Arroyo Seco Foundation

January 2023

Pasadena Council to Proclaim Climate Emergency and No Fossil Fuels by 2030

Council Meeting, Monday, January 30, 5:30 pm

Monday evening the Pasadena City Council will consider a resolution to declare a climate emergency and set a policy goal for Pasadena Water & Power to source 100% of Pasadena's electricity from carbon free sources by 2030.

The resolution results from the determined campaign of Pasadena 100, citizens and dozens of community organizations joined together to recognize the grave impacts of climate change and to reduce the use of the fossil fuels which are so detrimental. ASF is proud to be part of Pasadena 100.

Here's what you can do:
  • Contact your City Councilmember before the star of the meeting Council Contacts
  • Send a message of support to Mayor Gordo and the Council Message of Support
  • Attend the meeting at 5:30 pm to show your support
  • Watch the Council meeting online: Live Stream

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