One Arroyo — From the Mountains to Downtown

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One Arroyo is sponsoring a survey to solicit public input about the future of the Arroyo. The survey is ambigious and doesn't sufficiently reflect environmental values and the natural charm of the Arroyo, but we urge you to take the survey anyway. Let One Arroyo know that the best recommendations that can come out of their effort would be to restore and enhance the natural character of the Arroyo. ASF's Arroyo River Parks approach and the US Army Corps Arroyo Seco Ecosystem Study are the models, not cramming the Arroyo full of commercial facilities and new recreational activities that don't belong there.

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We have to admit being a bit puzzled about Pasadena's One Arroyo effort. Arroyo afficionados know that the Arroyo begins way up in the front range of the San Gabriel Mountains near Mount Wilson and extends all the way to downtown Los Angeles at the confluence with the Los Angeles River. Oh, sure, their One Arroyo is meant to broaden the vision in Pasadena, but there is so much more than that!

We're glad that thousands of local residents are getting the Arroyo buzz from Mayor Tornek and the One Arroyo campaign, but we hope that they recognize what a great natural treasure the Arroyo is and don't clutter it with a lot of facilities and urban amenities and activities that don't belong in such a spectacular natural setting.

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