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Trout in the Arroyo? It's Up to You

Does Pasadena Care About Trout?
PWP Says No!

City Council Hearing Will Decide
This Monday, July 19th*

* PWP was granted another delay by the City Council because "staff's not ready."

Mayor Gordo and the City Council Need to hear From YOU!

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LA Times: "A mission to rescue 469 doomed trout at the Arroyo Seco fans Pasadena water war"

Read the Remarkable Story Here

Talking Points

  • We love Hahamongna. Hahamongna is sacred. Don't degrade it further.

  • Stop the depletion of the Raymond Basin. Heal the Basin.

  • Protect the native fish and wildlife in the Arroyo.

  • Let the River Flow. A living, natural stream is a better way to conserve water than artifical spreading basins.

  • Pasadena Water & Power should be a steward of the natural resources it exploits.

  • Pasadena Water & Power should listen to the community.

  • ASCP is a foolish investment in the past. Develop a resilient plan for the future.

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