Scoville Dam and Bridge

This is the original dam in the Arroyo Seco built by the Scoville family to provide irrigation for orange groves in San Rafael.  The dam and bridge were built between 1887 and 1903.  This scene is located just north of the Colorado Street Bridge which was built in 1913.  Remnants of the early construction can still be found there.

Here two people in a horse-drawn carriage and a woman on a bicycle (quite unusual at the time) cross the bridge. This camera seems to be looking west.
Another west-facing shot from higher up in the early years after the construction of the Colorado Street Bridge.  The orange groves are visible on the San Rafael side of the Arroyo as is the pump house near the stream.
This shot of the Arroyo in flood was taken after the construction of the Parker-Mayberry Bridge, the low bridge under the Colorado Street Bridge, was built in 1916.  The Scoville Bridge is gone, but the footings can be seen on the right and the pump house just left of center.  Note how much higher the ground level is than today.
This spectacular shot was taken in 1888 from northeast of the dam on the knoll where the 134 freeway is now.  It shows the orange groves to the west as well as the hillside that later was carved away for the road and eventual freeway.

Brown Mountain Barrier Dam

Devil's Gate Dam