Pasadena's Water Crisis

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You Don't Miss Your Water Till the Well Runs Dry

The Crisis

Pasadena has been relying on local water from the Arroyo Seco and the Raymond Basin for 35% of local supply for many decades. The other major source is much more expensive water from the Metropolitan Water District.

The local supply is now threatened and the imported supply is increasingly expensive and less reliable.


Pasadena Water & Power (PWP) told us they were managing groundwater with a "safe yield" standard that would balance pumping with natural replenishment, but the overdraft of the Raymond Basin has continued steadily for more than one hundred years. The end (or bottom) is now within sight.

It would be a terrible legacy to destroy this invaluable water resource for future generations.

PWP Has A Long-range Plan

Pasadena Water & Power has unveiled a plan for the next 25 years called the Water System and Resource Plan (WSRP) that will be considered by the City Council in December, 2020. Its a $425 million plan, however, that relies heavily on continuing to drain the Raymond Basin and neglecting the impacts of climate change.

Arroyo Seco Canyon Project (ASCP)

ASCP is a PWP project that would further drain the Arroyo Seco stream and expand sterile spreading basins to allow PWP to pump more from the underlying groundwater basin.

ASCP will degrade the natural environment in Hahamongna Watershed Park for fish and wildlife. PWP will present the plan to the Pasadena City Council for consideration in December, 2020.

There's a Better Way: Develop a Resilient Water Future for Pasadena

Let the River Flow — Heal the Basin

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