Three Scintillating Topics at the Arroyo Seco Quarterly Meeting - October 10th!

Join us for important updates about Arroyo Seco events and issues:

  1. What's Up in the Angeles National Forest?
  2. Hahamongna Watershed Park 25th Anniversary
  3. Get Ready for the Big Pit

Arroyo Seco Quarterly Meeting

Wednesday, October 10, 6:30 pm

Donald Wright Auditorium,
Pasadena Central Library,
285 E. Walnut St., Pasadena

District Ranger Jamahl Butler

Big Changes in the Angeles National Forest

Big changes in the Angeles National Forest are sure to have a big impact on the Arroyo.

  1. The Arroyo is part of a new district - the Gateway District
  2. There's a new sheriff in town - District Ranger Jamahl Butler
  3. The historic Gabrielino National Trail in the Arroyo has finally been reopened after damage from the 2009 Station Fire
  4. The San Gabriel Mountains National Monument has a plan, but the Arroyo isn't in it.

How are we going to make sure that Arroyo isn't slighted in the new forest reshuffling? Find out from District Ranger Jamahl Butler who will be there to answer your questions.

Twenty-five Years of Progress (???)

Twenty-five years ago Hahamogna was a small, long-neglected County park. In 1993 Pasadena decided to expand the park and make it a model of environmental stewardship and watershed management, and Hahamongna Watershed Park was born.

Come to the Quarterly Meeting to learn about the history of HWP and the "Spirit of Hahamongna" from the stewards who have worked to save it.

Get Ready for the Big Pit

The County Flood Control District keeps changing their schedule for their Big Dig in Hahamongna, but here's the latest:

  • November — Road building and habitat removal
  • April — Soil and sediment mining and trucking - 425 trucks per day
  • Eternity — Denuded streamzone due to the County's bulldozers

An update will be provided at the Meeting.

Find out how you can get involved in protecting and enhancing the Arroyo Seco, Southern California's most celebrated canyon.

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