The overarching goal of the CASRP project is to improve conditions in the Arroyo Seco stream for fish and aquatic species, such as the native Arroyo Chub. To achieve that goal, ASF has created these restoration objectives.

  • Central Arroyo Stream Restoration

    Enhancement of aquatic habitat, with a focus on channel characteristics required by the native arroyo chub; improvement of water quality through bank stabilization, sediment management, erosion control, and other restoration practices

  • Trail Improvements

    Stabilization of trail segments adjacent to the Central Arroyo Seco for the purposes of erosion control, reduction of sediment deposition in the Arroyo Seco, management of waste from horses and dogs using the trail, and other improvements to enhance user enjoyment

  • Upland Restoration

    Continued efforts to control nonnative/invasive species through removal and replacement with appropriate native species

  • Parking Lot I Improvements

    Improvement of water quality in the Central Arroyo through the capture & treatment of storm water runoff from rose Bowl Parking Lot I; landscaped islands featuring native plants will capture & cleanse rainwater flowing across the parking lot

  • Education & Outreach

    Provide signage & information to the public regarding the project, water quality improvements, environmental stewardship, benefits realized through the restoration efforts, and the ultimate goal of naturalizing the Central Arroyo Seco stream

  • Full Capture Trash Inserts

    Pasadena will install 400 full capture trash inserts in storm drains throughout the city