November 14, 2014

SPECIAL EDITION: Supes Vote 4-1 to Scour Hahamongna Watershed Park Despite Vigorous Opposition

The Battle Isn't Over

After waiting for six hours, speakers on LA County Flood Control Districts Final EIR before the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday received 1 minute each to state their position. The public speakers were terrific. Of about 15 speakers, only one (Raymond Basin Management Board) supported the FEIR program, mirroring the strong opposition seen in all of the public meetings regarding the project.

Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsly followed up on a question asked by David Czmanske asking the Flood Control District (FCD) to prove that their approach was better and would provide better flood protection than the Pasadena Plan approved by the Pasadena City Council last May. FCD officials couldn't articulate a convincing answer. Zev then stated empathy for those beset by such massive public works projects in their neighborhoods and voted no. Three cheers for Zev! Sad to see him go.

Antonovich, who seems to value trucks and bureaucrats more than his constituents, actively championed the project serving up soft ball questions to FCD staff, and the other supervisors (Molina, Ridley-Thomas, and Knabe) were disinterested.

The Arroyo Seco Foundation has retained an attorney and is exploring all the options to ensure that a more sustainable program is adopted, but we need broad community help and support to achieve that.

Who's ready to defend Hahamongna?

LA Times Coverage | Pasadena Star-News

The Flood Control District's Stubborn Stance

Despite strong questions from citizens and Supervisor Zev Yaroslvsky, LA County Flood Control District continued to advocate for an extreme plan without any clarity about why their plan is superior to the City of Pasadena endorsed plan.

Impassioned Pleas from the Public

Devil's Gate Sediment Trucking

Patient citizens waited six hours for their sixty seconds to speak at the Supervisors' meeting on Wednesday. When their opportunity came, they spoke passionately for children, students, homeowners, hikers, cyclists, birds, habitat, water resources, and more. Only one speaker of many spoke in favor of the FCD plan.

Hahamongna Honor Roll

Here are the heroes who told the LA County Supervisors why the Flood Control District's plan is disastrous to Hahamongna and our neighborhoods:

  • Dorothy Wong,
  • Rebecca Shields Moose
  • Simon Penney
  • Henrene Nunley
  • Roddy Stephenson
  • David Czamanske
  • Don Bremner
  • Tim Martinez
  • Tim Brick
  • Mitchell Tsai
  • Nina Chomsky
  • Tecumseh Shackleford

and numerous others who were not able to stay for more than six hours.

Lies, Dam Lies and Statistics


1.3 million cubic Yards of Sediment Washed into th Basin after the Station Fire.

LACFCD's surveys measured 1.06 in 2010 and 2011; nothing since.

Dam Lie:

The 1990s retrofit of Devil's Gate Dam reduced flood capacity in the basin.

The dam retrofit restored the dam to California standards as well as LACFCD's.


2 Design Debris Events of 2 million cubic years are necessary

The probability of 2 Design Debris events within a ten year period is less than one in 250; plus there has never a debris event in the Devil's Gate Dam reservoir larger than 1.6 mcy.

Where Was Molina?

Gloria Molina has represented the lower part of the Arroyo Seco for many years on the County Board of Supervisors, but four years ago she voted against an EIR for the County's sediment program in Hahamongna and on Wednesday made no comment before voting to support the County's draconian program detailed in the final EIR. She showed little interest and spent most of her time on the phone. She's termed out, but now she wants to represent the Arroyo Seco on the Los Angeles City Council. Who cares?

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