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October 2021

LA's Innovative Way to Clean up Streams: Put Them In the Sewer

Got to hand it to the LA Bureau of Sanitation. They've found a better way to handle local streams. They are now building the pipes to put the North Branch of the Arroyo Seco in Highland Park and several other drainages into the sewer. Click on the title link above to learn more.

The Secret Waterways of LA

The streams aren't gone; they're just buried. The creek freaks of L.A. seek out the city’s unknown waterways and streams.

Corps Advocates for Nature-based Solutions

The US Army Corps of Engineers has been collaborating with international agencies and organizations to develop guidelines for nature-based flood managment. Hopefully this will lead to more natural and resilient water and flood planning in the US and around the world.

Pasadena Water Plan Woefully Inadequate

The Pasadena City Council approved a 25 year $430 million dollar water plan (WSRP) that we feel is woefully inadequate in its treatment of climate change, conservation, and the declining groundwater basin. Here's the council discussion.

Fishing on the L.A. River without a pole


Here's an interesting story about fishing the LA River near the Arroyo Confluence in the Elysian Valley.

Forest Open Again

The Angeles National Forest is open again after a fire-related closure, but the conditions are very dry. A portion of the forest remains off-limits in the burn area of the Bobcat Fire in 2020 including the Chantry Flat Picnic Area and Buckhorn Campground. Please care for the forest and the critters by being safe.

The Once and Future River

There is profound wisdom in Judith Mernit's piece on the LA River. This is a must-read for those who love the Arroyo Seco and the LA River. Decades of reimagining the Los Angeles River still lack imagination and forsake nature. Our author contemplates another way.

Wilson: Big Dig "Devislishy Successful"

Larry Wilson wades in to assess the Big Dig, which he terms "a devilishly successful project."

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