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<b>June 23, 2016</b> - County Flood Control officials Chris Stone and Keith Lilley made a report to the La Ca�ada City Council regarding the implementation of their Big Dig sediment excavation program for the Devil's Gate Dam area in Hahamongna Watershed Park.


Sara Caradine


La Ca�ada Valley Sun


Also Tuesday, the City Council heard progress reports on two large-scale regional projects that could have serious impacts on the community, and what\'s being done locally to reduce those impacts.

Chris Stone, assistant deputy director of Los Angeles County Public Works\' Water Resources Division, and civil engineer Keith Lilley shared news of upcoming work on the Devil\'s Gate Dam sediment removal project, a multiyear effort to remove 2.4 million cubic yards of debris from the over-filled reservoir.

They said contractors will begin clearing brush and building temporary access routes sometime in January. All previously agreed-upon mitigation efforts insisted upon by local environmentalists and La Caada city and school officials will be honored, Lilley said.

The agency plans to hold a series of community workshops in mid-July to inform residents of the project\'s parameters and the work that will take place. One of those meetings will take place in La Caada, however the date has not yet been finalized.




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