Arroyo Seco Foundation

November 2022

We've Got a Lot to Be Thankful For -- Especially You!

We are are so grateful to all our friends, supporters, volunteers and customers who appreciate the beauty and natural treasures of the Arroyo Seco. It's been a dry year, but an eventful one. Hahamongna Nursery is flourishing, and together with other key environmental partners ASF is laying plans for an exciting environmental educational center in the old Forest Service buildings nearby. Despite the harsh conditions, more than one thousand Rainbow Trout still survive in the mountain watershed, and our Trout Scouts can prove it. Get ready for news of ASF's program to remove barriers there and improve habitat and stream flow for the benefit of fish, wildlife and people.


Four leading local environmental organizations -- Pasadena Audubon, Outward Bound Adventures, Arlington Gardens, and the Arroyo Seco Foundation -- are now working together to develop a dynamic environmental education center in eight old Forest Service Buidlings in Hahamonga. It's been on the Hahamongna Master Plan for more than ten years, but our groups hope to collaborate with Pasadena to make that dream a reality. We call it the Climate Resilience Environmental Education Center @Hahamongna.

100% Renewables by 2030

Let's get serious about climate change. We stand with the hundreds of local residents and organizations who are urging Pasadena Water & Power Department to eliminate fossil fuel electricity by 2030.

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