Arroyo Seco Watershed Restoration Feasibility Study

Goal and Objectives


To develop a watershed plan that will integrate issues of stream and flood management, water quality, habitat rehabilitation, and educational and community recreational opportunities.


Improve Flood Management

o   Evaluate reforestation and other non-structural approaches to flood management

o   Mitigate existing flood hazard conditions

o   Review existing storm drain systems

o   Reduce volume and velocity of storm water runoff

o   Evaluate flood hazard reduction at the Los Angeles River resulting from Arroyo Seco mitigation efforts


Improve Water Quality

o   Review existing storm drain structures

o   Perform assessment of water quality in the watershed

o   Develop sediment management strategy

o   Control erosion

o   Increase ground water percolation

o   Reduce volume and velocity of storm water runoff

Improve Habitat

o   Review suitability of sites for habitat rehabilitation or enhancement

o   Enhance and strengthen the urban interface zone

o   Restore aquatic species habitat (for example, Rainbow Trout, Arroyo Chub, and Western Toad)

o   Restore terrestrial habitat in the riparian zone

o   Augment and restore missing species from endemic plant community

o   Restore and conserve critical gaps in the wildlife corridors in order to create a continuous link


Improve Recreational Opportunities

o   Improve public access from the national forest to the coastal shore by building trails, stairways and bikeways

o   Restore riverfront for public use

o   Provide for recreational fishing

o   Provide opportunities to mediate the conflict between recreation and conservation


 Easement and Acquisition

o   Identify candidate sites of environmentally-valuable land for long term easement and acquisition as buffer against urban land use encroachment

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