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Arroyo Seco channel slammed for pollution





October 20, 2007 - News of the pollution in the Arroyo Seco stream reaches as far as the water itself. Here it is featured in the Long Beach Press Telegram.


Associated Press


Long Beach Press Telegram


LOS ANGELES - A major tributary to the Los Angeles River is chock-full of bacteria, algae, fertilizer contamination and other pollutants, it was reported Saturday.

The Arroyo Seco, the channel that spills out of the San Gabriel Mountains with drinkable water, is fouled as it flows 15 miles past the Rose Bowl and Highland Park, a study shows.

"There are extensive amounts of what we are testing for -- the iron, the nitrates, the turbidity," said Andy Byrne, watershed director for the Arroyo Seco Federation.

The Pasadena Star-News reported that some water tested from the creek "was off the charts" for E. coli, a type of bacteria found in human waste that is an indicator of sewage.

Most of the contamination is flowing into the Arroyo Seco from streets and sidewalks, experts said. And the brew intensifies as it bakes in the sun in the concrete channel that contains the watercourse for much of its flow.
But, dirty water is cleaned in a section of park where natural grasses and a muddy stream bottom filter pollutants, Byrne said.



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