Supervisors Approve $7 Million More For Big Dig Trucker

September 18, 2019 — Los Angeles County Supervisors yesterday approved a 12% increase for the main construction and trucking contractor for their Big Dig project in Pasadena's Hahamongna Watershed Park.

The original contract for the Griffith Company was $66,564,504.25. Since that time, an additional $1,102,723.25 has been approved by LA County Public Works Department. Yesterday's action, approved unamimously without discussion, authorized changes in work for the contractor with an increase of $7,011,000 for a revised total contact amount of $74,678,227.40.

Contractor: Griffith Company
Changes in Work

Construct Access Ramps$   221,000
Smoke and Tamper Inspection of Haul Trucks     600,000
Upgrade Construction Equipment     800,000
Additional Flagging for Traffic Control  1,600,000
Additional Control Measures to Minimize Fugitive Dust such as Additional Sweepers and Water Trucks   3,600,000
Remove Additional Riprap    190,000



Since it began last November the County's Devil's Gate Dam and Reservoir Sediment Removal project, popularly known as the Big Dig, has generated a great deal of concern about diesel pollution, dust control, traffic and safety, with which the revised scope of work and funding are intended to deal.

What Do You Think?

  • Does Griffith Deserve a $7 million increase for the job they are doing?

  • Will the change order and additional funding solve the massive operational problems that have plagued the Big Dig project?

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