Statements of Support

We are grateful for the many letters of support that organizations and individuals have sent to Mayor Terry Tornek and members of the Pasadena City Council. Here are some of the best quotes and letters.


Angeles National Forest - US Forest Service

Audubon Center at Debs Park

Back to Natives

California State Parks

Pasadena Environmental Advisory Commission

Grown in LA

LA Conservation Corps

LA City Councilmember Paul Koretz

Metabolic Studio

Mia Lehrer & Associates

Mountains Restoration Trust

South Pasadena Nature Park

Tidal Influence

The Nature Conservancy

Theodore Payne Foundation

The River Project

UCLA Professor Thomas Gillespie

Wishtoyo Foundation

Cal Poly Pomona Professor Erin Questad

Mujeres de la Tierra

Pasadena Altadena Coalition of Transformative Leaders

Amigos del los Rios

Friends of the Los Angeles River

Lummis Day Community Foundation


Julia Wasson

Liz Kotz

Clement Tsang

Lani Trock, Alma Community Outreach

Chadd and Suzanah Ferron

Kate Hawkes

Joseph Dominguez

Michael Abi-farah

Tim Martinez

Yana Ungermann Marshall

Roger Klemm

May Jong

Sarah Byrd

Vincent Bellino

Petrea Burchard Sandel

Rebecca Behar Johnson

Betty McKenney

Teresa Chuc

Drew Ready

Constance Bidwell Brines

Al Cullen

Elsa Saldaña

Katherine Pakradouni

Carol Bornstein