No Big Dig! The Lawsuit to Save Hahamongna

Lawsuit Update — March 2015

Attorneys Mitchell M. Tsai and Christina M. Caro filed the lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Flood Control District on December 11, 2014. After that, the hard work began, painstakingly going through the extensive administrative record and monitoring the regulatory permitting issues and process.

Our case has been assigned to Judge Luis Lavin, a senior jurist in Department 82 of LA Superior Court. In February a mandatory settlement conference was held to explore whether an agreement on the sediment removal program could be reached without going through a trial. No settlement was reached.

The Project is engaged in both federal, state, and local permitting processes before it can be moved forward in order to mitigate its impacts to water quality, wildlife, and local traffic. In particular, the Project will be required to receive permits from the Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Board, United States Fish & Wildlife Service, California Fish & Wildlife, and City of Pasadena.

Issuance of the permits requires additional environmental review both under the federal National Environmental Policy Act as well as the California Environmental Quality Act as the Flood District's original EIR failed to fully analyze impacts to water quality and wildlife, by instead improperly finding that any potentially significant environmental impacts would be mitigated by yet to be known permit conditions.

There will be a public comment and hearing process for these permits and we will likely need your support. Stay tuned.

County flood personnel have been noted surveying the Hahamongna basin in recent weeks. The scheduling of a court date will depend on Judge Lavin's schedule, but we don't expect a trial date before the summer. Meanwhile our legal team is preparing for the trial and tracking regulatory permitting issues.

We will keep you informed with regular updates.

No Big Dig Campaign Soars Past Goal

Pasadena Audubon and the Arroyo Seco Foundation were very pleased by the broad-based community support for our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to cover legal expenses for our lawsuit to take on the County horrendous plan for Hahamongna and our neighborhoods. Thank you to the more than 200 individuals and groups who made the campaign an overwhelming success. We exceeded our $25,000 goal by 34%, with a total of $33,976 raised.

To all contributors, your perks are on the way along with our gratitude.

Want to Understand the Issues Better?

View the news briefing held to announce the lawsuit. Click on the picture.


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