin!
1227Diane Wagner90004Let the River Flow! Heal the Basin!
1228Heather Szafranski90503Hi, I hope you sieze this opportunity to steward Arroyo Seco and it's trout. What a blessing and privilege to be able to make a difference for generations and wildlife. Thank you for preserving this precious resource. Sincerely, Heather Szafranski
1229Patrick Reagan91001PWP needs to work better to manage the area, not just take more from it. These changes would be a good start. A public awareness campaign to get people to save water - so the area can heal - would make Pasadena look like a good steward.
123091107Follow the Scientists recommendations & preserve the Ecosystems in this habitat of the Arroyo Seco that need certain levels of natural stream water.
1231Frances Perez90028Don't Drain the Arroyo Don't Drain the Raymond Basin
1232Laurie ZamudioWhalen 91105
1233Cecilia Sweet-Coll91106Please do not move forward with the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project or the 25-year Water Plan and protect our native trout and aquatic habitat!
1234Daniel Clinton91101Please provide other alternatives to this climate change issue.
1235Peter Segerstrom90026
1236Paula Trubisky91504
1237George Reich91103
1238Joyce Locatell91104I am against the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project and Pasadena's 35-year Water Plan, the Water System and Resources Plan.
1239Barbara Ishida91001It is up to every city to do what it can to restore and regenerate the environment around us. We can act locally and must act. This is a group effort and not about conserving water (yes, that is important), but about allowing the water to replenish the Raymond Basin and capturing the water by restoring habitat which holds and draws down water.
1240Kenneth Haber91001Steps must be taken to save our natural habits in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco. The solution is in your hands. Please do whatever is necessary to preserve our environment and wildlife. Thank you.
1241Jon Leaver91105I urge the council to abandon the ASCP, and redirect the money allocated towards conservation and efficiency. Pasadena needs to aim for an equitable and drought-resilient approach to its water use as temperatures in the region rise.
1242Susan Rozler91030Please protect the hahamonga and the Raymond basin.The wildlife needs the river flowing to survive. Is making more basins the best way to save the water?
1243andrew f bush90065
1244Liga Auzins92840We have such few potential spaces left that it is scary. Please develop this to its fullest potetial. thank you
1245William Ferry91106
1246Amy Ma90503Dont do anything to harm the life in hahahmongna and Raymond Basin!
1247Marie Massa90031It's time we start protecting the environment instead of just destroying it.
1248Elayne Techentin91106It will be wonderful to have our "living stream" capturing storm flows in order to stabilize & replenish the Rqymond Groundwater Basin!
1249Joe Parker91001Replenishing the Raymond Ground Water basin would repair the damage caused by decades of uncontrolled development in the greater Pasadena area. Many native plants, like the oaks for which Pasadena is so famous, depend on water tables for nourishment, as do residential and industrial wells in the area. As Pasadena engages with the increasing impacts of climate change, such as drought and increasing average temperatures in the summer, we need to respond to the climate emergency in ways that heal the earth and the damage done by city urban development policies rather than continue the devastating policy impacts that have produced climate change. Protecting native habitats, including native trout and native plants, is an ideal way to heal the earth. Please adopt responsible policies in a time of climate crisis as you develop your 25 year water plan.
1250Jim Burns91775The drought isnt going to go away; its time for Pasadena to seek other sources of water and follow the governors 15 percent reduction. Killing off any chance of ancient steelhead genes in their native waters isnt an answer its a further injustice to where we all call home.
1251Caroline Amicone91104
1253Eloise Kaeck91103Spreading basins would lose more water than letting the living stream flow. And the fish!
1254Diane Wagner90004Save the trout!!!!!
1255Diane Wagner90004Save the trout!!!!!
1256JULIE Lewis91104
1257Sheda Morshed90272Seems ridiculous that with the changing planet, we're still putting profits before ecological health. Yes, trouts matter. Healthy ecosystems will serve us all for generations to come.
1258Carol Soucek King91105Please protect our region's greatest environmental treasure -- the Arroyo with the stream running through it -- nurturing trees and wildlife -- and US !!!! -- Carol Soucek King
1259Graham Leahy91001
1260margaret leahy91001Pasadena needs to get the cork out and get Over themselves.
1261Kat Ross91001PASADENA could become known for nature, river revitalization, which would have positive impacts on home values as people can easily access trout streams in their neighborhood.
1262Diane Dickey90027Healing & restoring land is imperative to human wellbeing & living. We must steward These resources that we ignorantly misused. Heal The land heal the people. 100% for this project.
1263Rebecca ibarra91106I am 100% behind preserving the habitat and wildlife in arroyo seco.
1264Roxanne Bartlett 90042
1265Jen Ramos91107
1266Dan Leahy91001As a long time resident of Pasadena and, now, Altadena, I urge the city of Pasadena to be leaders in long term thinking. Now is the time to make the correct choice for the future of our home. We need to protect our resources and ensure adequate flow for ALL living creatures. Its not a quaint notion to say that we rely on the health of whats around us. Its fact. Lets be a role model for others in the County and state and sustainably manage our water/habitat for all.
1267Susan Josenhans91108Please protect our local natural environment. Once it's gone, it's gone. We are already leaving a wrecked planet for our kids and grandkids. At least save this little corner of the world by ensuring proper flow.
1268Lizanne Fleming90042Over 20+ years of living in and around Pasadena, I have watched as the Arroyo Seco habitat grows ever more distressed. The area provides precious access to the region's natural environment for recreation, education, and physical, mental and emotional well-being, yet commercial development is encroaching on and/or destroying this natural resource without restraint. We must protect our natural areas--including critically important water sources--that make this region so beautiful and appealing.
1269Evan Segota90031
1270Sudi McCollum91206Please protect the natural character of Hahamongna and the Raymond Basin as urged by the Arroyo Seco Foundation!!
1271Elizabeth mcgrath90014
1272Margaret Adachi91205
1273Amelia P91001The wildlife in the arroyo seco is sacred to the environment and climate in the foothills and must be protected for the earth and neighboring communities.
1274Gabrielle Mittelbach90290I grew up in Pasadena visiting my grandmother's house every weekend and every summer. She often took us to the Arroyo. Please save this environmental treasure. At this point, there is NOTHING more important than saving every speck of our natural wild habitats.
1275Jen Ramos91107
1276Diane Knight91307-2516Habitats must be supported in an urban environment. This how cool it is to see trout in a city!!!.
1277Mary Gandsey91104
1278Madlen Sarkisyan 91307Please let the water flow heal the basin/ we need action now before its too late
1279CJ Miller 90065As environmental conditions shift and our precious water sources are growing increasingly scarce this is a huge opportunity to protect and nourish our land and our water. This requires stewardship and thought and care. Water scarcity and environmental degradation is occurring because of our exploits and clearly it is not working. It would be a benefit to all if we took action to be in better relationship with our land in a way that is not purely exploitive. This project is a chance to preserve and renew an extremely precious resource for all of us. I live near Pasadena and spend much time there. This is my desire.
1280Allison Carter90042Our family loves the arroyo! It is really important to us to protect the natural waterways!
1281Jennifer Perez91106I think it's abhorrent that in the midst of climate crisis our local governments have taken liberty to try and privatize land resources under the guise of revitalization projects. There is no revitalization without the preservation and healing of natural public spaces. Natives and Teddy Roosevelt himself would say no to this for it does not serve the best interest of the people, this land, or our future climate to rape a manipulate currents resources. If we have learned anything from the L.A. river it is that man even with the best of intent causes harm when they attempt to wield nature rather than respect it. Respect this land and the nature as it's mere undisturbed existence serves more purpose and more goo to more people than the Arroyo Seco project ever could. No to the Arroyo Second project.
1282Carol Clements91104As a citizen of this local area I feel it is gift that we are surrounded and privy to such an original natural thriving habitat. We can do better to protect this eco system by ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife remains steady during the dry season. Please commit to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin for us and generations to come.
1283Christina Edral91107Please save the trout! Pasadena used to be about preserving and it hasn't lately
1284Suzanne Siegel90065I support the Arroyo Seco Foundation's environmental plan to return trout to the Arroyo Seco and protect this important natural resource.
1285Amy Wan90039
1286Jennifer wong90012
1287Dan Leahy91001As a long time resident of Pasadena and, now, Altadena, I urge the city of Pasadena to be leaders in long term thinking. Now is the time to make the correct choice for the future of our home. We need to protect our resources and ensure adequate flow for ALL living creatures. Its not a quaint notion to say that we rely on the health of whats around us. Its fact. Lets be a role model for others in the County and state and sustainably manage our water/habitat for all.
1288Jill Anderson91001
1289Brian Schwartz91001
1290Andrew Woll90041I hike and ride the trail along the arroyo, and I would love to see the whole stream returned to a more natural state
1291Jamison Karon90014It is vital that we protect the remaining natural environments in the midst of environmental crisis. The Arroyo Secco is a critical piece of southern Californias dwindling habitat, and it must be preserved and restored the survival of endangered native species depends on it!
1292Harpreet Kaur90254There is trout in the waters !! Save the waters ! Climate crisis is here, we need to reverse all projects and your perspectives of progress.
1293Patty Mathew91107Please dont destroy this natural treasure we have in Pasadena. Have you as a council member even walked in the area to see the beauty of it or willing to listen to those educated in why this would destroy the ecosystem? Save the environment instead of listening to the money or how it will help your political carrier. Do the right thing and preserve this area. Be known for saving it instead of destroying it.
1294Gabie Strong91030I live in South Pasadena and treasure the Arroyo watershed. Draining it is foolish, and will reduce habitation and tree life that create shade. This arroyos supports the wildlife left in our region. LA and Pasadena have long suffered from terrible short sighted urbanization. We dont need additional heat islands, fire zones, or garbage canals. We need this arroyo to keep our foothill ecosystem alive!
1295Allison Alford91030Let the river flow! Protect the native fish and wildlife in the Arroyo. A living, natural stream is a better way to conserve water than artificial spreading basins.
1296Donna Serrato90032Ive read the documents and although the project wants to do some good, I clearly see them sneaking in their evil on the ticket and for that reason I am rejecting the entire project. The fact that their Impact Statement said there are no fish is why I believe the whole project needs to be scrapped and rewritten. Ive lived off the Arroyo Seco for 10+ years and I know for a fact theres fish. Theres better ways to do this. The current project is lazy and flat out a mess. Start over!!!!
1297Laurie Picone91105
1298Sandra Moreno 91104Save the arroyo and Hahamonga
1299Lynn Bossone90230Whatever the city can do to protect the waterways is greatly appreciated!
1300Elizabeth Munoz91105Let the river flow! Protect the wildlife and water in the arroyo seco!
1301Adriana Baltazar90042
1302Karin Benson90290Please protect the Arroyo Seco. No to ASCP. Any project in the future has to be sustainable for the Arroyo Seco and its inhabitants.
1303Richard Luczyski91104 Once again the State is asking us to conserve more water 15%. The Pasadena city PWP is starting with asking for 10%. Most of us have already taken out our green lawns, they are now brown lawns, We put in the drought tolerant plants along with new toilets. We still brush our teeth and take shorter showers. We don't have many people over to use our water, which the city does all day long being a destination city. Our visitors use a great deal of water and those businesses supplying that water get to use their water bills as business deductions, where the rest of us just keep paying the bills and our reward is to cut back even more on our water use ,so the city can build even more water guzzler buildings. At some point there will be more demand for water in all these buildings than the supply. What then should we do? Just move away? Richard
1304Heidi J Hood91024Once these habitats are ruined, they rarely come back. You, the council have an opportunity to show that while Pasadena is a big city, it can also think about the long game and protect our environmental treasures for residents now and for generations to come. The Hahamongna Project was handled poorly. Protect the Arroyo and Raymond Basin. Don't be like the many public officials that served before you and only make short term benefit decisions that leave us high a dry in the long term. Do the right thing.
1305Josh Black91801Take proper action to protect and enable continuous life for the arroyo and the precious water. Growing up my brother and I would hike up the arroyo to catch and release native rainbow trout. The bounty of wild life always excited us, from salamanders to rattlesnakes to hawks and great horned owls. It was truly magical having public access to such an abundance of nature.
1306Summer Lizer91103Right now it is imperative that we return the watershed to its natural state, for the good of animal and plant life as well as for humans. A natural stream will sustain wildlife, replenish groundwater, and protect a valuable resource for Pasadena residents.
1307Cindy Mitchell91790I live in West Covina but care greatly about protecting the natural habitat and ecosystem! Therefore, I stand with you in your efforts to protect the habitat, wildlife and water resources in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco.
1308Jon Sherman92078I fell in love with the natural beauty and wildlife community of the Arroyo Seco when I lived in that area for over a decade. Please be guided by the natural heritage of that amazing watershed! Since moving down to the North County San Diego region, I've become a docent naturalist at the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve and have observed first hand how the Olivenhein Municipal Water District and the Escondido Creek Conservancy have been working TOGETHER over the years to conserve, protect and restore the Escondido Creek watershed. Both organizations want to bring back the Steelhead Trout migration in Escondido Creek and are working hand in hand to make that dream a reality. It's an example of how this could work for the Arroyo Seco. It's very possible to balance the needs of human beings with the needs of the natural community. Not only possible, but it's the only way forward toward a sustainable, livable future. Please work with and listen to Tim Brick and the vision of the Arroyo Seco Foundation. And listen to your watershed. There is a wonderful example of community stewardship waiting to happen there as well!
1309Bruce Schwartz90042
1310Wendy Katagi90013
1311Mary Gandsey91104
1312Jer Adrianne Lelliott90042Pasadena Water & Power should listen to the community and listen to the Arroyo Seco Foundation. ASCP is a foolish investment in the past. Develop a resilient plan for the future.
1313Samantha Smith90042I support the Arroyo Seco Foundation's efforts to preserve the natural water habitat in the Arroyo. The city cannot ignore the Foundation's research and data collection regarding how the proposed plans will negatively affect the wildlife and water resources in Hahamonga and the Arroyo Seco. Heal the Basin.
1314Geri Johnston91001Please protect the stream and the trout
1315Sandy Greenstein91103I support all actions which lead to natural resilience, including reintroduction of trout, in Hahamonga.
1316Ray Abary91024Let the River Flow Heal the Basin
1317Saul Perez91340Dear Council People, I think now is the time to right a historical wrong not only do you have the opportunity to restore the Hahamongna watershed but also contribute to helping with balancing the effects of climate change on the surrounding communities. i know I do not live in the Pasadena area but I do hike and work near here which is why i feel such a close connection to this community. Please do the right thing and protect the natural habitat of the surrounding wildlife. Ensure nsuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season and commit committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin. Thank You
1318Tyke OBrien91105
1319Frances Goff91107I'm old; and never in my life have I seen concerted effort to preserve water on the part of my City. It is very nearly too late; please act out of Science now.
1320Sergio Villalobos 90065
1321Sylvia Holmes91103
1322Adam Resnick90026Hahamonga is a special, sacred place. Please don't degrade it and the Raymond Basin further. PWP has a responsibility to be a steward of the resources for which it is responsible. In line with this belief, a living stream approach is a bette, more resilient way to conserve water than an artificial spreading basin. This approach would also help to protect the native fish and other wildlife of the Arroyo. Please protect Hahamonga!
1323Joan Hearst 91105Protect the natural environment of our beloved Arroyo.
1324Cynthia A Waldman91001Let's do all we can to protect the Arroyo Seco, the trout, and their entire ecosystem. Thanks for your help.
1325Roxanne Bartlett 90042
1326Liga Auzins92840We have lost too much of this type of habitat, it is so special.
1327Benison Pang91105Please think long term, and consider the beneficial effects of restoring our local aquifer before it becomes a genuine crisis.
1329Geraldine M Johnston91001Please save the habitat for the fish.
1330Michael Hessian 90250
1331maki horgan91208Please protect the native fish and wildlife in the Arroyo. Thank you!
1332Linda Roberts91001Please let the river flow and the fish to swim. What you are doing is messing everything up and affecting the natural wildlife and fish. I have lived close by for 53 years and it hurts to see how everything you have done has ruined the natural environment, among other things. So shameful!
1333Katie Porter90042Let's bring trout back to the Arroyo Seco!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could tell our children and our children's children that we contributed to the rebirth of trout in the water! In a time when there is nothing but bad environmental news, let's be part of the good news.
1334Jessica Lim90042I support the protection of this habitat and the translocated rainbow trout. It is important for the City of Pasadena and PWP to ensure an adequate flow of water in the Arroyo Seco for these fish and their habitat. I hope both entities will commit to a plan that stabilizes and replenishes the Raymond Groundwater Basin. Thank you for your time and consideration of these concerns!
1335Liga Auzins92840This is a rare opportunity to enhance our environment.
1336Lupita Solano91030
1337Diane Wagner90004Save the trout!
1338ORALIA kameny91214We love Hahamongna. Hahamongna is sacred. Don't degrade it further. Stop the depletion of the Raymond Basin. Heal the Basin. Protect the native fish and wildlife in the Arroyo. Let the River Flow. A living, natural stream is a better way to conserve water than artificial spreading basins.
1339Hugh Kenny90039Let it flow!
1340Cynthia Ratsabouth90046We can only start locally to heal the earth.
1341Laura Ayala-Huntley91104Victor, We cant just keep drawing from the same well expecting that it will always be there. Please approve a plan that will protect the native habitat; we should all be stewards of the land that we inhabit
1342Hugh Kenny90039Let it flow!
1343Hugh Kenny90039Let it flow!
1344Colleen Dunn Bates91001I've been a Pasadena resident and business owner for nearly three decades and now live next door in Altadena, but Pasadena is home. I walk the Arroyo regularly, and consider it one of Southern California's treasures. Please, Pasadena, do the right thing to preserve Hahamongna and the Arroyo.
1345Oscar Franco91001
1346Laura Ayala-Huntley91104Victor, We cant just keep drawing from the same well expecting that it will always be there. Please approve a plan that will protect the native habitat; we should all be stewards of the land that we inhabit
1347Frances Goff91107
1348Susan Frank91105I wholeheartedly support the position of the Arroyo Seco Foundation!
1349Richard Luczyski91104Just wondering if those now in power making decisions on present and future water uses would let the general public of Pasadena, who have not heard a word in years from PWP, to now look into their Crystal Ball to see the water future. All of those making predictions now will not be working for the city in 25 years. Although many younger residents now living here in Pasadena will be continuing to pay the bills. Maybe those decision makers will be cursed or maybe hero's to future generations but those citizens today should have a larger voice in the planning.
1350Maria Elena Diaz, RN91754Please protect Hahamongna and the Raymond Basin!!
1351Sharon Thorne-Poch91016
1352Joel Ferree91104
1353Caleb and Doris Finch91001Please follow a more ecologically sound plan. To deprive the Arroyo, already sadly depleted, to pursue what is ultimately consumption [recharging an aquifer that is down from over-consumption] is short sighted and will not serve anyone well in the long run.
1354Teri Wilde91011
1355Laura E Scott Sellers91104As a member of both the Arroyo Seco Foundation and the Pasadena Audubon Society I wholeheartedly support this petition to oppose passage of CUP 6222 allowing the $14 million Arroyo Seco Canyon Project (ASCP) to proceed. Nature has directed us to rethink any 25-year water plan so that we may come up with the best water system and resource plan for the common good.
1356Danielle Salomon90210I oppose this project and urge the City of Pasadena to make wildlife and the environment a priority during planning.
1357Denise Lamontagne91104-1713
1358Lily Yllescas91104-1713
1359George Yllescas91104-1713
1360Beth Gertmenian91106This plan is an outrage. Please do not support it.
1361Rodrigo 90041With the onset of the implication of climate change, it would be harmful to the wildlife and to the people that reside within the arroyo seco area to stop the arroyo stream from flowing. The lack of water would lead to increased drought conditions in the already hot region.
1362John Harris91105
1363George Reich91103STOP giving building permits for condos and Apartments. Water is scarce! Stop thinking about revenue and taxes for the city.
1364michael johnston91011I grew up fishing in the Arroyo Creek in the 50s. Taught my daughters how to fish for trout in the 80s. Stopped going when Fish and Game stopped stocking the stream. Don't deprive other fathers the opportunity in coming years with the return of the trout.
1365Melina Sanchez90255
1366Beth Gertmenian91106This plan is an outrage. Please do not support it.
1367Erica Silverman90031It is incumbent upon each of us, especially as city dwellers whose footprint is so destructive to the planet, to protect and restore the ecosystems in which we live, to preserve wildlife habitat and to act responsibly and with urgency in response to the climate emergency we face.
1368michael johnston91011I remember camping with the Boy Scouts Jamboree in Oak Grove Park in the 50's. Caught trout from the Arroyo Seco Creek using flies I learned to tie earning a merit badge. Taught my daughters how to fish for trout in the 80's. Stopped going when Fish and Game no longer stocked the stream. Don't deprive other fathers the opportunity in the coming years when the trout return.
1369Jennifer Roberts91105
1370Leslie Miller91001It is difficult to meet competing interests when it comes to providing a necessity such as water; but the best ideas come from those born out of a community that has come together and analyzed competing interests. The ASCP appears to be a hurried bandaid on the longer term issue of scarce water in the area. Let the current stream take care of rain and in the meantime the resources to be spent on this can be spent on increasing conservation, like reducing grass yards and use by golf courses and building ways to capture brown water.
1371Elvira Vazquez 91205Do not move forward on the Project that will divert water from the Arroyo Seco Basin. This water is critical to the Wildlife habitat!
1372Joan91104The arroyo is important habitat. Pre-pandemic PCC Intro Biology students did field work there assessing impacts of non-native species. There are a lot of plants and animals that need that water and a lot of people who also enjoy that area because of the trails and wildlife. Its a gem! Dont destroy it!
1373Cynthia Parenti MD91001Support the natural environment!
1374Ben Stapleton91103The Arroyo Seco is an amazing natural resource and the Hahamonga has already been leveled to create more room for floods that are very unlikely to occur again in our dryer environment.
1375Janet Howard91106
1376Shari Asplund 91001This is an ill-conceived project that must be stopped.
1377Pete Sloman91104There are enough natural disasters in the world that we don't need man-made ones like ASCP.
1379v and b90510We urge you to not divert water from Arroyo Seco, ensure adequate flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season, capture living stream storm flows and protect precious habitat, and commit to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin.
1380candice byers91401
1381Gilda Fathi91024
1382Thomas Palfrey91105I am a resident of the South Arroyo neighborhood and am strongly opposed to the ASCP plan.
1383Dawn Fratini91202This is a shockingly short-sighted plan that will have devastating consequences for the future. Worse yet, this is not the sort of mistake that can be easily undone. Destroying natural habitat eventually leads to erosion of the quality of life in the entire area for humans (and their property values) also.
1384Cameron Goldman91501
1385Sally Beer91001Having lived on the edge of the Arroyo Seco in Altadena since 1965, I feel very strongly about this issue. A Pasadena 25 year water plan must strengthen our local environment. This proposed plan is clearly detrimental!
1386Keely Walsh91001Please don't divert the river. I've gained a lot of love for the Arroyo area's birds while living in Pasadena and I'm not the only one. Destroying preexisting wildlife habitat will (needless to say, perhaps) cause a loss of biodiversity, and a severe loss of character for the area I live in. Please don't. I like living here and I know the local wildlife does too, and I want to live here with them for as long as possible. It's their home too, and they don't get a say in whether they can move somewhere else. Thank you.
1387Linda Marquez91001Take wise action now to protect the future. This plan is very short sighted - let's do better because we can!
1388Leslie Johnson91107
1389Gregory Griffin91107
1390Ron Luxemburg91016I grew up in Pasadena and always enjoyed being able to experience the beauty of the canyon and it's stream. What Pasadena is proposing will forever ruin this unique eco system and just makes no sense. I am deeply dismayed at reading about this proposed project and urge that it be stopped.
1391Joyce Wolf91020Please protect this important water resource!
1392Joan E Depew91104Let the river flow!
1393Jane Tsong 91103
1394Patricia LoVerme91030Wildlife has limited access to water. We don't need to ruin this habitat. Please don't.
1395Rachel Washburn90042In an time when the impacts of climate change are increasingly being felt by humans and animals of all kinds, it is vital that we protect natural resources and do our best to be humble and thoughtful human stewards. There are alternatives to this plan that would be far less damaging and more sustainable. Near-sited thinking has brought us the climate crisis and no longer works. Please, please, please look to alternatives to further degradation of the Arroyo Seco watershed.
1396Brien Hindman06903
1397Susie Haleblian91011
1398Holly Phillips90031Stop this destructive project now! Let the river flow and allow our distinct flora and fauna to survive. This also helps with climate change. I was born in Pasadena and have spent 65 years enjoying the Areoyo Seco. Bring it back to life please.
1399David Weeshoff91214San Fernando Valley Audubon Society encourages the City of Pasadena to conserve and protect our natural areas for the benefit of our wild animal friends as well as our children and grandchildren.
1400Louise Ritchie91106Too much water going to environmentally poor uses.
1401Molly Nealson91030I strongly oppose the Arroyo Secco Canyon Project. I am an avid birder and supporter in general of conservation issues. Specifically though, at this time of extreme drought and environmental crisis, I find this proposal appalling in its callous disregard of the need to protect water resources, especially those connected to groundwater levels and the clear negative impacts it will have on local wildlife.
1402Alison Kuo90065
1403Molly Nealson91030I strongly oppose the Arroyo Secco Canyon Project. I am an avid birder and supporter in general of conservation issues. Specifically though, at this time of extreme drought and environmental crisis, I find this proposal appalling in its callous disregard of the need to protect water resources, especially those connected to groundwater levels and the clear negative impacts it will have on local wildlife.
1404Julie 91001Protect our shared environment!
1405Sylvia Stachura91776Please protect the Arroyo Seco. The Birds & animals need the resources it provides to survive.
1406Jane Levy91106
1407Peter Pfeiffer91001Do the right thing and protect the natural living stream to capture the storm flows ensuring an adequate flow for the fish and wildlife. We need to commit to a plan to stabilize the Raymond Groundwater Basin.
1408Jane Levy91106
1409Jane Levy91106
1410Diane Marcussen91104
1411Joseph weinberger90042Protect the water, our life blood, let it flow! Stop the arroyo seco canyon project so that we may all flourish!
1412Ellen Fiol91024Do the right environmental thing. Teach people how to save water, offer credits for water saving yards and charge those who have high water use more in taxes!!!
1413Denise Therese Perez91104Please don't let this precious habitat be destroyed. What a waste.
1414 Barbara Eisenstein91030I oppose diversion of water from the Arroyo Seco to spreading grounds because it will adversely affect wildlife and habitat along the Arroyo. For the past 15 years I have led volunteer work in South Pasadena's nature park - adjacent to the Arroyo Seco flood control channel. The recreation of resilient habitat is critical for the health and well being of our region.
1415Karen Minkowski91602It is time, past time, to be a true steward to the environment and to protect the native fish and bird species who depend upon this area for their survival.
1416Amanda Yates Garcia90042As a business owner and voter who lives and works near the Arroyo, I strongly urge you to protect the Arroyo Trout and the Arroyo itself. The Hahamogna Water Shed is a sacred place. We who live here are stewards of this land and need to protect it. We do not need more concrete, or more destructive, anti-ecological projects based on the Army Corps of Engineers unethical, unscientific, selfish, degrading and destructive engineering projects. We should be doing everything we can to protect the flora and fauna of our area, to keep natural areas wild, and restore all habit and waterways to their original bounty and beauty. A living, natural stream is a far better way to protect the water for our future. Please do not let superficial business interests destroy even more of our precious planet. Listen to the people of Pasadena. WE are the people you are responsible to. Let Pasadena be a leader in ecological restoration and thriving. Protect the river, protect the trout, let the water flow.
1418L Giaffo91104The city has an opportunity to change the course of its water history. Let's urge residents to install greywater systems and utilize water conservation methods so that we can focus on rehabilitating our native habitats and ecosystems. They are made to perfection.
1419Joyce Locatell91104Let the river flow, heal the basin.
1420Molly Hill91107I support the petition to protect the Arroyo Seco ecosystem. Given rising global temperatures, human interference, and, especially in our region, increased droughts, it is more important than ever to have a protected ecosystem and water supply. Protecting the Arroyo Seco benefits both wild and human communities in the area.
1421David Wallerstein91105I urge the Council to protect the natural character of Arroyo Seco. We are fortunate to have such a treasure in our city and need to safe guard the space and provide for the fish and wildlife living there. That means using a living steam to capture storm flows and protect the habitat as we work to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin. The most natural plan provides more benefits long term than proposed artificial spreading basins.
1422Sheila Swift91104I strongly feel that it is imperative for our city to prioritize its natural resources and and think much more progressively and creatively about how to manage them. Shopping centers with vast parking lots should be required to plant native trees in them for instance, which would reduce local temperatures and increase wildlife habitat. Why are we not doing these things? The Arroyo Seco needs to be seen as a long term resource not just for humans but for the plants, animals, and fish in danger of disappearing due to loss of habitat. It's time to be creative. Business as usual isn't a smart strategy for where are city and the world is now.
1423Kevin Cloud Brechner, Ph.D.91107For many years, Pasadena has tried to market itself as being environmentally friendly, when in fact the city in the last 45 years has been just the opposite. About twenty years ago I produced and directed a video for KPAS describing where Pasadena gets its water. Back then Pasadena was having to import about 60% of its water from the Colorado River, the Owens River, and later I believe started using water from the Sacramento Delta. The last 15 years or more has seen an incredible expansion of development within the city of huge multi-unit apartments and office spaces. Just the development and proposed development around the Sierra Madre Villa Gold Line Station alone will bring in close to 2000 additional residents to the city. That is 2000 more thirsty mouths drawing on the water supply and peeing and pooping and sending waste into the sewer and trash fill. And with them come probably 500 or more dogs and cats and pet birds also drinking the water and creating wastes. This expansion is not just around all the Gold Line stations. It is all over the city. At some point, American politicians will have to come to terms with the erroneous idea that "what is good for business, is good for America." You are still caught up in Manifest Destiny that promotes the idea that every square inch of land must generate wealth and every drop of water must be diverted for human use. I don't know how many development projects I have seen in this town where they fooled the public by saying the massive new buildings offer "open spaces." That is pure BS. If you suck one more drop of water out of the Arroyo Seco, you will have accomplished the complete dismantling of the natural ecosytem. As far as I am concerned the quality of life in Pasadena has plummeted. Increasing the efficiency of water use will never be enough to overcome the fact that Pasadena is using up far more resources than it can produce within its water shed. Not only the water, but the natural gas, electricity, and petroleum. In addition, every green waste bin carried out of the city by the trash companies decreases quality of the topsoil. Please stop raping the environment. Wise up and finally deal with the massive population problems you in city government have created.
1424Christine Thompson91001It is critical to maintain the current flow of the stream to preserve our local watershed habitats. The city needs to better stabilize the groundwater by leaving the Hahamonga watershed as intact as possible. Please consider halting the diversion plan before a better understanding the urgent need to protect our water resources in our area.
1425Morgan G91103
1426Kathleen Ballard91001Please leave the natural stream alone. No CUP6222 - Arroyo Seco Canyon Project!
1427Lisa McDaniel91001Please do a new climate change informed plan that restores the river and heals the basin. The plan in place now is archaic and harmful. Do better!
1428Pilar Reynaldo90042Restoring the local streams is a win for everyone. It is time we put the environment FIRST.
1429Carolyn S Murphy91016Please do not approve the Arroyo Seco/Hahamongna plan to divert water into spreading basins. It is a bad idea and recent expert studies have proven so. Leave Arroyo Seco and Hahmongna alone for us to enjoy along with the wildlife! Thank you,
1430Deborah Tammearu91107I urge the City of Pasadena to follow the science and research on this.
1431Brian Perez91801Protect the native fish and wildlife in the Arroyo.
1432John Wickel91101I hike in the lower arroyo frequently. The riparian area between Colorado Blvd and Holly St is particularly important for birds and other wildlife. I post many observations from this area on iNaturalist and eBird. The loss of water flow would turn this area into a dusty wasteland.
1433Shannon Kearney91001
1435Melani Gold91042This sets president for other areas as well as being a more proactive plan in looking toward dealing with climate change. Our natural habitats should not be sacrificed.
1436Travis Roe91107Please protect the native fish and wildlife in the Arroyo.
1437Annaliese Cherry91001
1438Madeline91001Please protect the native landscape and ecosystems!
1439Veronica Mc Donald91001Climate change is real and we need to start prioritizing the Earth, now more than ever!
1440Melani Gold91042This sets president for other areas as well as being a more proactive plan in looking toward dealing with climate change. Our natural habitats should not be sacrificed.
1442Caro Foellmer91001
1443Viviana Valladares 91001Protect our natural resources!
1444Leslie Schenker91024Protect the native habitat and wild life in a jewel of our region!
1445Raewyn Mundhenk91001Please use a living stream to capture storm flows and protect our precious habitat in order to stabilize the groundwater and save disappearing species.
1446Narine Attarian91402 Must protect the land!
1447Jim Potter91001thank you.
1448Whitney Nakashima90022
1449Kenneth Foster91105Please save the arroyo!
1450Darcy French-Myerson91214Please revise the plan to finally address the needs of our planet, that honors the natural habitat and takes into account climate change. Your current plan is outdated!
1451Nayan Shah91105Stop destroying the arroyo!
1452Kirstin Johnson-Birkmeyer91001Please deeply consider the requests of many to be conscious about the development of this area
1453Darcy French-Myerson91214Please revise the plan to finally address the needs of our planet, that honors the natural habitat and takes into account climate change. Your current plan is outdated!
1454Emma gordon91001Please take care of our habitat in the right way.
1455Carl Smith91001I'm sure you'd agree that it's important to have humility in regard to the potential consequences of messing with an ecosystem that developed over a long period of time. We seem to be discovering new, unexpected and unwanted consequences from our interference with nature at an accelerating pace.
1456Juliette Commagere91001Now more than ever we need to pay attention to and protect the environment around us.
1457Darcy French-Myerson91214Please revise the plan to finally address the needs of our planet, that honors the natural habitat and takes into account climate change. Your current plan is outdated!
1458Michele Lacher91011
1459Peter Weinberger90035-****Please preserve the fish in the Arroyo
1460Eileen Hsu91106We need to work harder to prioritize and preserve the Arroyo Seco and Hahamongna habitats. If water shortage is the core issue, there are more things we can do on a policy level and in everyday life to reduce our usage. Let's not resort so casually to destroying habitats.
1462Michael Mullins91006Now is the time to be responsible and do the right thing.
1463Melani Gold91042This sets president for other areas as well as being a more proactive plan in looking toward dealing with climate change. Our natural habitats should not be sacrificed.
1465Eliza Kirsch80211
1466Brenna Cheyney90065Pasadena Water & Power should listen to the community, and be a steward of our precious natural resources. By letting the river flow, the living, natural stream will be a more efficient way of conserving water, and protecting native fish and wildlife in the Arroyo. Artificial spreading basins are not the answer. Nature operates in a certain way for a reason, and humans need to embrace the natural flow to insure our future on this planet.
1467ALEX CANDIA90301It's time to recognize that this is a failed project and stop putting resources into it.
1472Kirstin Johnson-Birkmeyer91001Please deeply consider the requests of many to be conscious about the development of this area
1474Grant Kirchhoff
1475Jonathan Fisher91207-1935It's long past time we developed serious water conservation solutions rather than continuing to deplete natural resources. Drought is the new normal. Where do we go once we've exhausted all of our local water resources? At that point we'll still need a plan to supply water to local residents, but will have already degraded our groundwater, watercourses and habitats.
1485Elissa Fultz91104
1486Jean Hays91101I'm v disappointed in the passage of the Arroyo Seco Canyon project. Who do we need to unseat? What can I do?
1487Kathi Ellsworth91773I oppose this project. Hahamongna is already degraded too much.
1498Jennifer Schlief Morgan91106The amount of wasted water I see in neighbors yards and around the city is careless and avoidable. With encouragement from the city to do better by considering these recommendations, we can all follow suit to do our part to keep this precious resource safe and our neighborhood habitable.
1499Jordan Mitchell91208This is an Irreplaceable environment is accessible for everyone to enjoy. Im dont believe this last bit of nature should be sacrificed for the over draft of water supplies for the recent densification of housing in Pasadena. Ive been recreating and fly fishing this river for 45 years. This is an assault on a unique piece nature due to the lack of proper environmental planning with zero vision for the future. I would look at reclamation of your cities outflow, Bio-reactive membrane is it expensive but so is the new housing you allowed to be built.
1504Simone Tejero Mills91104-4005Do not divert the water from the river.
1506Walter Acuna91506-1526
1508Mimi Paller90815Please give us a chance to restore our riparian water system
1512rwolftourb121215 I grasp in actuality strong take it and would like to be familiar with more.
1514Hasti Khodabakhsh90042
1515Jaroslaw Bieda90042
1516Constance Villalvazo90042
1517Michele Hales91325We need to protect our natural habitat.
1518Thomas E Johnston91105The Arroyo Seco is the beating heart and inspirational soul of Pasadena Please make it better and healthier by letting nature take her course.
1519Robert Nydam91024
1520Robert Nydam91024
1521Cristian Robles91104
1526Heather Wilson90065
1531Rachel Cellinese90027-1603
1532Fiona Chang91101
1533John Callas91103
1534Antonio J Pierola91803
1537Michael Scanlon90026
1539Alfred C. Bie90039When is enough enough, can't we learn to live with what we have instead of always needlessly consuming more? At some point learning this lesson comes at a cost that can't be recuperated. When will our society learn that we cannot turn back time on greedy over consumption? Sincerely, Alfred Bie
1623Melinda8304แหล่งรวมเว็บไซต์สล็อต มาพร้อมระบบและก็บริการดีๆสำหรับสมาชิกทุกท่าน ลงทะเบียนสมัครสมาชิกได้แล้วเดี๋ยวนี้เพื่อทุกท่านสามารถร่วมสนุกและทำกำไรได้อย่างไร้ข้อจำกัด เป็นแหล่งรวมเกมที่ใหญ่ที่สุดของพวกเรา บริการดีๆต่างๆมากมาย เปิดให้บริการจากผู้สร้างโดยตรงจากต่างประเทศ ได้อย่างเพลินใจไร้ขีดกำจัด สามารถทำธุรกรรมการคลังต่างๆได้ด้วยตัวเอง ขั้นตอนการเล่นผ่านอุกปรณ์โทรศัพท์เคลื่อนที่ วางพนันด้วยเงินจริง ที่รวมค่ายทุกค่ายไว้ใน เว็บใหญ่สล็อตออนไลน์ ของเราไว้ครบทุกเกม สล็อตเว็บตรง เก็บไว้ภายในค่ายเกมเดียวจบครบนอกมั่นใจได้100% ได้เปิดให้บริการที่สุดแสนจะพิเศษสำหรับสมาชิกทุกท่าน สล็อตเครดิตฟรีที่สามารถจะช่วยให้ผู้เล่นมือใหม่ หากมีปัญหาหรือคำถามอย่างใดก็สามารถติดต่อหาคณะทำงานได้ทันที มีโบนัสแตกหนักแตกบ่อยมีผู้เล่นคนไม่ใช่น้อยซึ่งสามารถปราบเงินรางวัลแจ็คพอตก้อนโต ลุ้นรับเงินรางวัลตอนนี้เปิดประสบการณ์ใหม่ที่ไม่เคยได้รับจากที่ไหนยืนยันว่าไม่ผิดหวังอย่างแน่นอน อย่ารอช้าสมัครในเวลานี้ลุ้นรับเงินรางวัลขณะนี้เปิดประสบดารณ์ใหม่ที่ไม่เคยได้รับจากที่ไหนรับประกันว่าไม่ผิดหวังอย่างไม่ต้องสงสัย สามารถร่วมสนุกสนานกับเกมต่างๆเยอะแยะได้อย่างไร้หนักใจพร้อมมีระบบระเบียบรวมทั้งบริการดีๆต่างๆมาก สามารถทำธุรกรรมต่างๆผ่านระบบฝาก-ถอนได้ด้วยตนเองสบายมั่นคงและก็ไม่เป็นอันตราย100%สามารถร่วมสนุกกับเกมสล็อตแตกง่ายได้อย่างเพลินใจ สำหรับสมาชิกทุกคนที่ยังไม่มีประสบการณ์การเล่นมาก่อนการฝึกฝนเล่นในโหมดทดลองเล่นสล็อตฟรีจะช่วยทำให้ทุกท่านสามารถเล่นได้อย่างถูกทางเข้าใจต้นแบบและอัตราการจ่ายเงินรางวัล อย่ารอช้าสมัครเดี๋ยวนี้ลุ้นรับเงินรางวัลในตอนนี้เปิดประสบการณ์ใหม่ที่ไม่เคยได้รับจากที่ไหนรับรองว่าไม่ผิดหวังอย่างไม่ต้องสงสัย ทางทีมงานของเราได้เปิดให้บริการที่สุดแสนจะพิเศษสำหรับสมาชิกทุกคนที่สามารถทำธุรกรรมต่างๆได้ด้วยตนเองเร็วไวข้างใน10วินาที สล็อตยอดนิยมที่มาแรงที่สุดในปี2022สามารถรับประกันเรื่องความยั่งยืนและมั่นคงไม่เป็นอันตรายเล่นได้จ่ายจริง100% เป็นเศรษฐีในช่วงข้ามคืนกันเลยทีเดียวอัตราการได้รับเงินรางวัลมากถึง90% จะช่วยให้การลงทุนของทุกท่านได้รับผลตอบแทนที่คุ้มค่าอย่างไม่ต้องสงสัย UFASLOTGAME
1545Mary Sherwood Brock90046I hike in the mountains above Pasadena and Altadena and know that our wildlife depends on networks of living things to survive. We need to repair our damaged eco-systems and make decisions to support repair.
1546Periel KACZMAREK91601There is nothing more important than protecting our environment and wildlife.
1547Mark Myers91011Please protect the natural character of our region's greatest environmental treasure by using a living stream to capture storm flows and protect precious habitat; ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season; and committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin.
1548Drew M York90302Lets save the Arroyo Seco trout!
1549Richard Sedivy90042
1551Brian McGee90041Let it flow please!
1647Felicitas94350ในปี 2022 ทุกคนที่เจอปัญหาในเรื่องเกี่ยวกับเงินจะหมดไปเมื่อได้ลงทุนกับ ผู้ให้บริการสล็อต เว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ไม่มีขั้นต่ำ ที่จะสร้างรายได้ออนไลน์ ผ่านเกมslotonlineซึ่งสามารถหารายได้ได้จริง มีเกมแตกง่ายให้เลือกเล่นจำนวนมากหลายค่าย จากเว็บสล็อต pg,สล็อต xo เว็บตรง ไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ 2022,สล็อตออนไลน์ live22,jokerslot,ซุปเปอร์สล็อต,เกม ค่าย jili,pragmatic play เว็บตรง ซึ่งมีให้เลือกเล่นมากกว่า 1,000 เกมส์ เลยทีเดียว ซึ่งการเล่นของทุกคนจะไม่ผ่านตัวกลางใดๆ เล่นได้โดยตรง ไได้รับการรับรองจากหน่วยงานต่างแดนมากมาย ไม่ว่าจะเป็น GAMBLING COMMISSION ซึ่งเป็นหน่วยงานที่ควบคุมเกี่ยวกับเว็บพนันออนไลน์โดยตรง เพื่อไม่ให้ผู้รับบริการนั้นโดยการเอาเปรียบ สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ของเรานั้น ไม่มีการปรับปรุงแก้ไขดัดแปลงตัวเกมอะไร เล่นง่าย แตกง่ายแตกหลายครั้ง ไม่เหมือนเว็บอื่นๆที่ท่านเคยเล่นมาอย่างไม่ต้องสงสัย มีบริการที่จะเพิ่มความสะดวกให้กับสมาชิกอย่าง สล็อตฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำ auto ที่เร็วทันใจ ใช้เวลาไม่นานไม่เกิน 10 นาที อีกทั้งยังรองรับslot true wallet ไม่มี ขั้นต่ำ โดยไม่จำเป็นจะต้องใช้บัญชีธนาคาร อีกทั้งยังจัดเต็มไปด้วยรวมโปรสล็อตเครดิตฟรี และก็ยังเอาอกเอาใจผู้ที่มีทุนน้อย ที่จะฝากเงินรับโบนัสฟรีๆ อย่างสล็อต สมัคร 10 ได้ 100,เว็บสล็อต ฝาก 20 รับ 100 ล่าสุด สำหรับท่านที่พึงพอใจอยากมีอาชีพเสริมผ่านหนทางออนไลน์ วันนี้ เปิดให้บริการสมัครสล็อตออนไลน์ เข้ามาเปิดประสบการณ์ รวมสนุกได้ตลอด 24 ชั่วโมง ไม่มีวันหยุด และสำหรับใครที่ยังเป็นมือใหม่ เรามีบทความ รีวิวสล็อตออนไลน์ ซึ่งมีเกมดังมากมายอย่างเช่น วัวนรก,Candy Bonanza,สล็อตกัวกระโหลก สามารถอ่านได้ฟรี เพิ่มโอกาสให้ เล่นสล็อตเว็บตรง แตกง่าย แตกบ่อย ได้มากยิ่งขึ้น
1556Gregory Wright91423Northeast Los Angeles and the Arroyo Seco are one of the most beautiful and special parts of this city. I lived in Mount Washington throughout the 1970s and '80s. Maybe I will again some day before I die. Would be nice to preserve and improve this special piece of the City of Angels and the Crown City. Signed the Pasadena Water Petition at on February 9, 2022.
1557Suzanne Lummis90042Thank you for your efforts to protect the stream and the surrounding natural environment.
1560Hayley Barker91030
1564💌 You have unread messages (4) from Ethel! Read now: 💌
1569Edith Hollingsworth 91105
1570Jack Romano90007We believe the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project and Pasadena's 25-year Water Plan, the Water System and Resources Plan, will have detrimental impacts on the habitat, wildlife and water resources in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco. We urge the City of Pasadena to protect the natural character of our region's greatest environmental treasure by: using a living stream to capture storm flows and protect precious habitat; ensuring an adequate environmental flow for fish and wildlife during the dry season; and committing to a plan to stabilize and replenish the Raymond Groundwater Basin. JACK ROMANO
1571Linda Klibanow91011
1572BONNIE PORTER90065We need water, not a sewer to the sea!
1573Allison Hamilton91214Please help protect the precious natural resource's in our area!
1577Stephanie Linardos91105Quit over developing Pasadena and bringing in new tenants and homes to use more or our precious water. No need for growth in this town. Resources are finite.
1580Edwin L Rivera Rivera90250I believe the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project and Pasadena's 25-year Water Plan, the Water System and Resources Plan, will have detrimental impacts on the habitat, wildlife and water resources in Hahamongna and the Arroyo Seco. We should protect our surviving natural habitats, especially such historic ones, and not drain these precious resources.
1582Jamie Cho91106
1583Stephanie Linardos91105Quit over developing Pasadena and bringing in new tenants and homes to use more or our precious water. No need for growth in this town. Resources are finite.
1584Anne Sobieski91105I have lived in the Arroyo Seco most of my life and oppose the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project and 25 Year Water Plan. With dangerously accelerating lunate change, we must adapt to capture annual rainfall to replenish our groundwater. I also believe we must work to restore natural habitats to foster environmental resilience and to preserve species diversity. Thank you.
1585Matthew Safranek 90065
1590Jessica Hitt91103We need to protect the natural resources in Pasadena!
1597Blake Anthony Polis91104
1599Diane Finney34747Preserve natural habitats!
1601Rebecca S Heiser 91605
1604Tim Chrea90006
1605Eric Renteria90039
1607Deborah Beaser91104
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