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         July 2018

Sign the New Petition to Save Hahamongna

Did we go to a different meeting of the Supervisors last November or what? We thought they reduced the size and impacts of the Flood Control District's Big Dig project by at least 30%, but that's not way the Flood Control District is acting. They now intend to build roads into basin in November and to destroy more than 70 acres of precious riparian habitat early next year.

We urge all who understand the value of Hahamongna and love it to sign the new petition now.

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Thursday, July 12

The US Army Corps of Engineers public notice for County Flood Control's Devil's Gate Sediment Mining and Trucking program, aka the Big Dig, reveals some amazing things that the Flood Control District just hasn't been honest about.

Imagine standing on Devil's Gate Dam looking at the beautiful San Gabriel mountains and seeing this denuded crater in the middle of the basin. This is the County's workplan.

  • Much of the "mitigation" for the County's destructive program will occur sixty miles away in Leona Valley in the desert near Lancaster.

  • The Corps doesn't think the destruction of 70 acres of riparian habitat merits a federal Environmental Impact Study.

  • The Corps doesn't think habitat for the endangered least Bell's vireo will be affected, even though one was spotted in Hahamongna just last week, and the Flood Control District has filed for a license to kill the rare bird.

Tell the Corps to do its job and protect aquatic species and habitat.

Insist that the Corps hold a public hearing on its permit.

Please send in your comments by July 12 and send a copy to us at

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