UPDATE: Hahamongna Nursery Lives On!

Interim City Manager Steve Mermel withdraws eviction notice and instructs city staff to develop a lease for the thriving native plant nursery. Advisory Committee vote and strong community support make the difference.

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Hahamongna Committee Says Stay Awhile

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Nursery Fact Sheet

ASF Applies for Long-term Use of Hahamogna Cooperative Nursery

The abandoned nursery site in Hahamongna on the former US Forest Service Ranger Station has really blossomed since ASF moved in last February to grow native plants for the Arroyo Seco Canyon Project. On January 12, 2016 ASF sent a letter of application to Pasadena's new Public Works Director, Ara Maloyan, to begin the process of securing a long-term lease of the 1/3rd acre site. In the last year ASF and our volunteers have decisively proven that we can operate a model native plant nursery with tremendous benefits for Pasadena and the community. We hope you will support our application for the long-term use of the site.

Nursery Application