How Green Is Pasadena?

Pasadena has a long history of lofty statements and plans regarding green issues and sustainability. The rhetoric is generally forward-looking and commendable, but the performance is often lagging. Adequate staffing and funding have generally not followed the plans and proclamations. You will note that many of the plans that set the policy are more then ten years old and seem to have been forgotten in recent years.

The true test of how green Pasadena is not how many plans or promises the City of Pasadena and its leaders have made, but rather what specific actions, community involvment and buy-in, and political leadership has Pasadena exhibited.

How do you think Pasadena has performed?

Here Are Some of the Most Important Policies and Plans (click to review)

Arroyo Seco Master Plans (2003) Environmental Charter & Green Report (2005) Green City Action Plan (2005) UN Environmental Accords and US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (2006) Open Space and Conservation Element (2012) State of the Urban Forest (2018) Climate Action Plan (2018) Power Integrated Resource Plan (2018) Water Integrated Resource Plan Update (2011)* Urban Water Management Plan (2015)*

* - An updated and combined Water Resources and System Plan is now being prepared but has not been made public.