The Arroyo in Storm

January 4, 2004 - There's been a lot of water over the dam in the last week in the last week.  This Arroyo really comes to life when a storm like the one now pouring down on us hits.  Here are some pictures of the results.  

The water flows ferociously through the spillway at Devil's Gate Dam on December 29, 2004.  This is only the second time that this has occurred since the dam was rehabilitated in 1997.  It's an exciting sight to see, demonstrating the force of nature and of the storms that periodically roar through the Arroyo.  Water only flows through the spillway when it reaches elevation 1040, fully fifty feet above the bottom of the dam.

In the picture below, check out the water in the reservoir area stretching back towards Jet Propulsion Laboratory.   

Graph of  Discharge, cubic feet per second

This chart comes from the US Geological Survey gaging station which records the flow in the Arroyo Seco.  Click on the graphic to see the most up-to-date, real-time measurement of the stream flow.  You can monitor the Arroyo Seco streamflow at any time by clicking on this link:

Arroyo Seco Streamflow