Big Dig Project Shut Down

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After massive deforestation in our region's most prescious environmental zone, scores of public complaints and three Air Quality Management District violations, the County's Big Dig project has been temporarily halted.

After our second court victory in June, Arroyo Seco Foundation and Pasadena Audubon Society are still trying to get the County to agree to an enforceable settlement that will minimize the impacts on our communities and on nature, but we have to wonder whether the County can be trusted to make good on its promises when it has forgotten or ignored so many of its previous promises.

Stay tuned — the date for the next court hearing is rapidly approaching: October 15, 2019.

OutLook: Devil's Gate Project Halted

Berkshire Creek Restoration Begins

Construction has begun in the quiet little canyon in the southwest part of Hahamongna Watershed Park known as Berkshire Creek. It's going to be a quick project with construction and restoration activities expected to be completed by the end of the year.

There are lots of ways for you to get involved in this important project. Come help grow native plants for the habitat restoration component of the project at Hahamongna Native Plant Nursery.

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We're Growing Hahamongna Nursery

County officials were squirming big-time at the sharp criticism from LCF citizens and council members at a recent special study session on the Devil's Gate Big Dig. They demanded to know what the County is going to do to fix their sloppy and unhealthy impacts.

County Criticized

Fourth Story

Nestled within deep canyons formed by the Arroyo Seco watershed sits 74-acres of recreational use that South Pasadenans and visitors have come to enjoy


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