The Construction of Brown Mountain Dam

January 20, 1943 -- In the middle of World War II, a dam rises in the Arroyo Seco, the first project in the US Forest Services Los Angeles River watershed program.  Note the construction elevator for people and equipment, the Reo truck and the compressors in the foreground.
January 20, 1943 -- This is the upstream side of the dam with a vertical drain and grate rising up behind the dam.
March 16, 1943 -- Flood debris is already filling up behind the dam.  Note the riparian character behind that will be submerged beneath sediment and debris
March 16, 1943 -- This the same day as the previous picture of the upstream side of the dam.  The weepholes indicate the water level behind the dam.  Also note the swirling pool of water in front of the dam
June 7, 1943 -- Several months later there is still significant water behind the dam. Note the scouring of the area downstream of the dam and the remaining construction debris resulting from cleaning and site preparation.

Devil's Gate Dam

Postcards of Devil's Gate Dam

Scoville Dam


These pictures have been made available by Robert Wilde and the Pasadena Water Department.