Comments from Supporters of the Lower Arroyo Habitat Restoration Program

We support the Lower Arroyo Habitat Restoration Program and urge the City of Pasadena to protect the natural character of the Lower Arroyo and to replace the inappropriate, non-native trees.

18Jane Nolan91106Please let Mother Nature have her way!
17Rhea Presiado90740
16Portia Besocke91030Please remove the non-native trees and restore the native habitat to the Lower Arroyo Seco.
10Grant Nasution90640Save it
15Rachel Wing91106I fully support this proposal to restore native habitat in the Lower Arroyo Seco. I often walk there. I've noted the signs indicating some of the invasive plants targeted for removal and I approve of that. As a professional in the field of habitat restoration myself, in which I lead an invasive plant removal crew, I am aware that it requires more than a one-time removal effort -- long-term maintenance and restoration efforts are key to success.
19Tim Brick91101It's the nature that makes the Lower Arroyo so special. Let's do everything we can to restore and enhance the natural habitat of the Arroyo and remove the invasive trees and plants that degrade it.
20Rick Besocke91103Please remove all the non-native trees in the lower arroyo seco, to increase the biodiversity and habitat for native species.
21Barbara Eisenstein91030I have been volunteering at South Pasadena's Arroyo Seco Woodland & Wildlife Park for 14 years. We remove nonnative invasive species, including trees, to facilitate the gradual development of good habitat. Invasive, nonnative trees are an impediment to oak woodland habitat because they out-compete more appropriate native species. They also do not provide the best food, shelter, nesting materials and sites, and appropriate perches for native birds and other native animals. Chinese elm, eucalyptus, shamel ash, pepper trees and other nonnatives should be removed from the Lower Arroyo so they don't spread further degrading the ecosystem.
22Barbara Chung90403
23Emily91107Restoring native plants and trees improves the health of all ecosystems, and brings balance back to our unique area. Native trees need less water and maintenance since they are meant to be here. Long live native trees!
25Rebeca Poore91001I am in support of the restoration. After seeing the beautiful transformation of the devils gate bridge I want the arroyo to continue to be restored with natives so that it will be a thriving ecosystem!
26Becka Rodgers90042This truly seems like a no brainer. PLEASE let the non native plants be removed, natives reestablished, that way we can all sit back and watch the biodiversity FLOURISH
27Mark Warwick91001Please bring natives back to the lower arroyo!
28Haley Hopkins91205PLEASE, PLEASE Support this Habitat Restoration project!!! The Arroyo Seco we all love so dearly could really use this and flourish for all of the critters and companions, including us, who inhabit it :- )
29Andreas Sautter90066As a supporter of the unique biodiversity of this region I support support this important project.
30Benjamin Bishop91011
31Ayesha Randall91103-2026
32Melanie Winter91604
33Heather Heath90027
34Sarajo Frieden 90027
36Lauren Mahaffie90065
37Thea Wang91208I support this habitat restoration plan. It is so important to have a comprehensive plan for getting habitat to function for native wildlife and plants. We must plan for the future and start to make the lower arroyo a better native community of species.
38Monique OConner91107Replace non-natives with native species. If not replaced, non-natives will likely establish once again.
39L Weidman91103
40Cheri91001This change is absolutely essential to the mitigation of wildfires and keeping our environment safe and healthy.
41Sean Beck90245I support restoring the lower arroyo with native plants.
44Ed & Bee Simpson91030We believe natural habitats are the best for NATURE! Some people may like non native plants, but the animals who evolved with the natural flora need the natives. Restoring the land will ensure survival of other natives like birds, insects, and other animals. Thank you.
45Brenna C90065
46Bob Snodgrass91103I support the removal of non native plants and trees from the lower Arroyo, which will enhance its beauty and resistance to further climate change
47Cassandra Marketos90042Please can we get past this bullshit, uninformed, emotional attachment to non-native, water-sucking, soil-acidifying trees? Nobody should be allowed to weigh in on this issue without being meaningfully informed about the ecological habitat they're attempting to control.
48Tina Hart91105
49Kelli OLeary90042-1612
51Liga Auzins92840
52Jordan Sanchez91803While the beauty of Australian eucalyptus and other non-native trees is pleasing, restoration of native ecosystems is of far greater importance to the health of our wilderness than aesthetics. We have precious little wilderness remaining in Southern California and must take responsibility for our role in caring for our natural home.
53Bob Gutzman91105Non-natives are far inferior to native trees in every respect. One of the primary reasons to remove these non-natives is that eucalyptus and pine trees are extremely flammable. Of course, we don't want a fire ripping through the Arroyo, but if one were to happen it would be foolhardy to have kept these eucalyptus and pine "matchsticks" when we had the chance to remove them.
54Shawn Jimmerson90065
55Julio C Gaxiola90280Please support the movement to remove non-native trees and plants to replace them with native vegetation. Restoring native plants will help with factors such as climate resilience and improving habitats for native species. Thank you.
56Lorna Brosio91024People should want to understand science and how it helps us, and helps plants and animals too.
58Carol Clements91104Please use Ca native vegetation in this natural drought resistant environment. Its only getting hotter here and hopefully the natives will survive!
59Marcie Chan91105It is very important to remove non-native trees/shrubs/grasses and replace them with native plants. This will help tremendously with the health of the Lower Arroyo which has been declining noticeably over the past 20+ years--likely due to non-native plants out-competing the native plants and degrading the local biome. The co-benefits of undertaking this plan will be tremendous to the native plants and animals.
60SAVANNA WISTERIA98513Restore our habitat!
61Mary Beth DeHainaut91030
62SAVANNA WISTERIA98513Restore our habitat!
63Denise Jauregui90057
64Betty Sword91104-3708
65Mary Gandsey91104
66Elizabeth91104Please restore native habitat in the lower Arroyo Seco.
67Rebeka Gallardo91103
68Edwina Travis-Chin91104We have a unique opportunity to bring the Arroyo back to its naturalized state, using the native plants that are best suited for creating an historically accurate, environmentally sound, aesthetically appropriate and ecologically diverse habitat. The replacement of the existing non-native trees with native vegetation is crucial to re-creating this unique setting, and now that we have the opportunity to do a comprehensive restoration, it would be foolish not to follow through with this proposed plan.
69Janet pickering91101Its my favorite place in the area.
71Valerie Cabral90670
72Valerie Cabral90670
73Kendall davis86001I love my home of pasadena!
74Kendall davis86001I love my home of pasadena!
75Saveida Vazquez 90041Creating a natural habitat by using native plants will only enhance the arroyo with its beautification and eco system
76Saveida Vazquez 90041Creating a natural habitat by using native plants will only enhance the arroyo with its beautification and eco system
77Bat Vardeh91101The lower arroyo is a treasured natural area that should be protected and rehabilitated to its best possible state.
78Mickey Long91780I fully support this project to replace non-native trees with indigenous natives. Much research has shown that non-native trees completely fail to support native insects and the full ecosystem function they provide. This includes huge numbers of caterpillars as food for native birds. Initially any restoration project has a period of short-term, aesthetic reduction, but the long-term growth of new trees and shrubs will bring the area back to a beautiful and functioning ecosystem. Mickey Long, L.A. Co. Natural Areas Administrator, retired.
79Benjamin Oswald90032Please use as many native california plants as possible so as to provide the proper support for our wildlife!
80Eva Gramyk91101Removing these non-native trees and plants are the critical components for native habitat restoration.
81Daniel Walter90042I live just a few blocks from the arroyo seco and go jogging there 3-4 times a week. I have always wanted to have the non native plants removed and replaced with our beautiful native california fauna in order to support more of our native fauna. We have so few places left in Southern California where this is possible and I strongly support efforts to restore native flora to the lower arroyo.
83Matthew Loftis90240I am a student studying Environmental science and a habitat restoration technician for a non-profit. From what I've learned first hand, habitat restoration projects like this have profound social and ecological impacts. Restoring the Lower Arroyo Seco will provide habitat for pollinators we depend on and shelter for plants and animals we admire. It is a step towards environmental equity and a chance to engage the community into something greater. Despair is paralysis. Restoration is healing.
84Emily Tetri91207A native habitat would be more beautiful and give people an access point to understanding how beautiful native California landscapes can be while also providing important habitat resources. Please embrace this!
85Adam Gelbart90025Los Angeles needs more green spaces and native, functioning ecosystems. Restoration here is so important to maintaining a semblance of what Los Angeles was and is and preserving countless species of plants and animals. I support the restoration and care of a beautiful and vitally important part of one of our few natural spaces.
86Rachel Orfila91030I fully support habitat restoration in the Lower Arroyo Seco. Restoring native plants would create more habitat for wildlife and support bee and butterfly populations. I walk in this area regularly and have seen many invasive species crowding out native plants.
87Timothy Callahan91001
88Johana M90032Commit to local eco-restoration
89Jeffrey Fenstermaker91103As a Pasadena home owner, I am writing to let you know that I support the removal of non native plant species from the Arroyo. As the Bobcat fire rages it is clear how crucial healthy native plants and ecosystems are to make up for the colonizing of non native flora and fauna. Please remove the non natives! Thanks so much.
90Laura Atkinson91104
91Rory McGuinness91506I support the proposal to restore this habitat to its native character for the future enjoyment of citizens and the health of our natural environments. Thanks!
92Nicole Trevor91011I fully support the removal of non-native trees that are choking out native species.
93Veronica Ferrantelli91104
94peggy stewart92661non nAtive trees need to be removed. No matter that we have become accustomed to them in this era of increased fire danger they must go.
95Teresa Rios90222-1415
96Brynna91402As a certified California Naturalist, I believe it is critically important to replace the non-native trees with natives. Our introduction of non-native plant life into our state is a huge problem. It has drastically reduced our biodiversity, as non-native trees don't provide anywhere near the amount of food and habitat for our wildlife, and often, they create dead zones underneath them where our native plants cannot grow. Many of the non-native trees are also extremely flammable and must be replaced if we are to weather climate change.
97Sebastian Clough90265
98Jade Sanceri90650No one likes to cut down fully mature trees, but this will improve the area in the long term and make it a better, healthier environment in the future
99Teresa Rios90222-1415
100Jessica Sanchez90065More native plants is one of the most important things we can do to help with future wildfires!
101Emily Laguna91103
102Jamie Scott91105Please make every effort to fully restore the habitat to its native state throughout the Arroyo Seco.
103Jamie Scott91105Please make every effort to fully restore the habitat to its native state throughout the Arroyo Seco.
104Alfredo Martinez90032It is very important for us to restore/perserve this land. It is all around better for everyone
105Rudy Sather90042California native plants must be prioritized.
107Caleb Sotelo91103
108Natalie Chandler90031We need native oaks, native willows, black walnut, and native sycamores to replace these removed trees.
109Sheryl Turner91104
110Tori Gruber91356Although these trees and grasses are beautiful, their root systems and spreading patterns threaten native plants. Native ecology is essential to the rehabilitation, resilience, and beauty of southern California. Brazillian peppercorn trees and pampas grass are especially threatening. Creating public garden areas with native California plants is an excellent methodology of rehabilitation, and further's the public's awareness towards thinking about our relationship to the land and what we can do as a community. I support the habitat restoration in lower arroyo.
111Erynn Patrick90042restore our native habitats! thank you!
112Rochelle Kuan Hoffman 91780
114Kristen Edmond90041This restoration project supports a healthy ecosystem while offering incredible beauty for all to enjoy! As someone who has transformed my own landscape through the intentional planting of native species, I can attest to the incredibly positive impact of aligning the land with the local flora and fauna. I support this project through and through.
116MaryAnn Gallo90039Restoring the natural habitat and allowing it to flourish is the right way forward. I look forward to seeing ative trees, plants and wildflowers transform the Lower Arroyo.
117Emilie Sabath91104Lets restore the land to its naturally state, one that is better suited to this climate and this place. Thank you.
118Robert Lamont90042
120Erin Barrow91105I support restoration of the Arroyo.
121Bridget Samuels 91107
122Anno Hoeller91411
123Leah Jung Jung91801
124Anne Jones90065As a licensed landscape architect and former employee of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority I wholeheartedly support this project. Our native habitat areas are increasingly filled with non-native and invasive species that do not support native wildlife.
125sophia dauria91024
126Antonio Pierola91803
127Dee Sharon90041
128Sudi McCollum91206I support restoring the arroyo with native plants and trees. this will increase the native insects, birds and other animals.
129William Ambrosino 90032
130David Sanchez91105
131Rebecca Seman90042It is time for us to support the natural environment of our lower arroyo!!
132Kelly Ehrenberg91207Our family strongly supports the proposed restoration project and urge the City of Pasadena to protect the natural character of the Lower Arroyo. Ehrenberg Family, Glendale CA
133Kara Szabadi91604
134Arnold Siegel91103We need to restore the Arroyo as much as possible. This is an oasis in the middle of the city. I have lived by the Arroyo for 45 years. It is a constant battle to protect it from development and improper uses. This is an important step in restoring the Arroyo to what it might be.
135Nairi Megrabian91020
136James H Broderick91105
137Lupita Solano91030I am in support to protect the natural character of the Lower Arroyo and to replace the inappropriate, non-native trees.
139Sarah Sherman91001Always be committed to choosing the right, harder thing.
140Samantha King91214Native plants provide habitat for our native species and help them thrive.
141Samantha King91214Native plants provide habitat for our native species and help them thrive.
142Kay Liberman91105
144Mirelle Lindquist90027I fully support the habitat restoration and think it is super important for our area's future!
145kay liberman91105
146Kelsey Reckling90031We need to restore this native area with native plants to support our local wildlife, especially after the removal of important plants in the drain area by Hahamongna Dam and the decimation of our natural communities due to the Bobcat Fire.
147Jamie Davis91204
148Emily Thomas90027I am a home owner very close to the Arroyo and take my dog walking there several times a week. I bought binoculars just to go bird watch here during COVID, and I have been excited at the prospect of restoring more native plants here in order to see more of our local birds - including endangered birds like the least bells vireo.
149Natalie G.91001
150Paul McAllister91106This is awesome. Hope this goes through.
151Robyn Tom91108Non-native species need to be removed and replaced by native plamts in order to replenish our dying natural ecosystem.
152Brandon 90042
153Jennifer Payan90022I support the lower arroyo deco restoration project because I believe in regeneration and native plant restoration.
155Karen Ortolani91001Restore the Arroyo please
156Candace Seu91101I support the restoration of a tree and plant *ecosystem* that is adapted to this area and to the non-human species that have existed here far longer than we have. I sympathize with the desire to save trees. However, at this point we really need to pay attention to what is happening around us, and learn to open up, adapt, and become resilient - or we will suffer more. The wildfires that are choking us right now are fueled in part by global warming and invasive species. Eucalyptus trees are particularly inflammable. As the intensity and number of wildfires continues to grow each year, it seems negligent to *not* take mitigating precautions now, especially in a urban-wildlife interface like the Arroyo. Biodiversity collapse is linked to fragility in our watershed, microclimate, and soil health - all things that are essential to life. Unfortunately, the non-native trees not only outcompete, but inhibit native species through allelopathy. That is why this project is termed a restoration - allowing our unique and protective native biodiversity to recover. I look forward to a stronger, revitalized Arroyo with the completion of this project. Thank you for your consideration.
157Jane Tsong90042This section of the Arroyo Seco is an important element of a green corridor whose regional biodiversity benefits may multiply as more restorations occur in this region. Replacement of non-native trees will enable the restored habitat to be more sustainable (low maintenance) over time. Leaving seed-producing non-natives in the ground is a recipe for a landscape that will forever require a high level of maintenance (who can afford that?), and whose negative impacts will continue spread to all downstream and surrounding landscapes. I urge the City of Pasadena to be forward-thinking by taking steps to protect the irreplaceable biodiversity of this region.
158Stefani Greenwood91024Please!!!!! This would be wonderful and would support the beautiful lands!
159Marisa White-Hartman91001
160Nathaniel Greely91001
161beth fabinsky91011I support native plants! Let's make California look like California again instead of the same as all other Mediterranean climates
162Haley McMillen91105Please listen
163Noelle Albert06078Restore the balance!
164Donna Prince91208Planting native species in the Arroyo Seco is an incredible way to lead all of Pasadena and Southern California to proper bio-diversity so that the plants and animals native to this region can thrive and be ready for earths changing climate.
165Artin Teymourian91020
166Allyn Davis90039This is an important step in keeping the unique character of the area, and reinforcing the natural habitat!
167Jeff Ehrenberg 91207
168James Balzli91103Removing non-native and invasive tree and plant species is critical to the restoration of natural habitat in our priceless arroyo. Non-native species in the arroyo displace native vegetation and fail to provide appropriate food, shelter, and range for native animals and insects. Non-native species are not as well suited to our climate and thus became a liability - or even a threat - to the resilience of native habitat and its surrounding communities.
169Heather Blair91105As a trained Horticulturist I fully support the effort to remove non-native species and replace them with California natives. We need to think long-term and expect to do the best for the future of the Arroyo and not be hesitant to remove trees/shrubs that don't belong in a native landscape. Heather Blair
170Valerie Arias 91343I support the removal of all non-native plants that never should have been here .
172Kristina Kite91001I would like to voice my support for a restoration of the Lower Arroyo by planting all native species and removing any invasive, non-native plants and trees. This is a significant and vital step towards restoring a small part of our local ecosystem to benefit the wildlife, the environment, and to honor the native landscape.
173Joya Roy91105Please replace non-native plants and trees with Native plants and trees. Our local biome needs Natives!
174Bernadette F. Cole91104
175Christy Moision91106
176Richard McFarlane91105Returning the Arroyo to a more original habitat is a great idea! I live near there and have enjoyed the recent improvements immensely.
177Harry Matheu91105With all the fire danger, planting natives makes the Most sense. We live 1/2 a block from the la Loma bridge, and we live in fear. Saving old eucalyptus trees just because they are old is foolish. Lets get this area back to what nature intended.
178Tom Chester92028
179Jennifer Aparicio 91011
180Michael Gorospe91103
181Levi Brewster91001Recovering the biodiversity of our native landscape is critical to a livable future. I support removing non native pla t species as part of restoring the Arroyo Secondary.
182John OBrien91011
183Kirsten Harbers91105
184John91107Don't let a few ill-informed residents torpedo this worthy project.
185Patricia Birk91030Please support the removal of the non-native species in the Lower Arroyo. This is key for the success on native plant and animal species.
186Deb Frazin90027
187jackie gomez91106
188Gerald Schwarzenbach91105-2846Restore to native vegetation, only!
189Alison Kuo90065
190Monica Mata91001
192Abbie Smith91106
193Dominique matelson91367I support the protection of the natural character of the lower arroyo and to to replace the in appropriate, non-native trees.
194Jessica Arevalo91776Now is the time to actively rehabilitate natural spaces in need so that the public can enjoy these beautiful spaces once the pandemic subsides. I fully support this endeavor to restore the lower arroyo <3!
195Betsy Mertens91105
196Yessenia Casey91105
197Nicholas Christensen 90042
198Michael Hessian90250Go Native!
199Adry Furchtgott91103Please support this proposal - now more than ever we need to work on bringing back native plants &removing invasives! This will help with maintaining the local biodiversity and keeping/bringing back animal and insect populations while also being more appropriate for our water needs & fire risks.
200Eliana 90023
201Colleen Hamman91107
202Nicholas Fahey91001This is literally my backyard, I can see the spreading pools from my back fence. The non native plants and trees in my back yard are a fire risk to my home and family. I support the removal of these non native plants and the planting of native plants. If the opportunity to replace the non native plants with native plants to create a useful space for the citizens of Pasadena is wasted you will have another person actively campaigning to remove Terry Tornek and his administration. As well as someone that will be a thorn in the side of PWP, since they would rather turn an opportunity for Pasadena into a dead zone with no benefit for its tax paying citizens.
203Elaine Greenwood91024This restoration project is very important!
204Jahlen pinelo93536Planting native plant life is imperative to a healthy ecosystem. Removing invasive species would make the arroyo more hospitable for native wildlife and i fully support this.
205Alexandra Nordquist90031I support native planting and habitat restoration as a constituent of the LA County region and an avid outdoor recreation enthusiast. We need to protect the commons and the native flora and fauna that exists in this region. Being thoughtful and reviving input and recommendations from local groups that work on habitat restoration and healthy land stewardship is critical it only for aesthetic/recreation purposes, but also it's financially sound to practice regenerative land practices.
206Ross Heckmann91006
208Pascal Vieira 90008
209Graham Fortier91001
210C. T. Reed91107
211Ann Grodin90210Non- native trees contribute to the fire dangers we face year round now.
212Evelynn Fortier91001
213Susan Campisi91001It might seem counter-intuitive to remove ANY trees, but removing non-native species is the best way to ensure a healthy ecosystem far into the future. Studies have shown that biodiversity of plants and insect populations are much higher in native trees vs. non-native trees. Please put the long-term health of the ecosystem at the forefront of your thinking in making this decision and go ahead with the plan to remove non-native trees. Thank you.
214Ann Donahue91001Please re-introduce the native plants, which assist in water saving and fire prevention.
215Kayla Barkley91214Restoring the Lower Arroyo Seco is an important step in preserving biodiversity and making our communities more resilient against wildfires.
216Timothy Neufeld91105
217Shawn Michael91362Restore the lands!
218Liam Regan90068I agree
220Kaia D97401
221Al Cullen91107By all means vote to remove the non native trees and plants. With climate change these will probably not survive anyway.
222Sarah Hilbert91104We are native gardeners at my home in NE Pasadena and have been for 15 years. The positive changes that this pastime has contributed to my hyperlocal landscape have been remarkable - the attraction & support of numerous bird/wildlife/insect species, many of whom now reside directly on our property; erosion control; drought-friendly; and finally, the admiration of neighbor who constantly stop by to see "what's new in the garden" It's been a community builder for us while simultaneously supporting sustainability. We want to see this process and benefit in the Lower Arroyo too! PLEASE support the initiative to bring native species to this area and to remove non-native, invasive species.
223Alexandra Lewin43402I support the protection of the Lower Arroyo! Please dont destroy the habitat of many animals and create further environmental issues
224Alyssa Bains 91786
225Sarah Oh91106
226Nikki haun90245great opportunity to use the funds in a way that will pay you back for decades to come!! Would bring in lots of visitors, help native wildlife and species, enhance the beauty of the area. Its a win-win!
227Constance Brines80303Former resident of the Arroyo area, I remain an ardent proponent of native habitats. Pasadena is overrun with water-intensive, fire-prone trees that never should have been planted. Please take the opportunity to correct our past errors.
228Louisa Van Leer90042Please continue the vital habitat restoration work in the Lower Arroyo. Please stay the course. With global warming threatening the habitats of all living things, our planet is in greater need of habitat restoration not less!
229Marie Mingoia90402
230christopher Nyerges91104Definitely, the many non-natives should be removed, esp. the eucalyptus. I strongly urge those who work this project to keep it as "wild" as possible after planting native plants. Let the wild animals have their place, and let's avoid all the plumbing and pipes that we see now to the north in the Oak Grove park area.
231Serge Monkewitz91024I support the restoration of native vegetation to the Lower Arroyo.
233mary foltyn91106
234Yvonne Cullen92672Please vote to remove the non native species in the subject area. Invasive species help no one including wildlife and plants.
235Kate Sullivan91006I support removing certain invasive trees in service to restoring the native habitat for the benefit of the Arroyo's ecosystem. Thank you!
236soyoung kim91106we write in the hopes that the city of pasadena will use native, indigenous plants and trees in the lower arroyo seco restoration area. they will grow more successfully through our changing climate crisis/water shortages and create a more natural habitat for the animals! please dont waste the funds on plants that will cause more damage in the long run/choke out native plants!
237Maria Soprano91105
238Alonia Rose90065
239Kathryn Kirkpatrick91105
240Nicole Gelbart90025This area is crucial for our wildlife and we need a restoration project that is as beneficial for local biodiversity as possible.
241Gary Clark91214We will be far ahead moving to an all-native plant group. My experience, and some research is the natives all interact and work together. The non-natives damage this interaction.
242Ashley 91789Please protect the natural character of the Lower Arroyo.
243Trudy Penland91030
244Isabella Leon90004Remove non-native plants that prevent biodiversity!
245Ryan Bradley90041
247Xochi Maberry-Gaulke90039More than ever, we need more native plants. Enhancing this bio diverse native zone will help the greater area.
248Jody Donnelly91104
249Angela Clubb
250barry mendel91105
251Christopher Ciketic91606I want CA native plants and trees!
252Michelle Chaldu91104
253Kalea Dunkleman91107Please remove the non-native plants and trees and do everything possible to protect and nurture this vital part of Pasadena ecology and environmental history!
254Math90065Please help make this space more natural and beautiful.
255Leslie Carothers91001With the current fires burning out of control in our area, the need for proper, native plant restoration of the Lower Arroyo becomes even more apparent and vital. Non-native plants can be invasive, and some, such as Eucalyptus can be especially flammable. This is a wonderful opportunity to restore native habitat and create lasting beauty in our Arroyo.
256Angela Clubb91214Native garden!
257Lee Zanteson91103
258Patricia G Martinez, PhD91801We must do whatever we can to decrease fire hazards in the Arroyo and this is a big step in the right direction.
260Ronald Escue91011
261Mike Letteriello90814California's vegetation going forward is the only thing that makes sense for our climate now and the continuing support of local wildlife and pollinators.
262Gilda Davidian90041
263Ken Kules91107I support the Lower Arroyo Seco habitat restoration plan
264Katie Conner91024
265Gwendolyn Mathers91106
266Courtney Novak91107Sounds like a great plan.
267Kaitlyn 90062
268claire redman90042
269Melanie Gonzalez 90041I am in full support of this project.
270Kaitlyn 90062
271Heidi Wojnarowski 91107
272Will Gutzman91105The proposed landscaping looks beautiful!
273Julie Desmond90041
274Becky Yamamoto91606
275Ralph V Centra91606-2730
276Anye Deana91104
277Priscilla Bransby 91001
278Mary Dobson90032I support removing non native plants and trees in the lower arroyo seco restoration area and replacing them with native plants and trees!
280Zoie matthew90042
281Zoie matthew90042
282Camille Kolodziejski90031I support removing invasive species from the Lower Arroyo! Native plants will help out our bugs and birds and animals and restore our relationship with the land here.
283Sharon Sedillo 91001
284dick polsby91105 , this would be a great step forward
285Evan Drolet Cook90007
286Pam Clark91203Please support the indigenous plants and trees of the lower-Arroyo!
287Teri Wilde91011Please return the Arroyo to its natural state by replacing non-native plants and trees like gum eucalyptus, Chinese elm, etc. with indigenous species.
288McKenzie Sime92780Please restore the lower arroyo area! These projects are very important for preserving and bringing back diversity in our ecosystems.
289Mary Gavel91104
290Austin J Cox91107This is so important! The land should be restored to its original state as much as possible!
291Rich Toyon91214
294Benjamin90039Removing non-native plants is an important part of wildlife restoration. It will allow the natural ecosystem to remain balanced and more beautiful than its been in over a hundred years.
295Carol Church91107
296Abigail Heath90004This is such an important initiative for both Pasadena and greater Los Angeles countyplease take action to support native plant life!
297Amanda Rose Holmon92373Keep California clean and vibrant. Native plants support life and prosperity, please consider allowing these naturalists save our home.
298Nena Davis91001
299Liliana Griego91030As a resident of South Pasadena, I frequent the Lower Arroyo Park almost everyday. It is encouraging that there is momentum to restore the Lower Arroyo Park but I hope that it is done in a thoughtful way. We need to ensure that this is not just a beautification project but a restoration project that enhances the ecosystems function. We need to prioritize native trees and plants to create a thriving riparian ecosystem. I hope that the City of Pasadena recognizes the urgency and need to remove non-natives, plant native species, and create a thriving ecosystem that will help combat our climate crisis and provide benefits for both humans and wildlife.
301Behnam Nazemkki91007
302Seanna Moens91605
303Anita Joshua91342
304Michael J Atkins90029It is no secret that our climate has changed and we need to improve our coexistence with a warming planet. This requires us to re-imagine our urban forests and waterways as places that support native vegetation and wildlife. I support habitat restoration in the Lower Arroyo and believe this project is urgently imperative.
305Noel Rhodes 90042I support the effort to enhance the Arroyo Seco by planting native plants to replace non-native plants.
306Marie Massa90031Removing these non-natives and replacing them with local natives will greatly enhance the environment for animals and insects.
307Bill Rakow91105I totally support the enhancement plan to restore the native plants in the Lower Arroyo.
308Ary Sanchez90063This area should be restored and conserved. this should be led by the original peoples of this land
309Lin Griffith94619-2211I have walked many times over many years in the Lower Arroyo and plan to do so again soon. I look forward to seeing a fully native ecology there at last. Eucalyptus and Elm have no place in the natural ecology of California. The beauty of the Lower Arroyo is that it is a natural native habitat for wildlife--and for us.
311Christine C Rakow98103The Lower Arroyo restoration plan would be of great benefit.
312Beth Davis Perez91104
313Regan Hutson91106This is a worthwhile project and will help enhance the beauty of the area. Please expand on efforts to showcase native plants and restore habitat.
314Patrice Sena91106protect & replace the inappropriate, non-native trees & plants
315Naomi 91030
316Barbara Goto91214Replacing non native trees with natives is better for wildlife and fire fuel reduction.
317Karen90064I wholeheartedly support restoration of the Arroyo Seco
318Karen90064I wholeheartedly support restoration of the Arroyo Seco
319Michael Gasbarro 91030I urge the City of Pasadena to reconsider the use of non-native plants in any plans to restore the Lower Arroyo. All work should prioritize the removal of invasives and improve the natural ecology of this wonderful public space.
320John Herziger91024
321Kim Staley91104
322Amber Collins-Lopez91024
323Matt Hemingway90041if they ain't native trees then they should be replaced with more natural varieties.
324Laura Hodge91024I support 100% the work being done to protect the natural character in the Lower Arroyo Seco and the need to replace the inappropriate and non-native trees.
325Goetz Wolff90065
326Kalea Dunkleman91107Please remove the non-native plants and trees and do everything possible to protect and nurture this vital part of Pasadena ecology and environmental history!
327Gregory A. ChandlerI'm in full support of the city's plan!
328Maria Elgueta90042The Lower Arroyo is beautiful, but there is room for improvement by eliminating invasive plants and bringing in more native plants.
331Jessica 90041
332Carole Scurlock91104
333Mario91001Please remove these non native trees to encourage the native trees.
334Milano Chow91024
335Sam Saison90042-1010
336B Willett91103Enlarge the project!
338Lois Brunet91101Very excited about this restoration project which should enhance the Arroyo Seco and provide much needed native plants for our birds and other wildlife. Native bird populations have declined by 25% since 1970 in North America. This is due to many factors. The use of non-native plants in urban landscaping, including parks is a big one. By removing non-natives and planting native trees and plants, we provide the habitat that our wildlife needs to survive and thrive.
339Alicia Villa 91709
340Weslee Glenn91106
341Cathy Chang91801We need this!
342Katie Tilford90027This is a wonderful project that will help dwindling populations of local wildlife and pollinators thrive.
343Don Hahn91103I support this restoration of native plants
345Diane Crum91030In agreement with plans.
346M Step91101
347Elyse 95100
348Therese Brummel91104Native plants support native wildlife and on up the food chain. Foreign plants do not generally support any local wildlife and often suck up too much water.
349Adam Resnick90026Please remove the non-native trees and plants and replace them with beautiful native plants that are well adapted to the area and will provide higher levels of biodiversity for native animals and insects.
350Joan Kaplan91001-1649
351Camille Rutkowski91803The last big restoration with many new plantings and lots of added drip and sprinkler watering was ignored and forever forgotten. I hope this new effort will be treated differently.
352Evan Walsh90029please listen to the knowledgeable and right minded people of the arroyo seco foundation, and devote the funds and work to performing this wonderful restoration. there's no more important use of our resources than towards restoring our land, which will only improve the future for our communities. thank you!
354Nancy wu90065
355Katie riggs91107
356Rosalinda Vasquez 91104
357Christine 91103
358Trudy Penland91030
359Anh Hoang91030
360Deborah Mindry91001
361Julio Rodriguez91342
362Audrey Harrison90012Yes!!! More bio diversity within the natural framework!! Not only will it benefit the aesthetics of the area but be amazing and fortifying for the environment and the other organisms in the around! By making sure only native plants are grown the land climate and weather will already be ideal for maintaining these plants the natural eco system will take care of them and in turn take care of us too!
363Faine Aichele91711Native habitats are the most sustainable landscapes; preservation of resources is paramount.
364barbara poland91214We need more native growth not invaasive species for the return of native california and its wildlifenj
366Liz Maynard91107
368Tom Erler98146When I lived in Pasadena in 2008, the Arroyo Seco was my refuge and being able to see indigenous flora and fauna (though severely reduced) interact was rejuvenating. More significant than just a place to visit, the increased interactions that will occur among native plants and animals will provide many additional ecosystem services that will benefit the overall health of this valuable ecosystem.
369Susan King90042
370Andres Martinez91001I support the efforts by the Arroyo Seco Foundation to install native plant and tree species over non-native or invasive ones.
371Ryan Snyder 90022Although I dont live near this community I understand that we are all interconnected through nature. I hope this restoration project happens for the benefit of the indigenous people and those who live on their lands. As forests burn, we must restore.
372Glenn Camhi91106It can be hard when faced with two valid and important, yet competing goals. But this long-overdue restoration of the Lower Arroyo Secos native habitat to its historic character is by far the more compelling and important goal for the long term. It cannot be done halfway, as some are suggesting. We can't keep non-native, invasive, and in some cases allelopathic plantings in the midst for the restoration to succeed. Restoring the native habitat will not only be better ecologically, but it will make the Lower Arroyo even more beautiful, vibrant, and easily sustainable.
373Anthony Sweeney91024Strong supporter of going native when ever possible.
374Taylor Paez91104I am in support of the removal of non-native and invasive plants and trees in the Arroyo Seco. Planting non-natives will come at an ecological cost in terms of loss of good habitat for our native birds, bees, butterflies, I could go on! Planting natives would help support our local ecosystem and create a strong environment for the benefit of native animals and the enjoyment of people. Thank you.
375Susan Hopkins91104This natural area should be host to native plants and not invasive non natives. Thank you, Susan Hopkins California Naturalist
377Alyssa Bereznak90026I support this project!!
379Kimberly Berry91001
380Marcy M Harbut91001With the devastating wildfires all around us, it is even more critical that we restore our lands with native plants and eradicate non-native species. Native plants are adapted to our landscape and serve the fundamental needs of habitat and food to native animals, who not only do not directly benefit from invasive, non-native plants, but are harmed by them. If nothing else, please do this for the animals. They need every inch of habitat that is left for them.
381Heidi J Hood91024Invasive species while beautiful are not appropriate when trying to re-native a habitat. Native bees, butterflies, birds and animals would also benefit from this restored area. Pasadena is filled with non native and invasive species. Why not start creating areas that are native to the area. They are waterwise and beautiful and necessary.
382Madison Artis91214
383Erica Silverman90031Restoring native habitat and supporting biodiversity is our responsibility to future generations and one tool in the process of slowing and reversing climate change. Cities around the world are stepping up and working to make the urban landscape part of the solution. Pasadena should not shirk its responsibility. At this moment in history, step up and get it right! Thank you!
384Jennifer Wong90012
385Jerry Schneider90065Thsi is a project that is long overdue. Taking out non native trees, and replacing them with appropriate native species will elevate the whole ecosystem. We all will win, our environment, our future.
386P. Feinblatt91104
387Lori Paul91001Do NOT remove the non-invasive mature trees in the Lower Arroyo. The existing trees took decades to grow; they contain protected nest sites for birds and provide habitat for small wildlife; produce shade for trail users and reduce urban heat island effect; sequester carbon, and look lovely. Please do NOT cut down these trees! Also, UFAC should not be holding this important meeting during the pandemic, while many of us are under evacuation warning for the Bobcat Fire, and when there is conflict with an important L. A. County meeting re: a trash services contract for Altadena. Those of us who enjoy the undeveloped Lower Arroyo Seco which connects Nature and visitors to our upper Arroyo Seco via Hahamongna Watershed Park (whats left of it) and the Gabrielino Trail need to weigh in on this issue. However, theres been too little public outreach re: the proposed tree removals. Please... either protect the trees, or reschedule this meeting after appropriate outreach and at a time when theres no wildfire and no County meeting. Thank you! Lori
389Jim Burns 91775Spend the money for future enjoyment of the lower Arroyo..
390victor griego90041Thanks
391Marilyn Garcia91106SJ
392Erica Rice90042
393Michelle Blade91201I am in full support and think this is a wonderful idea!
394James Ipekjian91106Please remove all non-native plants and if anything is going to be added, keep it native.
395Paul Felix91106While I understand the reluctance to eliminate beautiful trees, there are sound reasons to reestablish the native ecology of the lower Arroyo and these particular species would inhibit the process.
396Elliott Mazur91103I support removal of non-native plants, especially the "tree of heaven" Ailanthus altissima. This is noxious and impossible to control.Native plants keep themselves under control
397Vanessa Wolf90042I live along the Lower Arroyo Seco and my family and I love the native birds and plants that live alongside. Without the past restoration efforts along the Arroyo Seco, the wonderful diversity we have now along the concrete channel would not exists. Continued effort is absolutely critical to ensure a thriving habitat for these wonderful species. They have so few intact habitats within the city bounds - what a wonderful treat for the families living here to be able to see birds such as Great Horned Owls (whom I've seen on midnight walks). Birds like that need a thriving ecosystem of small mammals, who in turn need native plants to make their homes and forage for food. A native plant species can support exponentially more biodiversity than a non-native species. Additionally, with the threats of extreme weather from climate change, native plants have drought/flood resiliency. Please consider that most non-native trees in California do not have the same threat to their very existence that our natives do - consider how many rare and unique plants that smell so wonderful and can be found no where else, like Artemesia California. Or the over 1600 bees native to California, who don't sting or make honey, and need native flowers to live. Please, consider the lives of these precious plants and animals that need our help to thrive in our communities again.
398Nicholas Plati91001RESTORE Lower Arroyo Secos native habitat to the way its meant to be. No more non-native plants and/or trees in Lower Arroyo Seco. If people are attached to non-natives like the Chinese Elms or Canary Island Palms so much, then these folks need to install them in their own personal backyards.
399Jesse Turits90026Utilizing native plants brings all of us incredible joy. Natives look and smell incredible and are wonderful natural habitats for native animals. Likewise, maintenance and overhead is significantly reduced. Youll absolutely save money down the track. Many inappropriate trees and plants wont survive and then youll just have to make a whole new planting. Trees and plants set up for success grow and create studied climates which have shown direct links to reduction in crime rates, stability of domestic water and electric use, and a decrease in mental health issues for the region they are in. This is due to the general decrease in temperature and environmental issues that native trees and plants provide as they grow, create shade, and store water. What a magnificent thing native plants are for a community. Socially and for your bottom line should be your only path forward.
400Madeleine Dauer06320
401Neara Russell90042While I understand and share concerns about removing mature trees, the restoration of native species is a worthy goal that I support for long term health of the Arroyo Seco. I am a resident of Highland Park and frequently recreate in the Lower Arroyo, and enjoy the shared wildlife population that crosses over into my neighborhood.
402Lisa Tomchesson 90065
403Lisa Tomchesson 90065
404ricky montgomery90029We need to respect this stolen land.
405Dot Wong91001River restorationand ecosystem green zones is needed now more than ever. Let nature lead the way. It is vital to support habitat restoration in harmony with recreationaluse.
406Steven Youra91030Bravo!
407John Ipekjian91106
408Cynthia Alvare90063This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in our local environment and take action in restoring our beautiful Arroyo Seco. I urge you to consider the funding of this project and make good use of the available funds. Dr. Cynthia Alvarez
409Michael Storc91001Pasadena and Los Angeles have been filled with invasive plants from all over the world. As a native of LA I was an adult before I knew the plants and animals that actually belong here. The Hahamonga watershed is the gateway to natural Los Angeles. We now have the opportunity to restore the mistakes of the past, and return Southern California to its natural beauty. We must restore it with native vegetation, and lead the way to a beautiful, real California!
410Joan & Andreas Aebi91107We need restore the Lower Arroyo to what is native to the area.
411Summer Abdel95401We must care for our remaining natural habitats NOW, for all the land being lost to wildfires and climate change, we need to invest in our beautiful Californian habitat.
412Jeff Neff90029It is vitally important that native plants are allowed to grow without competition from invasive plants. It is for the health of the Arroyo and the neighborhood that the non-natives be removed.
414Stacie Meyer 90065I support the rehabilitation of habitat in the lower Aaroyro Seco . To protect the character with only native plants and trees . This is critical to a longer term need for preserving native habitat not just in Southern California.
415Ani Singh91711
416Juliana Woodhead91103Having grown up in Pasadena, I have deep affinity for the Arroyo Seco and would love to see it restored by removing non-native plants and replacing them with native plants.
417Jackie L.90037I stand with the Arroyo Seco Foundation (ASF) in removing invasive and non-native plant species from this project. As non-indigenous people who have settled in this landand now reckon with the effects of climate change brought on by our ecologically illiterate actionswe must turn to our Native American peers who have generations of knowledge about how this land must be cared for. To keep non-native trees and plants would be to further exert our harmful, colonialist practice on this community and their home. In the spirit of what this prioject is meant to achieve, I call on you to decolonize your actions and prioritize the indigenous perspective, which inherently puts biodiversity first.
418Michele Lacher91011This initiative will help preserve the beauty and charm of the natural areas in Pasadena. Additionally, its the right thing to do for the environment. It also provides a good opportunity to educate others about our natural vegetation.
420Valerie Antillon91101Please protect the natural character of the Lower Arroyo and replace the inappropriate, non-native trees.
421Jenny Steinbeck91020
422Armen Kerasimian91208Please spread this wonderful idea to neighboring cities.
423Noel Rhodes 90042I support the effort to enhance the Arroyo Seco by planting native plants to replace non-native plants.
425Marcelle Heimdal91361This restoration work is critical to the region, especially with the negative effects of climate change and reduction of native habitat. These restored areas are a great benefit to the community in providing more drought and fire resistant spaces, as well as adding beauty and enriching peoples lives.
426Traci Larson90065As an LA County resident living near an even lower section of the Arroyo Seco riverbed, I benefit greatly from the work being proposed here. Please help the wildlife in my backyard by proceeding with this native habitat restoration project.
427Rachel Whitt92674I grew up in Pasadena and lived by the Arroyo Seco. I do habitat restoration in Orange County where I now live. This is a wonderful plan.
428Milutin Marich91107I am very familiar with this particular area - casting pond, archery area. and jogging path and support the restoration.
429Lauren 90026
430Cade Stewart91791The importance of supporting native plant life and the habitats they foster should be underscored at this time more than ever when considering the role nonnative and invasive plants hold in altering water and fire regimes. Such plants can outcompete native plants for resources and dry out the surrounding area, while making the area more susceptible to fires and doing nothing for the local fauna. The removal and restoration of the area they occupied is of immense benefit to Californias wildlife and biodiversity, even moreso important as such are constantly under attack from botched proposals, climate change, and unsustainable housing and industrial developments
431Peter Braun91105-1447
432Brian Queen91106Please allow the non-native trees to be removed.
433Gina DiMassa91001This is a critical time for the City of Pasadena to work toward restoring native habitats, particularly in the Lower Arroyo Seco and other sensitive natural environments. Given the flammability of some of the introduced species such as Australian Gum Trees, among others, this is an appropriate and beneficial way to adapt to the devasting effects of climate change in our area.
434Timothy Neufeld91105
435Karen Suarez91016Native trees have a benefit to our local biodiversity. Non native trees are not only much less beneficial, they are a problem. These non native trees cost tax dollars to control invasiveness, become falling dangers, are a more flammable fire hazard, promote non native insects and birds that compete with native ones. These lessons we have learned, and I applaud measures to be more the way California evolved to be. Nature is always teaching us.
436Mary Brooks90026
437WILLIAM KUEHN91105Please remove the non native trees and plants. We want to leave the Lower Arroyo a more vibrant environment with good balance of nature for our succeeding generations. A well funded and conceived program of insuring the survival of the new native plants is in place.
438David Cline91042I support the project to plant native plants and trees along the Arroyo Seco for a more sustainable and natural environment.
440Kirby Cline91042I support this petition. Native plants are vital for the area to maintain balance and to keep the area sustainable for years to come.
441Paloma Avila91001Planting native species and removing invasive nonnative species is key to helping our land become resilient in the face of climate change and destruction. This is a necessary and vital project for Pasadena.
442Dee Sharon90041
443Dee Sharon90041
444Anne Mello91107-3038
445Andrea Davis91106Please support the native species restoration project in the lower arroyo -- we use this area for recreation weekly and enjoy the space, however the habitat is severely damaged and could benefit the community to be greatly upgraded. Furthermore, habitat destruction via non-native species is epidemic to our mediterranean climate and any efforts to restore species diversity is important.
446Marsha D. Fowler91001We need to Go Native!
447Perren Carrillo90019
448Rex A Mayreis91001The Arroyo Seco is a wonderful place to visit. Restoring a native habitat would be a very positive step in maintaining a sustainable environment to support the local wildlife.
449Eric Flanagan91106This is sorely needed! Also need a bike path that connects all the way to the LA river
450Jonathan Reed Brown91016As a certified arborist, Chinese elms are an invasive species and do nothing for the native habitat. The non native plants in this area should be removed and the city should move ahead with the restoration project. I am the great grandson of Joshua Reed Giddings, a founding pioneer of Pasadena and Altadena. I would like to see this great area restored to it's natural state.
451Kjersti McDonald66713
452Blaine Cavena91105
453Patricia Brown91016I am in support of this restoration project. My husband's family has lived in this area since the 1870's, and I know they would love to see this area restored to it's original natural beauty.
454Amy Nettleton91030I am a landscape architect and use the Lower Arroyo Seco regularly. I fully support this effort to restore a more natural plant community and habitat to the area.
455Marjorie Hunt90042In this time of climate change and fires, it is more important than ever that we promote out natural ecosystem and bring back plants that are well adapted to this area. Please support this project and support native plants.
456Barbara Readick91195
457Noel Rhodes 90042I support the effort to enhance the Arroyo Seco by planting native plants to replace non-native plants.
458Steve Messer90041
459John Latta91106Ibsuopoty
460Debby Brown91016I, along with my family, am in support of this restoration project. We have been hiking in the Monrovia/Sierra Madre/Pasadena area since me and my siblings were young, and all five of us stand with the restoration project.
461Jay9177pGoodluck <3
462Pat Wolff91104OGBac5 I think California native plants should be planted more often to support the native birds and insects. Too msny people have no appreciation for our own natural plants!
463Fred Schwarzenbach91105
465Holly Nava90042Fully support this project to revitalize the Lower Arroyo and add to the biodiversity of the area!
466Benjamin Brown91016My name is Benjamin Brown. I hold multiple horticultural certificates and degrees, a bachelors degree in environmental biology, and a master's degree in regenerative studies from California Polytechnic University, Pomona. It is imperative that these non-native, invasive trees be removed, and that we move ahead with this restoration project. Unfortunately I was made aware of this petition very close to the deadline to sign, so I don't have time to leave the comments I would have preferred to give. If desired, I can be reached for further comment at or via my cell phone at (626) 848-7760.
467Roger Smith91001
468leila c91767i support habitat restoration! returning to native ways of preserving the land is essential which the california fires have only proven
469Jason Schoettlet91105We support the project, which promises restoration of a key Pasadena natural habitat and open space.
470Ximena Gil90031I plead with the City of Pasadena to restore their sense of place by restoring native vegetation in order to better help wildlife, bring community together, and restore biodiversity
471Tom Mills91104As a 30 year Pasadena resident, and home-owner, I join in to urge the City of Pasadena to support this important habitat restoration project. It will make our already beautiful and esteemed city more so.
472Paul Yocum91107Looking forward to it!
473Michael Hoccom91007Restoring native habitat is absolutely the right thing to do.
474Eric Matthew Brown91016Me and my uncle hike in the San Gabriel mountain range and he has told me a lot about the Arroyo. I think this habitat restoration project is a good thing, and I support it.
475Bruce D Schwartz90042I support the City of Pasadena's plan to remove inappropriate, non-native trees from the Lower Arroyo Seco 100%.
476Sarah Schoettler91105I strongly SUPPORT this initiative.
477Doug Molitor91722I still hike in the canyons of my hometown, Altadena. It's time.
478Stephen Wright90012I would like to voice my support for replacing invasive trees with native trees, plants and wildflowers indigenous to the Lower Arroyo Seco where the non-natives were removed. This is in an important issue to me!
479Sharbel Avellan90031Habitat restoration is key to support the ecosystem
480Margaret Arnold90042
482Clifford Green91107
483Nancy T91803
484Annette Drey91106I believe in restoring the Arroyo to its native state. It would really enhance the area to those of us who use it regularly.
485Alex Allen92691Please install native plants to reduce the impacts of development. Non-native plants do not support the habitat. We need native plants in order to have a healthy bird population, and so much more.
486Annika H91001We support not just the removal of non-native trees and invasive plant species but of a restoration of native plants and habitat through the Lower Arroyo.
487Keiko Miller90065It takes generations and lots of patience to re-wild previously altered areas by humans after their imagined ideals. If there is any way I can help as a senior citizen, please help involve me. We could be powerful in number! Sincerely, Keiko
488Anita Sohus91011
489Marilyn Koo91104Its so important for our local environment as well as global environment as a whole to keep indigenous plants in their proper environment! It benefits the animals, people, and resources that goes into the area. We are already in a climate crisis, we must retain and protect native environments whereever we can
490Ron Manzke91106I am in full support of this project.
491Jessica 91104Restoring native landscape should be a top priority because they support our local ecology and general beauty of the area. This should be a top priority.
492Blair Manzke91106
493Rick Sill91106
495Robin Newquist 91105Native plants please
496Isabelle Gedigk91501
497Isabella aleman90806
498PJ Roden90042I believe it is appropriate to restore the Arroyo to its native habitat.
500Jasminne Monique Morataya91702I don't understand what the resistance is to this proposal if the increase of native plant species and removal of invasive ones is a boost to biodiversity in the area. It also looks a lot nicer.
501Elizabeth Kay Virata Davis91765I support the protection of the natural character of the Lower Arroyo.
502John Smith90042We need as many locally native plants in the ground at Hahamongna as possible!
503Jane Pojawa92346I lived for most of my life near the Arroyo Seco. It is one of the most accessible wildlife areas for LA County and I strongly advocate for its restoration so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come.
504Sharon C Weisman91214There are plenty of Canary Island pines in private yards, including a couple 90-plus foot tall ones in our yard, no need to have them in a native habitat on public land.
505Cornelia Minkey91103Chinese Elms are not suitable for the Lower Arroyo. Their branches need pruning regularly. Proposed restoration is long overdue.
506Rebecca Lieb90031Revitalize and rewild our urban ecosystem!
507Sashiko Yuen21060
508Sashiko Yuen21060
509Ronnie Siegel91011I am a landscape architect and believe we should be replacing non native plants with native species in the Arroyo.
511Mitra Khayyam90031I support this project and planting native trees in Southern California.
512Kathleen Craig91768
513Aracely Garcia91766
514Nial morgan 90038
515Cate River91103
516Ruby91001Utilize your funds to create something worthwhile, like diverse ecosystems.,make it so that in dozens of years from now people will look at Lower Arroyo and say "wow, someone really made an excellent plan here, someone really thought this through". Walking around neighborhoods of downtown Pasadena I see homes with lawns, and other homes with huge native trees and native gardens and I think the same thing when I see those years "wow, someone really valued native plants, someone had the forethought." The communities and homes with native plants trees and animald and birds is the kind of place I would invest in and want to be. Make this harmonious integrity show throughout the park also!
517Anna Cook91711I support engaging in habitat restoration of the lower arroyo!
519Amy bernstein90064
520Amy bernstein90064
521Mary Hayden91105Pollinators will be attracted to the natives, ultimately increasing a diversity of animal and plant life. Natives are good for the environment!
522Alexander Diaz91103
523Laura Baetscher91024A diverse and healthy landscape of native flora will is far healthier for the land than non-natives, uses less water, and provides more shade for animals and humans that use the land. Additionally this project will support this community and the people that frequent it in our journey towards climate resilience!
525Christine Atkinson90027We are living in a time of extinction. Restoring the habitat that we can to support the ecosystem and the food change is incredibly important.
526Elizabeth Tremante91001-3843After seeing the number of birds and animals (like toads) trying to leave the dig site, or trying to live in the dig site, it is imperative that we plant natives to create a balanced healthy ecosystem. We need to care for all the creatures in the wildlife corridor, and we have an amazing opportunity to create a special ecosystem that has seasonal water. It could be a jewel!
527G. Casey90044I urge the immediate removal of Non-Native trees and plants. In their place I advocate for the planting of Native Plants that are appropriate for the lower Arroyo Seco environment.
528robert nava90042I fully support this effort to restore the Lower Arroyo with native plant material.
529Marian Coensgen91001Native trees provide much needed habitat for our native pollinators and other fauna in this urban setting.
530James Schlenker91104
531Chelsea T90034This would be immensely beneficial for our city.
53491343Lets see restoration done right and responsibly :)
53591801I frequently run in the park and am a Native American descendent. My family is native to San Gabriel Valley
53990018All communities deserve the protection and betterment of public spaces in nature!
54290034Native plants are smart, sustainable and beautiful. Make the right choice and protect native California plants.
54390042I support this!
54491205Please support the natural habitat by removing non native plants and trees!
54690745Please consider restoring the lower arroyo seco with native and drought friendly plant species, as suggest by Indigenous community members .
54790745Please consider restoring the lower arroyo seco with native and drought friendly plant species, as suggest by Indigenous community members .
54990745Please consider restoring the lower arroyo seco with native and drought friendly plant species, as suggest by Indigenous community members .
55090265I am in support of the removal of invasive non-native invasive species to support local biodiversity conservation. LA falls in the California Floristic Province and internationally recognized biodiversity hotspot. We should be doing all we can to protect and restore our local, native biodiversity. Thank you! ~Candice
55190745Please consider restoring the lower arroyo seco with native and drought friendly plant species, as suggest by Indigenous community members .
55390027This is a wonderful project that will help dwindling populations of local wildlife and pollinators thrive.
55491024Now more than ever we need to restore our native plant community. We need native plants to support our local natives!! We also need to educate the people by showing thwm how it is done.
55691206We need to be doing more to help our planet. Nature is the best at it so lets plant these trees and plants to help!!
55791001The arroyo is such a gift to all who live nearby. I would love to see restoration in the form of removing non-native trees and plants and replacing them with native trees and plants that will create essential habitat for the many native wildlife species that do now, or have in the past, called the arroyo home.
559Alex Ander90041I strongly support habitat restoration. Please make this sustainable. For further questions, please feel free to contact me.
56291104Native plants respect our ecosystem, which is suffering from the county's devastation in Hahamongna. This type of restoration gives us a chance in Pasadena to have breathable air for the future.
565Ricardo De Los Angeles90039
566Lauren Hamlett91106Prioritize restoration of native habitats.
567Ashley85259Support native wildlife and please do not replace with non-native trees!
568Sarah Villasenor91208
569Regan Hutson91106This is a worthwhile project and will help enhance the beauty of the area. Please expand on efforts to showcase native plants and restore habitat.
571Lindsey Dole90004
572Mackenzie Hoffman
573Doris Vigil80013
574Luis Marcial Chavira 91402I sign this petition to support my local community and uplift restoration of accessible areas and that remove non native species and can reflect a better image of a natural California
575Judith91402Please protect the Lower Arroyo environment and help restore its natural beauty and plants! This is beneficial not only to local nature but local people as well. Removal of native plants and lack of replacement has long term negative effects such as native environmental extinction.
576Kristina clinton91104I support the restoration!
577Kelly Todd91401
578Janette Chavez90260
579Carolyn Kim94114
580Tyler Spicer91010
581Rahul Sethi90041
582Rahul Sethi90041
583kelly jones
584Rahul Sethi90041
585Karin Gulbran90029
586Rahul Sethi90041
587Jessica Varlet91104Native plants are adapted to our ecosystem and environment; out of the 5 Mediterranean climates in the world, LA has the hottest. Native plants are best suited for our local fauna as they provide the best nutrients for them. Pasadena should encourage and promote the replacement of non-native trees and plants for native ones.
588Sydney Distelhurst90042I fully support removing the invasive, non-native trees from Lower Arroyo to preserve its natural character and habitat.
589Alejandro Lemus90047I am in full support of the restoration of the Lower Arroyo Seco region. Bringing back the native plants to this watershed is of utmost important to the resilience and conservation of this ecosystem.
590Donald Wielenga91001Please think of native plants as essential to the native animals.
592Connie Ho91103The City of Pasadena needs to act now to preserve, beauty, and return this public green space to its native flora. We cannot let this opportunity pass without action from the City. This green space will not only be a refuge for people in the city, but also a landing rest space for butterflies and birds. We need the City of Pasadena to act now to make this park beautiful and more usable.
593Deborah Dornisch91761Get those non-natives out of there!
594Mark Roeder90042Native plants and trees support native and migrating species. Restore the arroyo with plants that thrive here.
596Carolyn Kim94114
597Brenda91331I sign this petition in support of the habitat restoration in the Lower Arroyo.
598Jennifer Kim91344
599James Faulkner91104I have been a trail runner for over 40 years! I run here nearly everyday!
600Ben Galante91030
601Alejandra 92870I support the removal of non-native species from the Lower Arroyo and the restoration of native habitat !
602Sara Deleon90670
603Alejandra 92870I support the removal of non-native species from the Lower Arroyo and the restoration of native habitat !
604Liz Berger90006
605Jillyan Bechtold 08562
606Luis Morales91107This is awesome!!!the arroy seco has been a special space to me since I was younger Im very happy to see it being beautificated
608Mary Payne91105
609Pamela 91423
610Daniel Guzman90042
612rica 91331We must preserve native plants 🌱
613Kristin Guy91105I support removal of non native but insist we keep native plants in place!
614Keyra Gonzalez91001
615Kristen Ochoa91103
616Hilary pecis90041
617Joe Parker91001
618EVANGELINE J KOWALYK91001Lets keep Altadena Beautiful.
619Tyler Laird91007
620Madison92024If you dont understand why this is so important I am happy to provide you some resources. Do the right thing!
621Jenn Worley91011
622Jenn Worley91011
623Kyle Santelio90803I support the restoration of the natural character of the lower arroyo. In this time of severe climate change and habitat loss, small steps like this can and will make a difference.
624Paul Everett91801Native plants have many benefits to our community and the ecology of our natural areas. I support this initiative.
625Catherine ONeal-Petterson91001I live near the Arroyo and want to make sure that it is planted with native plants that will be good for the wildlife and the area.
626Catherine ONeal-Petterson91001I live near the Arroyo and want to make sure that it is planted with native plants that will be good for the wildlife and the area.
627Joanna Harrison91104
628Marguerie Gregston93101
629Marguerie Gregston93101
630Margaret Gallagher90039I believe it is incredibly important to replace the non-native tree species in LAP with locally appropriate California native trees. I am a certified California Naturalist, and spent part my naturalist training in Lower Arroyo Park. I witnessed firsthand there and in many other places how native plant and tree species support a myriad of native wildlife - birds, bees, mammals, and more. There is a lot of research on this as well. All trees are not created equal, when it comes to their natural ranges. Non-native trees can actually starve birds - they don't support the insect life that nesting birds need to feed their young. In addition, many of the non-native species found in LAP are invasive, and left on their own will continue to spread and choke out the native plants. Mexican fan palm, Chinese elm, common fig, golden wattle, pampas grass...they may be pretty to the untrained eye but in the big picture, they are not doing the wildlife or people who nature any favors. We are losing so much habitat all over the world, and must seize every opportunity that we have to increase habitat in order to preserve and protect the plants and animals that we have left. Removing the non-native trees in LAP and replacing them with native trees is a moment that won't come again. The City of Pasadena must seize this chance to stand as an ally to our natural world.
631Michael angulo91303
634Lisa opsal90042I urge this proposal to pass as habitat loss with development has removed so many of these plants and the animals that contribute to Californias biodiversity. It is essential we restore and create spaces of natural beauty that will also provide habitats, fresh air and are biologically appropriate for the weather challenges we face going into this new era.
635Candice Meneghin90265I am in support of the removal of invasive non-native invasive species to support local biodiversity conservation. LA falls in the California Floristic Province and internationally recognized biodiversity hotspot. We should be doing all we can to protect and restore our local, native biodiversity. Thank you! ~Candice
636Michael Dodge90042Lets bring back the butterflies, bees and, birds!
637Aaron Galan90745
638Aaron Galan90745
639Isara Ongwiseth91801I support this habitat restoration. This is a very important work that will benefit generations and generations of Californians.
640Stu 91780
641Frederic K Uno90065
645Amaris Corona Sandoval90201Protect the Lower Arroyo and replace nonative trees with native plants and shrubs to support biodiversity !
646Allison Thompson20706
647Mario91001Please remove these non native trees to encourage the native trees.
648Aidan Palphramand 91604I urge the City of Pasadena to protect the character of the Lower Arroyo and To replace the inappropriate, non-native trees.
649Sarah de Belen91104
650Erica Shehane91104
651Christine Tringali91107
652Clifford Green91107
653Rachel Sacramento91016
654Ali Barar91105
655Dylan 71104
656Joe Feinblatt91104We support the restoration of the lower Arroyo to native plantings. It is the native landscape that makes it a special place for Pasadena and the whole Los Angeles area.
657Jessica sandoval91001
658Noelle Toal91201Please take this opportunity to bring this portion of the beautiful Arroyo back to its native state. Creating an appropriate, native ecosystem will allow the area to be a valuable local resource for wildlife and create a more manageable and important natural habitat. I live locally and walk in this area frequently and would love to see it thus restored. Thank you.
659Anthony Sweeney91024Strong supporter of going native when ever possible.
660Mahealani 91105
661BRET POLLACK90032We, as a people, need to be more respectful of the native species and how fragile they are. We need to remove non-natives whenever possible.
662Catleya Sherbow91364Heck yeah native plants
663Elizabeth 90803Please Please Please Restore! Honor the land!
664Caitlin Keller90042
665Grace Poole91214Non-native species threaten and displace local species!!! The spread of non-native species is especially common on land scorched by wildfires, it's crucial to restore these habitats for the preservation of the local biome.
667Julia Morez91024Please restore and preserve the natural, native character of the Arroyo.
668Diana Felix91402
669Nina Gevara
670Alvaro Ilizarbe90042This will bring much needed attention to areas that have been neglected for years. The area has so much potential.
671Priscilla Bransby 91001
672B. Morgan Martin90042Please protect this invaluable space!
673Courtney 97230
674Jonathan Shade90806Thanks for considering the enhancement of the already beautiful arroyo. Californias native landscape is a part of what makes Pasadena such a special place.
675Imelda Romero90065We must restore balance to the natural world. This is one step towards healing the land.
676Jensen Talmo91024We need to be doing this all over Los Angeles and stop the sale of invasive plants at local nurseries.
678Jody Donnelly91104
680GREGORY V HALL91103-2038
681Tara Doroginsky 91342
682Joel maus
684Megan Miller91762Please protect our native habitats/lands and restore the Lower Arroyo Seco with the removal of non-native trees.
687Rebecca Shields Moose90019
688Gilmore Chung91505
689nancy whalen91001the part that has been restored this dar is amazing! great hob.
691Anita Martinez90031
692Meggie Kelley90006
693Christina91105Non-native, invasive plants have no place in the Lower Arroyo
694BRITTANY90026Native Plants = Sustainable Future
695Gevorg Danielyan91351
696Priscilla Johnston90065Let's restore with natives!
697Andrew Cameron91104The removal of non-native plants is a crucial step in restoring habitat and providing space for the native plants, insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals that have inhabited this land for millennia. Please support the work of Hahamongna nursery who are experts in their field and accomplish their work with hearts full of compassion and hope for the future of Pasadena and our planet. Thank you.
698Miranda G97213Native plants are more resilient and better suited to withstand drought and fire.
699Maria Montoya91206
701Jill polsby91105Would love to see the habitat restored. It's a mess right now
702Marie Mingoia90402
703Dick polsby91105Ther plan makes sense
704Katy polsby91105Would love to see it cleaned up and looking natural again
705Dan polsby91105I love walking down there and would like to see natural again!
706Cheri uno90065Restoration is necessary to keep this area beautiful.
708Sarah Schoettler91105I strongly SUPPORT this initiative.
709Klara Rodstrom 91030The native landscape of the Lower Arroyo is beautiful, important, appropriate, and a habitat to many creatures. It must be protected and nurtured. I support any measures and increase its vitality.
712Lourdes Fuentes90041As a student in Pasadena and a frequent visitor of this city, I urge those in positions of power to consider the need to restore the ecosystem with native plants. There is correlation between non-native plants and magnification of forest fires. Please take this into consideration especially in light of disastrous and difficult to control California fires.
713Lourdes Fuentes90041As a student in Pasadena and a frequent visitor of this city, I urge those in positions of power to consider the need to restore the ecosystem with native plants. There is correlation between non-native plants and magnification of forest fires. Please take this into consideration especially in light of disastrous and difficult to control California fires.
714Gilda Davidian90041
715Lindsay Heimer90031
716Lindsay Heimer90031
717Lisa My Nguyen91202I support habitat restoration in the Lower Arroyo
718Nora Gracia90033Land back :)
719Matt Liewer91011Let's bring things back to a natural state while still allowing people to enjoy them.
720Christine91105This is an amazing place and should be supported and protected.
721Elizabeth Post07043Nature is designed to have certain plants in certain regions for a reason. Invasive plants are counter to the well-being of local environments.
722jessica 90601
723Gabriel Valdez90041We need to continue making an ardent effort to conserving our environments through the removals of non native/invasive plant life in order to maintain a balanced, harmonious, and nourishing ecosystem. In doing so, all life can continue to thrive.
725Isabella Rodriguez 90032
726Smith Jones10001
727John Perry 91106
728Claire Mesesan90032I often visit and hike in this area and would love to see this important ecosystem restored to its native habitat. As we face greater uncertainty and disruption to our ecosystems from climate change, it's imperative that we use every opportunity available to build resilience. Non-native plants do not support the wildlife, pollinators, or soils in the critical ways that native plants do.
729Enrique Ipina90034
730Danielle 92308
731Mia F91103I grew up exploring Arroyo Seco with friends, taking my dog on walks, and just enjoying this refuge of nature surrounded by city life. I still enjoy the Arroyo and hope we can take care of it by removing non-native plants and restoring the native plants that would bring so much more life to the area.
732Nicole 92344
733Oscar Franco91001I Support Habitat Restoration in the Lower Arroyo
734Catalina Curren91106I urge the City of Pasadena to protect the natural character of the Lower Arroyo and to replace the inappropriate, non-native trees.
735Annette J Bull91105-2463
736Eleanor91001Please save the lower arroyo from invasive species!
737David Simmons 91801The arroyo is an amazing natural gift. This would make it even better!
738sam maurer90057
739David Cline91042I support the project to plant native plants and trees along the Arroyo Seco for a more sustainable and natural environment.
740Priscilla Bransby 91001
741Frances Guzman91723
742Ira Glansbeek91020This project is absolutely vital to protecting the fragile ecosystem and longevity of the beautiful and special Arroyo Seco.
743Debra Lemonds91117Native plants are the way to go! The folks at the Arroyo Seco Foundation and Hahamongna Native Plant Nursery have a terrific plan for accomplishing the restoration of our natural habitat. The grant funds from LA County will pay for the restoration, so let's authorize the Foundation to make magic.
744Talal & Julie Balaa90042we support restoration and native trees
745Charlene mason Gallego91042Please make every effort to support native habitat restoration. We are a biodiversity hotspot and creating and maintaining space for wildlife has far reaching benefits to all life.
746Patricia Realini90031with the tumult of climate change staring us down, we need to put into practice radical acts of healing. by replacing the nonnative plant life in the lower arroyo, we can model immediate acts of indigenous land back policies that we desperately need.
747Alisha Pe91770
748Abby 91702
749Rick Sill91106
750Yara Herrarte90012
751Juliet Ryan-Davis 91104
752Sarah S Zeichner90031
754Makayla Betts91107
755Elizabeth Waldron90041The vitality of Lower Arroyo is essential to the character of Pasadena. It's part of what attracts so many people to Pasadena and makes the city unique. In order to ensure the optimum beauty and vitality of the Lower Arroyo, we must remove non-native trees and species that are invasive and take valuable resources away from out native Californian species. Replacing non-native trees with natives will make the ecosystem and the human visitors happy.
756Heidy 91104Keep our natural habitats native!
757Audrey Diehl90065I use the parks and trails in the Arroyo Seco all the time with my family, and I support funding habitat restoration with this and any other money.
758Felipe D. Silva 92509
759Benny 91607Lets restore this sacred and unique land with native plants!!!!
760Jennifer Bell91105I would like to ensure that native plants are restored, which will help mitigate fire hazard as well.
761Kevin Venable 91001
762Angela Gygi90068Restoring habitat, soil. and covering bare ground is about the most important thing we can be doing now to drawdown carbon, restore hydrology, support wildlife, slow fires, flooding, and work to reverse climate change, creating a healthier world for everyone. Lets get it going now!
763Ethne Dennis90065Native flora should be used instead of invasive species, and help make this beautiful park more gorgeous.
764Sara J Cooper02191
765Rene Tabizon91801I frequently run in the park and am a Native American descendent. My family is native to San Gabriel Valley
766Shaelyn Silverman91106I believe it is important for the future health of the Arroyo Seco to restore it with native plants
767Pamela Voorhees91001
768Reed Whisler91505
769Reed Whisler91505
770Pieter Kaufman90065Its important that we restore as much native habitat as possible, and it would be wonderful to see this area in particular restored.
771Jin90024Preserve this space for native species to flourish!
772Ms. Lorraine Connally91001
773Renee Choi90026
774Arina Cho91030I am a long-term resident of Pasadena and strongly support the restoration of the Lower Arroyo Seco. I would love to see increased biodiversity and a more beautiful environment to enjoy with respect.
775Gina Kosty90026More trees please!!!
776Reid Schenck91105Non native trees would be horribly destructive.
777Holly Rundberg91001I am in support of this restoration!
778Sara Gernsbacher 90032We must remove all invasive species, plant natives and restore our native lands!
779Ryley Long90032We must remove all invasive species, plant natives and restore our native lands!
780David Gernsbacher90048
781Sally Reynolds91030I support select removal of non-native trees that allows for more room for native trees to take root and grow. While non-native trees do provide habitat, native Oaks and Willows and Sycamores provide greater wildlife benefit and will support greater species diversity in this special drainage.
789Lauren Iverson94705This is a great opportunity to show some love to nature and install native plants that will benefit our local ecosystem! There is only one California on Earth so let's make sure we do our best to treasure it!
790peggy stewart92661non nAtive trees need to be removed. No matter that we have become accustomed to them in this era of increased fire danger they must go.
791Joel Ferree 91104
792Jennifer Bell91105I would like to ensure that native plants are restored, which will help mitigate fire hazard as well.
793Robin Newquist 91105Native plants please
794Michael Gips91011It should be obvious by this point in human history that the closer to what the natural world intended is going to be easier to maintain and better for the entire ecosystem. I care a lot about this area, heck, My wife and I actually got married 20 years ago in Hahamonga Park.
795John Bradley90039I think that it is a good idea to restore the lower arroyo with native plantings.
796Carolina Gonzalez91101I support the proposed restoration project!
797Leslie Thai91776
798Abiram Brizuela91101This is such a beautiful project... our landscaping is definitely in need of some love
799Dylan Gasperik90032Native plants and trees will be lovely to see here!
801Anh Hoang91030
802Pamela wegner90041With everything happening and the weather, I cant believe you are going to cut down more trees!!! Thats nits
804Jeanne Kelley90041
805Candy Rinard91801
806Chrissy Cerven90042
807Barbara Quesada91103Please allow removal of non-native trees and plants from the Lower Arroyo. They are very invasive and do not contribute to the biodiversity of the wildlife.
808Danny Le91030
809 Nancy Romero91001Go. Native!
810Mo! Langdon91741
813Nicole Trevor91011If you're going to restore the lower Arroyo, you should do it right. Remove all non-native trees, no matter the size, and restore the ecosystem. This is not about aesthetics. It's about saving the natural environment and preserving the ecosystem for generations to come.
814Ann Grodin90210Please remove the Canary Island pines-
815RobertPlease get rid of these non-native trees and other plants. The pines and eucalyptus trees are flammable and should be removed ASAP.
816Alejandro Lemus90047The Canary Island pine trees must be removed and replaced with native, riparian trees that have historically existed in the watershed such as sycamores, willows, and California bay laurels to name only a few. While the pine is drought-tolerant, it is incompatible with the riparian ecology of the Lower Arroyo Seco and must be replaced with riparian trees that have co-evolved with the wildlife of the area. I am in full support of the removal of these trees that take away from the health of the current ecosystem and any future attempts at restoration.
817Jamie Scott91105Why keep non-native trees just because they're grown? Look ahead to the future and replace them NOW with the kind of trees that are SUPPOSED to be there!
818John Herziger91024
819Grey Allen48103
820Keiko Miller90065As a native plants restoration habitat volunteer at Audubon Center at Debs Park, I support your cause which would do good in the long term. Sincerely, Keiko
821Melani Smith90041Always tough for folks to accept change, but the long term habitat value of making these changes will be well worth it.
822Michael Casey III 91105
823Gaby Thomas91001
824Jennifer Riege93003
825emyle92673I fully support this, its important for our future and the future of native plants.
826Alice McIntosh91106Yes, I agree. Remove the non-native trees and maybe remove all the Chinese Elms everywhere.
828Eric Larson91001
829Eric Larson91001
830Jessica Southern90029We should be proactively restoring the CA natural environment. Habitat restoration is critical to the livelihood of our environment.
831Maaike Wielenga91001Creating a sustainable, healthy, native environment is critical for the survival and flourishment of all of the native species found in the Lower Arroyo. It is critical that all non-native trees be taken out to enhance the health of all species and the aesthetic value of the park. Visitors should be able to use the park to recreate, relax, engage with, and learn about their native environment.
832Mary Hayden91105Im very concerned about the fact that the Canary Island pines can infect oaks with the sudden death pathogen. We must do everything we can to build resilience into our open spaces so that we have a better chance of supporting diversity of species in an increasingly challenging climate.
835Kristy Brauch91104I support the plan as stated by the project biologist with removal of non native trees and installation of native trees and shrubs. The guidance fits the long term goal and is best support for local wildlife.
836Ali Barar91105
838Tom Majich91107We have such a rich and diverse natural area and we don't need to import from other areas. Celebrate the natural blessings Pasadena has been given.
839Patricia Gomez91030
844Anh Hoang91030
845Kathy hoang90032Please restore the native habitat !
859Michelle Bailey90042
863Jennifer Bell91105I would like to ensure that native plants are restored, which will help mitigate fire hazard as well.
864Zachary Owen Varela90670
865Thomas Priestley91105I support the removal of all non-native trees in the Lower Arroyo, the Canary Island pines included. Retention of the Canary Island pines would seriously undermine the success of the restoration program. In addition, their continued presence of these tall vertical tree forms would be inconsistent with the Lower Arroyo's natural aesthetics.
867Caroline Y Baratz91001
871Michelle Beilner91001
1308John Collinson90042Save Highland Park's natural assets!
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1201Michael Robertson91107

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Support Habitat Restoration in the Lower Arroyo

We support the Lower Arroyo Seco Restoration Program and urge the City of Pasadena to protect the natural character of the Lower Arroyo and to replace the inappropriate, non-native trees.

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