Don't Let Them Destroy Hahamongna
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Several years ago you signed a petition to Save Hahamongna, that rare environmental treasure at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains in the Arroyo Seco. What makes Hahamongna so special is that it is the most important connecting link between the San Gabriel Mountains and the Los Angeles River.

ASF and Pasadena Audubon Society filed a lawsuit four years ago to reduce the negative impacts of LA County Flood District's $100 million sediment removal program. Large diesel-powered trucks will move into the Hahamona basin each work day for five years to destroy seventy acres of streamzone habitat and haul away 425 truckloads of habitat and sediment each day through residential neighborhood and freeways to distant landfills.

Our lawsuit has reduced the total amount of sediment that will be removed, but not the most devastating aspects of the Flood Control District's project. 70 acres of prime alluvial sage scrub and riparian habitat will be desecrated, destroying a vital wildlife corridor that is home to rare species, including the endangered least Bell's vireo.

We urge all who understand the value of Hahamongna and love it to sign the new petition now.

Devastation is set to begin in November.
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We need your continuing support to win this historic fight to Save Hahamongna and preserve the Arroyo Seco as a wonderful natural resource for future generations. Please give what you can.

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