Under the Colorado Street Bridge

The Arroyo Brigade, led by stalwarts Ray Dashner and Barbara Dahn, has uncovered another forgotten treasure beneath the Colorado Street Bridge.  You might remember the trail they unearthed about a year ago to the north of the bridge.  This time they started just south of the bridge on the eastern bank of the Arroyo, and look at what they found!  Of course you really should go there and take a trek down that trail yourself.  See if you don't feel the grandeur of the Arroyo renewed.

June 1, 2003

Click on the pictures for a full-sized view.

The Trail Head The View From Below
Down the Path Forgotten Steps
The Trail Reappears Access Again
Three Cheers for Barbara

Veni, Vidi, Vinci

If you'd like to help the Arroyo Brigade uncover the forgotten treasures of the Arroyo, just contact Ray Dashner at: draydar@earthlink.net

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