Arroyo Seco Foundation

October 2022

Why Fall is the Best Time to Plant

    1. Stronger Roots

    2. Less Stress on the Plants

    3. Fewer Weeds and Pests

    4. It's More Pleasant

October is the time to survey your native garden and see how your plants have done. Some probably are suffering from the recent heat waves and pests. This is also the best time to fill up your garden with new native plant so they will develop strong roots and benefit from whatever rain winter will bring.

Come by Hahamongna Native Plant Nursery this month and check out the versatile and beautiful trees and shrubs and perennials and bring some home to foster biodiversity in your yard.

Visit Hahamongna Native Plant Nursery

Open Saturday & Sunday 9 am - 3 pm

In the Shade of the Stately Engelmann Oak

It's a special tree, an endangered oak found in our area and in a narrow band of foothill communities stretching down to the Mexican border.

It's the Engelmann Oak, aka the Mesa Oak, and in our area, the Pasadena Oak. It has an open airy canopy, with vibrant green leaves and stubby acorns. Engelmann Oaks are probably the most imperiled of all tree oaks and are one of the most endangered natural plant communities in California.

They line the Holly Street promenade leading up to Pasadena City Hall, but more spectacular specimens can be found in Oak Knoll (Pasadena), Singing Oaks (Arcadia north of Foothill) and the Sierra Madre Pioneer Cemetary.

Help Save the Engelmann Oak

How Are the Trout Doing?

October is the driest time of the year, so it's a good time to ask about how the trout have survived in the Arroyo Seco this year.

Read the remarkable story of ASF's Trout Scouts and the resilience of the Rainbow Trout in the Arroyo Seco.

Arrow Trout - Remarkable Resilience

The Bruins came to the Arroyo recently. No, not the football team. The UCLA alumni group came to remove invasive plant species in Hahamongna and to do some genetic testing of species present in the streamzone using soil and water samples. Go, Bruins!

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