The Plan

The Project Plan

The plan consists of a number of activities to improve the safety and natural qualities of the Berkshire Creek area:

  • Restored and stablize the eroded channel
  • Build a wooden pedestrian/equestrian bridge to connect the trail
  • Remove asphalt parking lot in Picnic Area and establish a native meadow
  • Restore and enchance the oak woodland, riparian and sage scrub habitat throughout the area

Goal: Provide a safe, more sustainable watershed park for all visitors.

Project Funding

The Berkshire Creek Area Improvement Project is an Urban Streams Restoration Project funded by California voters who passed the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006. The purposes of the Urban Streams Restoration Program are:

  • reducing property damage caused by flooding or erosion;
  • restoring, enhancing, or protecting the natural ecological values of streams; and
  • promoting community involvement, education, or stewardship.

Additional funding has been provided by Proposition A, the Los Angeles County Parks bond measure.

The old plumbing will be replaced with a naturalized stream that will carry the normal flow most of the time. In flood situations a subsurface high-flow channel will whisk away the flood waters, providing flood safety and preventing massive erosion.

This is an engineering drawing detailing the diversion structure that will handle the excess flow during large storm events.